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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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Wilmington High School 


A Message from the Principal 2 

Dedication 3 

Class History 4 

Seniors 5 

Superlatives 53 

Underclassmen 61 

Faculty 73 

Through the Years 77 

Clubs and Activities 97 

Sports 103 

Advertisements and Sponsors 137 

Special thanks to all the people who 
helped with the yearbook: 

Mr. Murphy, Jamie Jordan, Kim Carroll, 
Alicia Kendall, Kara Irving, Sue Carrozza, 
Laura Winn, Melanie Silva, Suboohi Tahir, 
and Lauren Holloway 



I can remember speaking with you as a 
group during the first week of school in 
September of 1995. I remember telling 
you that the four years that you will spend at Wilmington High School would pass 
quickly and that so much would happen during those four years. Well, the four years 
are over and they did pass quickly and you have had many experiences during these 
past four years. I hope that those experiences have helped you to learn and grow. I 
hope that some of those experiences have enhanced your education and have helped 
you to reach your goals. 

I know that what you have achieved over these past four years has not been without 
sacrifice and hard work. Let these accomplishments become your guide to help you 
to find your own special place in the world. Remember that you are capable of great 
things. Strive always toward excellence; be fair and open-minded; never be afraid 
to reach for what you want. Continue to learn and to teach. 

I wish for each of you good health, many successes, and most of all a lifetime of 
happiness. Congratulations and best wishes! 

Mr. Woods 


Mr. Richard "Dick" Scanlon 

For many years, the students at Wilmington High 
School have had a favorite teacher—Mr. Scanlon. Rich- 
ard "Dick" Scanlon has spent many years teaching in 
the Social Studies Department at WHS. Not only has 
he been a very dedicated, caring, and well-liked teacher, 
but he has also a been a great coach and athlete. Over 
the years, he has led his soccer and baseball teams 
through many successful seasons and to numerous 
tournaments. Mr. Scanlon, the Class ofl999's Teacher 
of the Year, will be greatly missed and fondly remem- 
bered. It will be impossible to replace such a skilled and 
well-loved man. Mr. Scanlon— we wish you good luck 
in your retirement! Thank you for your many years of 
dedicated service to Wilmington High School. 
^__^^____ --The Class of 1999 


On August 29, 1995, the Class of 1999 
entered the halls of Wilmington High 
School. We filed into the auditorium 
for our freshman orientation and received our 
schedules. A week or so later we filed into the 
auditorium again for the election of class offi- 
cials. Dave DeAmato gave us the top ten rea- 
sons why we should vote him class president 
while T.J. Flynn told us that our four years in 
high school would be the last four years of our 
lives. When the votes were tallied Mark 
DiGiovanni became our class president and Joe 
Delaney became our vice president. It was the 
first year that WHS would be part of the Cape 
Ann League; and the field hockey, hockey, and 
softball teams made it to the state tournament. 
Sadly that year, we experienced the loss of Mr. 
Olsson and a shock wave hit the class when we 
learned that one of our own, Kara Irving, had 
been diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Flemming 
made his way around to every classroom to 
announce that he would be leaving, and Mr. 
Woods became acting principal. The second 
ever Freshman Fling was held in the spring, 
providing a night of music and dancing for the 
whole class and the junior class girls. 

Sophomore year brought a new principal, Mr. 
Patulea, and Spirit Week. Each day had a differ- 
ent theme and students won prizes at the rally 
for having the best costumes. The senior lounge 
was taken away and converted into a little room 
with a Coke machine. The Sophomore Semi was 
held at the Knights of Columbus in Wilmington. 

Junior year brought yet another new principal- 
Mr. Woods-as well as a new vice-principal-Mr. 

Lucia. Rules became stricter as hallway "pass- 
ports" were needed to walk the hallways and 
the bathrooms were locked between periods. 
Block periods made their debut and caused 
some controversy among both students and 
teachers. The boys' soccer team made it into the 
state finals and played Gateway Regional at 
B.U/s Nickerson Field. The Junior Prom was 
held at the Hillview Country Club in North 
Reading on May 29. Greg Moran was elected 
king and Kara Irving was queen. 

Senior year was another great year for WHS 
sports teams. It stared with the boys' soccer 
team making it into the sectional finals. Then 
the Class of '99 Powder Puff team gave the 
Tewskbury girls a major upset during a brutal 
football game. This win opened the door for 
the varsity football team to stop the Redmen's 
seven year Thanksgiving Day winning streak 
with a 14-7 victory. The hockey team also made 
it into the sectional finals and played Saugus at 
B.U. The 99-Day Party was held on February 26 
and we danced the night away with people we 
had been friends with for as long as we could 
remember. The Senior Prom was held on our 
last day of classes-May 21. 

Graduation took place on June 6, and the mem- 
bers of the Class of 1999 closed out yet another 
chapter in their lives. As freshman, we thought 
our four years here would never end. The halls 
seemed as though they would hold us forever. . 
Now we will be freshman again, but not to- 
gether. We will each go our separate ways, and 
go through changes on our own. Good luck to 
each and every member of the Class of 1999! 


Jonathan E. Aprile 

Colleen Batten 

Colleena. Collieq 
Friends: Delia Rebleo (DEL), Janet Keough( Planet Janet), 
Jen Jackson, Beth, Lisa, Mike, Amy,Cat,Lena, Sara, Bob, 
Kevin, Tim, Robin, Sabrina, Chris, Chris 1 08, Joanne, Suki, 
MS, AH, LI, DS, SJ, CC, JS, SD, MF, KI, SB, JA, SN, 
Activities:Band, Chorus, FluteChoir, Sadd, Student Coun- 
cil, Bread&Roses, SeniorAct , Memories: Prom, Home- 
coming, "Amesbury game", Loon MT, Trips to Boston 

"brick" Bum, indoor 
soccer, Ugly 
Stick, SkiTrip, "The 
Claw", Honesty Week- 
end, Party Janets 1 8th b- 
day, Medea, Band Camp, 
trashing Mettes, Camp- 
ing, men I loved, Hamp- 
ton, Tanning, ISS, 
Breakfast, 1st car acci- 
dent, last car 
accident. (oops). Quote: 
"That's Not Okay". No 
Thanks, Trying To Quit. 
Saving the best for last, 
my family and my aunt 
for WMP. 

Lisa Bellavia 

Kristcn, Janet, Delia, Amy, Jen, JJ, ML, BS, CC. CM, JC, MC, DN, 
AL, RF, JB, JV, JM, KC, RP, CN, SN, KB, BM, GC2, BC, LJ, CB. 
JJ, RD, SS, JR, DV, JM, SC, MS, LI, KI, RW, MR, MP, GM, JF, 
Mom, Dad, Michelle, family, ALWAYS REMEMBER: Squirt, 
Schair, the many notebooks, Farmer Ted, ET, Dan and Chris, Horn 
Power, Ski trip, earner, tubing, the big guy, "Slowdown!", Lavern 
and Shirley, Janet, John, Justin, Math Class Forever, Marshmal- 
lows, Fluff?, Lisa Bellshow, bandcamp, Delias verbal issues, Taco 
Bell parking lot, Washington, NYC, the special channels, the 
Almighty orange, first punk 
show, football games, prom 
night, Micheleour cousin in 
CA, Strawberry Shortcake, 
Cabin 8 tastes great, Sara 
and Amy- Fetus Boy!!, 
LBU, Sue's curls Chris!, 
Elmo, all the beautiful 
people I have met and have 
grown to love, Ride it ! . mak- 
ing the cookies. "Never 
apologize for your emotions 
because when you do, you 
are only apolgizing for the 
truth", "You've got so much 
to say, say what you mean. 
Mean what you're thinking 
and think anything." 

Suzanne M. Berghaus 

Write-up: Recuerdo: My family and friends I love you. GK. LB. 
KD, MC, DS, SD, I:, MC, SP, MP, JA, SW, KF, JM, JC, JC, PB- 
Rice Crispies/GMorning! JC, RS, CM, KC, KC, SM, LG, JS, 
MM (NY), AC, BM, AM, NS, AC, AL, GCR, the CR, DD, ZP, 
N,JE, KP, JZ, "the girlz" Singin in H SQ. VH+P, staff, Lil pet 
shop of horrors, Carolyn, Terry, Josie + Margaret, "The Girls" 
Special Thanks to JC, I have lots to tell my grandkids, The one 
thing you can always count on is change — Beauty lies within 

FAV's The ocean. Life, 
Get togethers, Food, my 
music, art classes, Hamp- 
ton, Summertime, Board- 
ing Butterflys. Keepin the 
faith. Reading, Movies! 
Coffee Shops, Late night 
Phone Conversations. 
Things 2 look forward to: 
FRANCE, other fish, col- 
lege, the future Dining 

(out) Thank you everyone 
whoever helped me out, I 
really apreciate it. Act. 
Brd+Roses, Soccer, Soft- 
ball, tracks, Horoscopes, 
Jr. Prom Committee, Cho- 
rus! !\ DISTRICTS. The 
Choir, St Thorn's 

Meaghan E. Berry 

Always remember: Mom Dad Steve, Matt Mark Jule Lau Lau 
Lau Hem Vick Kim Jame,.Fogg Pai Lisa Pete MR = My best 
friend, JE = cutie + gorgeous, MK = my love tee, LH + RT = gym 
class talks, JT = walking halfway home, LW = summers in 
Maine, KH=cheetos, PM=water country b-day, KC = jackets 
and beep beep "hello there", N.N. trip w/ Kim Jule Pai (Pretty 
girls), the sprint, my 1 6th b-day in Maine (chocolate chip bagels 
+ sunflowers), freshman b-ball, Kim's kitchen table, fling, semi, 
proms, homecomings, 
Queen Bailot, 7/2/97= 
weirdest night, 7/19/97= 
Boston trip, 8/20/97= long- 
est night, 8/3/97= looking 
for shooting stars, Matt = 
skiing at Shawnee Peak, 
Canobie Lake, OOB, Val- 
entines Day, Tuesday 
morning breakfasts, Meg + 
Matt 9/6/97, summers and 
weekends, water-skiing, 
backrubs, DQ, Billy's 
house, boat rides, I love 
you forever baby!!! "Ab- 
sence makes the heart grow 
fonder" Good luck class 
of 1999!!! 

John D. Betts 

Activities: Soccer 1-4 Remember: Mom, Dad, Karen, JJ, Matt B, Shane 
K, Tim L, Jimmy T, Joe K, Sean D, Tocio, Dan M, Yee, Tim K, Binky, 
Manus, Riley, Josh M, Mouse, Randy P, Kuc Vallas, 2 Snows, Kn, 
Darren, Bobby D, DEFSQUAD 4 LYF, Soccer Team, Dick, Chip, Gras 
Chambers, Summers at WHB, The SPECTRUM, 3J Snow Removal, 
Partys, Simards, 6/6/98 with Tocio and Warford Outkast with SK and TL, 
PWO Mafia, Field Trips with JK and JT, "Life moves pretty fast, if you 
don't stop and look around once and awhile you just might miss it." 

Jill M. Biggins 

People:Mom, Dad, Stevie,thank you for all your support & 
help. My three B-F's Michelle, Jenn, John, thanks for being there 
when I needed you most. JOE, MT, KH, MAC's crew of '97 JH, 
AL, KA, ST, MD, TM, KH, KW, KM, PM, JH, CB.Billerica crew 
TOM, JM, JW, BD, MD, MR.Summer of 96. C-CB, EB, SB, JB, 
RB. Remember: Summer with JL.Good times with MD, JB, KH, 
JR. RD. Jr.Prom, MarthasVineyard. SB, SB, SB w/JB, Brandon 
"Oh BILLY'w/MD.Ms.Olson's English class w/ JB, MD, M W, 
JB, JV. Scanlons class. 
Homecomings. RG falling 
down stairs. Summer w/JC. 
Soph. Semi w/ High School 
crush. Lucci's w/ Waldo, 
MD, KH, BS, MT, RL, 
MS. 1-2-98. Hampton w/JH, 
Lenny, MD.DBB, BBC, 
Flaherty's class, Summers 
over cousins house, Ols 
Airport. "There's a big huge 
Forget:After Soph. Semi, 
moviesw/RG, J-Splitting, 
fights w/AD, RT. Flash 
show New Years Eve. Play- 
ing cards over Danny's. 

Terence R. Boland 

Remember: all my people — Vin, Shea, JoeFL — all my good 
times, most bad times too (forget them and they happen again) 
Montreal LG/PM's movie Summer '97 as good as it gets Sport 
Model Porchside Grill Master hi Sue... again AOL Blue Ghost 
paint and all hi Jess Salem Kitty's Prowler jr. prom prom 
sleepover can coma Crazy's treadmill silly string karaoke etc 
Kiss concert wagon full of girls B-52's sunburn school's 
out!!! FL trip overspd ahhh!!! Cancelled flights Summer '98 

Vin's hair writing letters 
Sue's party senior year! ! 
my parking spot Jen's 
party woohoo my party... 
Pool rocks eggs, 
Vaseline, coolies, tp '83 
Civic SU and CU Jess 
and Mary Amy's coed 
football surprise parties 
Can't forget Chris 108 
MikeWWF Jay Nev 
Jamie Josh Ken Gina Joel 
Vix Kara Dave Sab Robin 
Tim Pete Must forget 
Butters Row mishaps 
now. to umfarmiliar 

Kevin J. Bourinot 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Ken, Kristin, Chris, Bob, Glenn, Beth, Mike, 
Sean, Cat, Peach, Nev, D Stef, Mike, Chin, Barb, Bri, Jay, Dan, AH, LJ, 
SW, DR, GC, RD, MR, CC, SM, RS, LB, DO, SG, AJ, Good Harbor 
Beach/Gloucester, Lake Winnipesaukee, Band Camp, Disney, DudleyRD, 
Horn Pond, X-Country, Sunday Riverm Mt Abram, My Wrestling Par- 
ties, Paul's Party Homecoming 97, The Wagon, Canobie Lake, The 
Camping Trip, Westfield, Nina, Health 1 Morning Trips w/ Glenn, The 
Margate, Lexington Green, Sasquatch, The Opossum, The Pond, Striper 
Fishing, New Years Eve '99, The Crownline, Jeannie & Kenny, Big John, 
S.O.S., The Weirs, The Quads, Kearney Services, Painting Marken, 
Tracks Robin's parties, Ben 
Morgan, Peter, Carol Ann & 
Charlie, The Blinker Guy, 
Kiteboy Auntie Linda, Pool 
Code 251, Billy, The Night In 
The Cemetery, The Freedom 
Trail, Cocoa, Sgt. Peffers, 
Tim&Gregg, Physics w/ 
Ferguson, The Field, Golf, 
Gettysburg SMiLE, Brian Wil- 
son, Stone Zoo, The Neigh- 
borhood Gang, The Summer 
Of 1997.... 

Kenneth R. Branley 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Jill, Ashly, Football, 1 to4, AllmyfriendsJohnnyT, 
Matt, Mike, Dave, Andy, John H, OD, Ryan, RobJohn A2Hiltz, 30'Tool, 
Tank, Shea, Skip, Thrash, Mick, Russ, EricB, Danielle S, Meg L, Ang Z, 
Jen B, CorE. G-string, June, KenV, Joh S, Damion D, Lou, 2Buttlers, 
Ben, Keith B, Wolfpak, Fatty, YT, AM, BM, JT, MB, DB, TG, DG, TS, 
SG, SM, RC, BC, KM, TC, AD, RS, MD, LF, JJ, andHeilingCrew, 
andanyonelforgotsorry,, Almeida, Nian, Barry, Stoffa, 
Jones, Ballu, DeLucia, Thanksgiving98, winl4-7, nub, bigmarb, Jpigga, 
Sawerlake, NewFoundlake, Skiingw/MattandJohn, Falaga's, basement, 
MGD,40.oz, Keepingitreal, Tentparties, Partiesatthevill, Southmades, 

Deconand Sbano's, 

Crickets3parties, Ebpartys 
ICElounge, thelancer, 
NorthstarCampGround, seeah 
later, I'm out 

Eric T. Brassil 

"All the world's a stage" and high school is but act two of a five act play.. 
Remember: W&L 98, Chris 108, stop sign, incline, Outback via Harvard 
Square, Aerosmith on New Years, sleeping in the SC, wandering Aim- 
lessly, U297, the Tcwksbury asylum. 1 60 movies days, A Higher Learn- 
ing - those wonderful essays, "Cheep Seats", the father and his Keeps, 
weekends of fun, and first times said and done. Actors: SG, CC, TS, LB, 
SN, JC, DS, MC, JM, DD, AT, MH, KH, CL, AS, AB, SC, SM, RK, MS, 
CF, CM, KS, BD, JA, RC, MG. Plot: SAC, Wildcat News EIC, NHS, 
Eagle BS A, WCTV, Band, Recycle, Computer, Town Crier, WML, DOE, 
JLTC. Characterization: Writing, reading, thinking (often too much), 
hiking, Camping, skiing, ca- 
noeing, traveling, and debat- 
ing. I can only hopeThe next 
three acts will be just as memo- 

Glenn R. Brewer 

Remember: Gina, Kevin, Mike, Kara, Stef, Robin, Anthony, Dianne, 
MR, SS, SM, DS, CM, NV, JG, MR, MP, AH, MH, KH, CC, SG, 
Kidsplace 99, Monday Night Parties (Kev), Robin's Parties, 1 1th Grade 
Math class, late night rides, Kev's Bee, S's Pillow, Kara's Parties, 
Jumpimg in Kara's pool fully clothed, pushing Gina in, Canobie Lake 98, 
Slamboree, Kev's Wrestling Matches, Bk, Dead deer, Kev's Onion Ring 
Man, Kev's post-dance sleepovers, Dudley Rd, Lowell (Kev), locker next 
to Robin's, Lexington Green, "You've Got Mail", "In Dreams", "Scream 
1 and 2", Gina punching me in the lip, 1 1th grade psychology, tracks, 
Livingston St, Like my new car? (Kevin), MBFW (Gina), Keno with 

Kevin, "Semi-charmed Life", 
"Back for Good", "How do I 
deal", "Back to Good", "Be- 
lieve" Quotes: Life's not worth 
living if you can't live it the 
way you want to. Your life is 
a movie, You're the star. Make 
it a happy ending! 

Jeanne Brownell 

Thank You Mom and Dad, Petey, 143 Pete Minichiello +Michelle Bunn 
B/F/F. Always remember and love ya: Jenn, Adrian, Pai, Michelle, Sean, 
Lisa, Kristy, Kevin, Melissa, Melissa, my little Kenny, Jenn, Maura, 
Bryan, Jim, Joe, Meghan, Katie, Colleen, Jodi, Phil, Kelly, + Alex. 
Violin: Pai, La, Dianne, Tim, Titi, Karen, Meghan, Italia, Disco-Disco, 
England, France next year. Favorite teachers: Mr. Dilmore, Mr. Pimental. 
Mr. Mr. Scanlon, Mary, Beth, Mike, + Donna. Always remember: Jr. 
Prom, all 4 homecomings, old airport, Doza parties, spirit week, powder 
puff, Six Flags, stuck in New Jersey, camping, rallies, Hampton, Jenn's 
driving, managing wrestling, skip days, cambeH's, Hess, Kid's Place. 
Rocky, Brownie, Adrian with the 
bottle on the bus, Erica out the 
window, psychology, basically 
best four years of my life. Al- 
ways 4-get: midterms, finals. 
ISS; OSS, ex idiots + jerks, WPD, 
TPD, hall passes, detention, 
checklists, hit list, + and all the I 
other immature fights. 

Jennifer A. Bruce 

Jenn, Brucey 

Rem:Mom, Dad, David, Derek, Bridget. Erik 12/19/96-Forever I love 
you.Meg&Liz SFL. Jill, Michelle BFF Caitlin, Angels, Kim, Bon Alice 
JC& JO MB Crew EVJT Frong. HomecomingX4 Sen.Prom'97EW Jr.Prom 
Soph.SemiFresh yr gym. MG JB LH MP. JBX2 face down on vault. Jill 
SB SB SB!!Maine'97whites. Hampton w/Meg sum@ALS Physics Jr.yr. 
Big3 JBX2Twins?BonIERT JB SB semi picks class9,10,12 kamoo 2/7/ 
97 Thanksgiving'98 w Lix Meg Jill Shelley Thanks 4 being there luv ya. 
Forgets:Shelly after Semi 8-19/98 RP fights w/ Bon JH grad party Dad- 
Jo TX. Army Fresh Fling H.W. 
Report cards changing w JB& JR 
snobs AD&BT drive by w/ 
EV&LG LFB almost ruining a 
friendship orange face JBfight 
snobs STULS Thanks: 
Meldog&MrsA.Look forward to 
Nov. 1999 Erik 

Sean M. Cahill 

Soccer, B-ball. Track, Seer., NHS REMEMBER: state finals Jigga, 
Petey, JV, Boss, JB, PC, GUY, Jeuush, MD, TF, Dah, Perks, Ran Man, 
Vin, Krazy, RB. TP, Brae, shoota Insomniacs, Don't touch me, Yeah 
Yeahy, Al Bear, New Years Boston, Mick, Josh's best Homecoming 
ever. So called Buddy list. Black Belly, N64, WV, HS, Amanul, Kev 
rude? WBC, GC, BAGC, Hey Forgett! Outkast, Big Boi, Nic-B-day- 
Gift? Pete singing, quigs- good driving, Jman hit a tree, OSPB, Homer, 
Ralph Yes, Probably, Quality, Cya Lata, BK. Dilbert, Hi Jenny Forget: 
Gateway, Medway, North Reading, Bball season Chad Patches, shhh 

Elizabeth Capotosto 

First period Biology class.Clue, "The Bubba ", Freshman Fling, Drama 
class with my , Disney, Montreal, "Our Alexi" M*A*S*H-"Wait until 
Washington hears of this!", the semi, France, NIKKI-"We went bowl- 
ing?", le biftec. The Lottery/Summer People, Harvard Square, Trips to 
Boston. Band Camp, My Hockey Player, "THE CLAW", Amesbury 
game, the cymbal kid UGLY STICK. Washington Quebec, bow bow, 
soccer in the hallways, GREASE'T hate bananas!". Medea, my soulmate. 

Kimberly Cardello 

To my family thanks for the love and support. To Double G I love you 
DAAABK Thats were the power lies,. KD AKA truity no soup yeah no 
soup yeah yeah baby Junior Prom, Revere beach, woodbriar, mollydog, 
3rd grade I love you like a sister, GK The daddy longlegs has a batch of 
hair, SB in a minute in minute, JM ozzfest98 summer98 4th of July RM 
play girl the writing on your wall AC pinkhair playing God MH MH JB 
new years eve 98 RP cool bedrooms JS lowell to double G again Dec. 6 
Junior Prom, Korn Concert, and all the other concerts we went to. To the 
Griffins Thank you to anyone else I forgot. Thanks 

Christine Carlson 

Remember: San Fran, U. Ronnies 50th Karen & Georgies/ Jen & Peters 
Weddin, Li vin (w Lindas, Girls Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Piccajows, 
Piddles, Acton Boys: Skip, Zuke, Ricky (Trunkboy), Russ, Brian, & 
Thug, Aerosmith X2, Nyrs 99 & Bickfords. SAY WHAT? Whateva Deal 
With It, UMMNO...Wait No That's Wicked Over-Rated, Anythin Can 
Happen On "Ree" St., 3 In A Bed & The Little One Said Roll Ova- 
Chnssy- Thump. Wu-Tang & G.F.Y. Shoutouts: BB MZ AZ GK ZP & 
Any- 1 I Forgot- SORRY! Mom I Luv & Miss Ya-1 Did It, The #1 Dad 
In The World, Thanx 4 Always Bein There-Luv Ya, Auntie-Mommy 

Dearest-Luv Ya Always LP 
We've Been Thru Alot 2- 
Getha Its Been A Trip, BM- 
My Tommy Boy-Luv Ya SM- 
My Main Man-Luv Ya, A&F, 
BFF, My Sis BB I Miss Ya 
Girl- Sistas 4 Eva 2 All My 
Family & All The Ones I've 
Lost Thru My Life. WE MISS 
U! Last Words: Emotional 
Scars Create Who U Really 
Are: Neva 4-Get "99 C-Ya 

Michael D. Carr 

Mike, Szveat-Dogg 

REMEMBER:Mom. Dad, Jenn, Beth, Jason, Kevin, Paul, Stef, Kara, 
Robin, Mike R, GDog, Neudog, Sweetie, KC, RP, JJ. CB, SS, Delia, 
OKA, Limoli, Tank, Cat, Lena, Amy, Bob, Stokes, PaulD, Monty( Booster), 
Dan, T-Bone, Vinny, Pete, Kenny, Shes, JcssG, Eric, Sue Sue, Scott, Eric, 
Parisi(POOHBEAR), Cannon, Chris, Adrienne, Jess, Allison, Lisa, Aly, 
Janet, Chinny, Gina, KOD, Bloge, Nicole, DramaClub, DirtyJokes, 
MASH. SpillonJoel Slamboree, Kev'shouse, TagTitles, BigWiggle, 
Matches with Monty, XCountry Butterfly stretches. Stark, Axel, The 
Stink Bus, Shah of Lynnfield, 
XCRules4eva! SidelineSports, 
Move 'em up in the rotation, 
JPSux, 658-7888, Class from 
Gersh, Freshmen Fling, Home- 
coming 98, Junior Prom, 
Thanksgiving Game 99, School 
dances, the Floss Rules! Ba- 
con! NRTW Rocks! Atomic 
Burps, Silver Lake. CVS at 
12AM Blogees Class, Improv 
at Robins, late nights. To all my 
friends: Thanks foreverything.I 
will never forget you guys. 

Kimberly B. Carroll 

Kim, Kimba, KC 

People and things to remember: Family, Lauren, Jules, Hem, Jamie, Law ■ 
Pai, Lis, Berry, Hickey, QueenBailot, Layna, Barb, Chrystie, Noy, Tenor ' 
Foss, C2, SAB, WT, YOD, BC Nights, Mr Football, FL 4/25/98, New.' 
Year's 97&99, 1 8 B-day=White Mitsubishi, WB+GSA, DB, AK, Base- 
ment Parties, 10/97 Jackets, Old Airport, Pai's Party 7/2/97, Longes 
Night Ever, HP Events: Water Country & Cape Cod, VM Crisis, Berry V 
b-day in Maine, NH PrettyGirls, JB's Party, Homecoming 97, Sundays o 
Summer98, Oops I thought you were. . . , Car Chase= Wrong way on High 

St, PS w/ Andover, Citgo 
Beach closed, Altiods 
Jules + Houle Photo Book 
SoCo, BOONE's, HighLife 
LeathalGold @ Hem's 
KitchenTable, Kicked off play- 
grounds, To Jamie:"Comparec 
to all the other guys" and week- 
end lunches @ AuBon, Lexi 
Hem: you'll always be my evi 


Susan Carrozza 

Sue, Susie Q, SuezQ 

vRNF Kristen Mary Vix Jess Lauren Kara JenA Terry Vin Gian Joel 

'hrisC Amy ChrisM Jeremy Robin Sabrina Val Gina Diana Tim Shea 

anet Del Lisa NicoleV Shaun MikeC Eric Cat Cip&Leefam, mill road 

bors & gang (cootie) FH #18 KFA Toto Pai Lau Jen Katelyn Alison 

jilly Noonie motions losin keys tp97 Sox w JenD KFC w/JenA DMB 

vlanis Aerosmith PowderPuffTgame98 Tennis w/Mac JrProm 3am walk 

an coma(DaveC) HAT( VVJJSG) SeanC tmill bruises r u readymon? fb 

oys vs girls day b4 my license NY Blizzard Physics CookieFight my 1 8th 

urpb-day typing w/Janet AOL 

g: ) math w/ Vix & Chris Deep 

"houghts Boppin Berry 

Lubi&Pedro stingrays cruise 

9 my car why write down any 

argets cause if I look at this 

ears from now I will remem- 

erthem again! What if. . .? "I 

ion't know how, I don't know 

/hen, but you and I will meet 

gain ! " "Never let your dreams 

ie. Follow them until they 

re achieved!" 

Paul Douglas Cheney 

EMEMBER: Family, Mom, Dad, Cara, Daniel, Caitlin, Grandparents; 
M, JM, BT, KP, RD, LW, LD, PD, PS, DT, SM, ZP, ND, NS, MP, ,KR, 
S, KF, JH, MS, AM, AD, MK, JM, RC, JD...Coaches;Pimy and 
litchell. Wrestling; Shea,Moran, Heff, Grillo, Dave, Sully, Dexter. CJ 
uddies;KC, AC, AC. Parties, Bon Fires, C. C. Rules, TP-56, Hiltz's 
ouse, B-Camp 96-97, WWF and WCW at CC, Sledding, Camping, 
hanksgiving Day 98, Bus Ride to Vermont, MAU, The Bird Mobile, 
ents. State meets, Gloucester. BK backwards and after wrestling, T- 
ude's House, Cal's, Freshman Flings, Heath 2 Buddies; BS, LM, KP, 
:, SJ, JD, LD, AD.. .Dances, 
ew Years 98-99 FORGET; 
ights, Band, Mid-Terms, 
lind Games, "Tough Kids", 
listakes, Finals. 

Christopher Cassidy 

PEOPLE TO REMEMBER: Tim, Scott, Eric, Janet, Delia, Shea, Robin, 
Andrew, Sue, Terry, Sabrina, Mike G, Jess G, Vin, Stokes, TW, Ruth K, 
Doug H, Paul C, Rick A, Sandra and Paul C, "Lily," "PJ," and 
Bono. ..PEOPLE TO THANK: My parents and my grandmother for 
always being there for me when I've needed them and for being so 
supportive and understanding through the years. ..THINGS TO RE- 
MEMBER: Sleepovers, Flour & Yogurt Fights, Chris 1 08, WILDCATS 
BEAT TEWKSBURY, Lady Bug Incident, Bad Magumbo, Jim 
McDonough, Breaking the Record, Sports Roundup, 658-7888, Del at 
the Train Station, U2 Concert, 4.91, Falafels, Boys vs Girls Football, 

Announcing Wildcat Basket- 
ball, Outback, WGLD, Par- 
ties at Robin's House, TW's 
play-by-play. Beating Terry 
at Pool, Trips to Boston w/ 
Mike, Kangol, U2, Summer 
of '98, Driving Past the Ten- 
nis Courts, Scott's Cool 
Scripts, and Olympiad. 

Kenneth Hone Wong Chin 

Chin, Chinny, Ken, Bonzai 

Activities:Band 1-4, Jazz Band 2-4, Bread N Roses, SADD 4, WLC 4, 
Yearbook 4, JV Hockey 1-2, Winter Track 4, Varsity Tennis 1-4 
(capt):Rember:Family, PTCOB, Swedish Fish, Relivrio, Poker, 5th Pe- 
riod Study, Poems, Physcs, Mavis, Plaza, Market Basket, Rallies, Foot- 
ball Games, Band Camp, Golden Chicken, Mettes' House, Chinese Class, 
Lagoon, Driving Range, Disney&D.C, Puff Daddy, "Impression". "Would 
I Lie", "Go Ballistic Ken!", "It's Poop Again!", "Yes I'm Chinese". "19, 

Down And Hold". Summer 
98 + 99, Blue&White Day 
99, Train To Boston, BK, 
Thanksgiving Game 99, 
Quads, Umass Band, Norwich 
Forever.... Friends: RD. RP. 
MK. CN, MH. SN. KB, BM. 
Sue+Phil, GC (PF. MV. HN, 
TK, MG), SM, BC. CL. AH. 
NS. DS. KR, JM, JC. MC. 
CM.KS.GB, Band& Track 
Members. Underclassmen. 
Forget : Nosebl eeds. Rashboj . 
Troll, "Incident", StarMarket, 
D'Angelo, Blockbuster, 
Mmbop Class Will: I leave 
anyone to beat a Mohawk on 
blue and white day. 


Gina M. Ciramella 

I would like to thank my family for all their love, support, and inspiration. 
To my friends; I was going to list you all individually but 1 couldn't fit 
everyone. 1 didn't want to have to cut anyone out so this is to all of you. 
You know who you are. You have been the best friends anyone could ever 
have. I have no regrets from my four years of high school. Wc had the best 
time of our lives together, especially during the Summer of '98'. I love 
you; you mean the world to me. So as we part and go our seperate ways, 
I will remember you all forever and you will always be in my heart. I hope 
one day we meet up again. AM, KP, AH, BG. WASM. DN, and SS you 
are my BFF's, and mean everything to me. Keep in touch. "Smile" 

Christopher M. Cino I 

K.C. PG. Shut up Maya... .lunch sophomore yr (initiation). the missing leg 
on the table in biology,the beach, foreign language club, Thanksgiving 
game '98, pillow people, spaghetti, haunted house. ..BZZ, Pats Peak, Dan 
look alike&Satan at Canobie, ice cream on the 4th, Junior prom, HONK! 
the ostrich, Hampton, popcorn at movies, 3rd&6th period study Freshmam 
yr. the red sweatshirt, black widow, possessed curtain lady, 6per gym.i 
Halloween party, my stories, driving at the West, foreign language fielc 
trip. FORGET. ..Dan's driving, the pest, does anybody know the answer. 
rude ladv at bookstore. Maximum Overdrive, Market Basket. 

Kristen L. Cipriani 

Never forget: LisaB-7th Grade, Stories, Notebooks. MY MUFFINS!!! 
NOTEBOOKS. Freshman year, ApeBoy, CB, CB(mine), AK, hehe. 
RHCP( DN ), Glittergirls, llamas, HANSON! ! Jr. Prom, Fundraiser Dance, 
KORN. TWIST. Adam!! Your crushes. Sat. nites, Washington DC., 
fakes-just-add-water, AOL, carnival-Chris.' Mall-w'Ben, Dan, C.J. we 
were cool first! SucC. -You'll always be there, your the best-even though 
we are so different, x-mas parties, Shawsheen, cottage, pool-cruise! 
SuzyQ-6th grade, DrewB. JerryS. Bradley. Pea Soup. Topsfield, Spanish 
class, GL JonC-Ev-er-cl-ear, Boys are gross, meeting LouB, LOUISE 
COULD BEAT DAVE ANY DAY they sing this!? miss you silly people: 
AC( freshman buddy ), DN. GR. 
KF. IT, MG, JG, CC, all you 
geeks. REMEMBER: Bob's, 
photo, geeks, fakes, music no 
one else knows, meeting the 
greats of music-don'tya think? 
[QS/K]winkwink 9899 
"maybe it's time to live"! 

Ryan Clancy 


Act: Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, Remember: Mom will never be forgot- 
ten. Family, Kym, MG, MS, AF, JO, RP, JA, KB, DD, EH, JH, BS, GM. 
DT, JS, JH, EB, JC, RS, RT, DS, AD, DT, CT, RM A, MG. DS, RS parties. 
Robs parties, king cobra, Andy's Basement, grandprix w/ MG, AF, KB, 
NOV 26, 98 Byot. skoal, 4th of July 97, camping out, tattoos w/ skip, 
artclass w/ KB, BS, RP, coaches, Sportbudies, schooldays at Falangas. 
Forget: Deaths, being caught, homework, studying, some people 


Kelly Ann Cochran 

"Kel, Cocha" 

REMEMBER: Fam, Steph, Dan, Mel, Fogg, Char, Meg, Lis, Kris, Renee, 
Deech, Leah, Jen, Ang, Amy, Nicole, Andy, Eric, Duong, Shea, Dave, 
Good Old Times w/ Rob, John, Matt, Jon, Em, Sweatshop Melis and 
Manda; Pai; Parties at Dan, Duong, Eric, Dave; Wildwood; Pieraces; 1/ 
8/96 w/ Andy; 10/31/97, airport, shadows, "Ghostbusters", laughing w/ 
Stef, summer 98; Smoking Groovs, Salsbury boy w/ Fogg, "Go Mousey", 
12/31/95, Flings, MW, Semi, Prom, muchichtv, Skim, frosh bball; Beast; 
8 Grade Summer, Mazda 626, Daws, "Do you know how to drive a 
Standard"; Homecoming Court 
98; Grandma/Toothpaste, LW, 
JT Kerin, Leanne; 2Pac and 
Diesel (LA); Pais Party 
(HaHa!); T-Rex w/ AL; 722, 
Josh's romm, BBC (nasty!), 
"Did he go like this?"; Powder 
puff w/ coach RP, MG, Foot- 
ball and Bball games; Tewks 
Beast Hug; BFF's I LUV YOU 
GUYS!; ANDY u mean the 
WORLD to me! I LUV YOU! 
Together 3 years! WHS; Old 
days and five friends, luv 
FORGET: MB, 12/18/98, 
breakups, fights, Soph; Where 
did time go? 

Lisa Connolly 

Lis, Colony, Gimp 

Will Remember: Dave, Kristin, Kim, Al, Court, and all my friends at 
RHS, New friends at WHS: Kelly, Fogg, Charlene, Steph, Mel, Danielle, 
Megan, Kim's, Proms, Shore 98!, homecomin 96' Dave 10/25/96-4Ever! 
"wanna go out sometime?" Pen and Paper, Jello, Jelly Belly, Ice, CVS, 
seven months! "what you wanna do?" I Don't Care! , softball, "LowRider" 
hitting dances! KW/Forest Gumpdance! Field Hockey: 2 miles on the 
track at 2:15, Vacations N.H. w/AB, Goat, KP/LC bestfriends 90210, 
God, "And they stop", beatle, Fear, Stalkers, Beavis and Butthead! Do 

America! attached at the hip, 
Mr. Clean, mono, "stop tick- 
ling me!" gimme the remote, 
Candy Cane AA w/Kim W., 
Bathroom Buddy's w/Court. 
Secrets!, "Is that your foot?", 
Care Package, Melanie's 
stairs, Long carrides w/ 
wackos, SevenEleven, 
McDonalds, driving, Pet 
Peeves: Moving, shoulders, 
3surgerys, stairs, bookbags. 
The soccer clique, 5 hr. 
carrides. Fights, Buzzy sig- 

Ryan Covino 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Bill, Gma R, Gma M, Den, Spank, Doug, Biff, 
Rando, DG, Moen, Mo, West's support, The Team, Hi Fives all around, 
Den's House, M Train, Renee, Amanda, Leah, Mouse, 1998 Soccer, 
Danvers High School, Beating Marblehead, Weston and Bishop Fenwick, 
The People's Elbow and People's Captain, scoring goal in playoff, The 
rock Austin wrestling, PPVat Biffs, Mo Parties, P-Ball and Rack, Tran 
and his parties, Hiltz and his parties, TJ, Period 7 Physics w/ Flaherty, 
going to Kitty's on Double 7, Food and Nutrition Sophmore, My house 
before Junior Prom w/ Pete and Spank then in Leah's house, Rafting at 
River Rouge, On the beach in Cape Cod, Den asking the chicks for Ron 
B, Going to Fenway with the 
Captain, Scalping tickets, sit- 
ting in the highest part of the 
bleachers, 23 take it off, Los- 
ing Pete, Bro II, Jeff dog, 
Tempsot, schratzima, celeb- 
rity, skiing with Jeff, Doug, 
and Biff, Heat Forget: Com- 
munism, cliques, people who 
abuse power, Medway, Gate- 
way, people trying to kick me 
out of 2nd period, The Rock 
selling out, Remember 98 soc- 

Jason Crescenzo 

Remember: Mom-n-Dad, Greg, the fam, the gang: Mike, Shaun, Dan, 
Kevin, Robin, Amy, Stokes, Cat, Paul, Greg, Chris, Glenn, Kara, Ken, 
Tim, Tony, Josh, Cahill and all the others, X-country, track, breaking-5, 
NHS, Newspaper, Maggio's class, Martell's class, Sideline Sports, French 
Video, The Toxic Avenger, ski trip, Gloucester trip, pillow polo, the 
Mortal Kombat theme, Wood's fake I.D., Charlie XP32, pumpy pumps. 
Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, "the Belch," and famous quotes: "Come, we burn 
daylight. Ho!" "Down on the In-field" "Stretch on Jerome" "Noooo!" 
(diving), "Move him up in the rotation" "Homey does not participate in 
that particular activity" "Mondo, dude" " I'm coming to get you (point- 
ing)" " the boy knows too 
much" (Mr. Wood) "Hey 
Myers"(Rufo), "Are you pre- 
pared for the following?"- 
deep conversations over a slice 
of Sal's pizza, good times, and 


Stephanie DaSilva 

REMEMBER: My Mom, Dad, sister, Grace, and my brothers, RW, I'll 
always be your girlie, all my friends good luck and my all your dreams 
come true! Bickford's, Fashion Bug, Pork n' Cheese, freshman year, MF 
I Love You, J/K, Feb. 17 1997, Jr. Prom, Where's Waldo?, IPC concert, 
spaceship, little guy on the dash, sillystring fights, Florida '99, tweeka. 
Best Wishes to everyone in our class-we made it!! Forgets: Junior year, 
English 1 IB, LC, PC, and all those people I thought were my friends, 
Novembers, 4 years of Newell, getting lost in N. Billerica, Memorial Day 
weekend '97, a jerk put a hole in my wall, Dec. 25 1998 getting stuck in 
the snow. 

David J. DeAmato 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Wrestling 2-3 REMEMBER: 
Friends + Family, Arlene, Parties:Renees (Late night chat w/MS) Andys 
(Dark,Satellite) Hiltzs (all Of Them) Robs (3 day ) Allisons (Tool+Kuc) 
Mikes (1st night Moens,Shirlys, The Ville: Year bk material (Shea) Kens 
puke. Rent wars w/Hurst -Punch (car) kick (Matt) Ods Bustin, Clancys 
stories, Matts sleepover, Rileys Gas, Beefs+Laughs, Hola Jon, Sick w/ 
Mick, Nice Keith, BYOT, Free Food (Lucci, BK) NR car chase w/ 
Tim, Big Mo, Otools bangs, HiL ee, Trans tent. Inside jokes, eggs, 
indecent. Sausage + Steakbomb, xmas 98, thksgiv 98, Masco 97, 1 st KO, 
WHS parklot. Sr. prom 98, Indliv, Photo, Pimmie imitations, little 

notes, Flirting, FB poops. Have 
to go back: under Hiltzs deck, 
Andys cellar, Renees whole 
house, FORGETS: losers, 
N. A., attitudes, school rules, 
1 0's in Latin, comples, +2 Res. 

Alison Deechan 


Remember: Fab5(Renee, Leah, Sull. Kuc) Ty, Queery, Lori, Ange, Am, 

Melissa, Char, Em, Foss, Meg, Amanda. Coch, Mel, Michelle, NS, Jen, 

Toto, Jack, John, Jonathan, Rob, TJ, Dirt, Mike, Mattm Andy, Dave, 

Shawn, Murph, Den, Mo, Covino, Pete, Spank, Shea, Duong, Eric, Ry 

MattyK. Ftbl. Cheering, CTeam98, Proms, Flings, Semis, Homecomings, 

Rallies, TP, Parties@Renee's & Rob's, NewYear'sEve98&99, Wagon, 

Barnstead, Driving Matt's Beast, SuperBowl98, MyHouse(Fear 

Night), Gina Donovan, Prom Weekend98, Jen'sApartment, SpiceGirls, 

BBC, MC, Xavarian, 

Sull'sAdvice, Kuc'sSarchasm, 

Puff Concertw/John & Rob, 

Dick's Class, Fires, 

VIHP(Foss) Stelio's? Artie, 

Feta Cheese? Purple elephants. 

Tool (Kuc) InsideOutw/Leah, 

Jeff, GatAwayCarw/Murph, 

Hockey Team, Thanksgiv- 

ing98, "Oh hi" "Good one" 

"Leah Stop Sign!" "It wasn't 

me guys!" FORGETS: AZ, 

RG, Rumors, Liars, Cheaters, 

"Fake Friends", Backstabbers, 

People who'll Never Leave 

WHS, SpohSemi, Simards 

(Artie) Wannabees 

Joseph P. Delaney 

.in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. 


Lisa J. Dellascio 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Debbie, Sharon, Alan, and Diane. Friends: Jen, 
Lauren, Boo, Kim, Nicole, Jackie, Delia, Amanda, Becca, Amy, Lindsay. 
Cristina, Skeeter Remember: Soccer95-Nicole, Karen, Elaine, Nicole's 
dinner. Toilet Papering, Masco game, Spring95-winningul4states. Soc- 
cer96-Jill, Melissa, Nicole, Bick Razors, win over Pope John in OT. 
Soccer97-Mather, Lauren, Dinners with MM+CD, TGIFridays, senior 
practice-MadDogs+Animals, Forgetting goal, Doritos. Soccer98-SSC 
Camp, OK, UMM, That's Annoying, puggs, senior practice-Rats, Rock- 
ets, Girls, Hoochies, Trips with Holloways-Boston, concerts. Gladiators, 
Relevio, suicide games. Trips to NYC(blizzards) with DeSimones. O.O. B. 
with H's, D's and Bruno's. 
Haunted House basement, 
Camp,NH Farm-get there go- 
ing North, go home going 
North? Tewksbury. Satan and 
the. devil horns in Crim.Just. 
and X-tra credit-HaHa Kim! 
Good Bye everyone! 

Jennifer A. DeSimone 

Jen, Jenny, Desa 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Cristina, Teresa and my whole family. You have 
always been there. Remember: field hockey: Noone, Gilly, CAL champs, 
Pai, Lauren, Sue, Toto, losing Sue's keys at Bento's prayer. 
Gymnastics:(3)frosh year. Cape Cod-Swift's beach, LisaD, DianeD, 
LisaA, Alicia, Vick, Kara, Lauren I, Nicole, Boo, Mr. Slush, Jimmy, 
MikeC, <3 Shawn <3, Jamie, Mr. Scanlon, NYC Blizzard, Six flags, 
RedSox with Sue(green line), Dave concert, Sue's post prom party-Dave 
hit w/Pepsi can, Haunted House, Dick's class. Camp Chickami(Matt 
Damon), Fried Dough man, 
frosh fling, confirmation walk. 
11/23/98, and all the other 
great times I can't remember. 
Forget: Sophomore year, fh98, 
1 2-7-97. The things to be for- 
gotten will soon be forgotten 
forever but the great times I 
had will always be remem- 
bered. : ) Love you all, Jen 


Daniel J. Devine 

"DANNO, D.J." 

NG, JT, and PK. Senior Shadow Day, MB Dairy Crew, Junior Prom 98, 

Thursday nights from Junior Year, trip to Florida, and Las Vegas, Playing 
Pool, and James Bond ACTIVITIES: Foriegn language club, Robotics 
Club, Scouts, Camping. Hiking, and Rock Climbing FORGET: Lady who 
hit my car, ride home from New Hampshire, Ride to the Movies, My car, 
and my brothers fall off of a cliff. 

Robin Diorio 

ACTIVITES: SADD JrRotary Track Band FLC Stdnt Cncl Yrbk Schl 
Committee Peer Leadership REMEMBER:Mom Dad Britt Unkie Molly! 
Sabrina Carvalho Kristin Gina Sue Jess Allison Chris Shea Mike Jason 
Tim Scott Kenny Michele Kristen Stef Kara Mary Lauren Kev Glenn 
Troll Andy Dan Paul Mr. Melhado Ms. Peters Biology Class Bourinots' 
Parties Emma & Annabel 95 Walk For Hunger 96 Tennis 97 Performing 
@ BC New Years Eve Ski Trips Iced Coffees The Fat Clan Kiss Concert 
97 TPP & Climbing Mt. Washington Homecomings X country Meets 
Track Party 98 Jr. Prom Sr. Prom Sleepover 98 Ladybug Night Salisbury 
7/3/98 Canobie Lake Laser Tagging Band Camp Eve 98 Baby Pumpkin 
Thanksgiving Eve 98 Locker 
Near Glenn 1st Period Calc 
Parties @ my house Last Minute 
Diorio Tim'sComputer Meet- 
ings Trips To Guidance Col- 
lege Apps Lunch Conversations 
Xmas 98 Chris 108 Sabs 18th 
Life Theories Happiness "True 
friends are forever" 

Mark DiGiovanni 

Diege, Paesan 

ACTIVITIES: Class President- 4yrs, NHS- DofPR, V-Soccer- 4yrs/Capt, 
V-Hockey- 4yrs/AsstCapt. V-Track- 4yrs. All other Activities. REMEM 
BER: Covino, Spank, Ingram, Moen, Mouse, Hiltz, Flynn, Grasso 
Murph, Sheabird, Tran, Tocio, Mutter. The Wesites. Everyone else, yo 
know who you are! Soccer team- 2 time Div 3 North Chanps/ Easte 
Mass Champs. Hockey Team. Linemates (Vallas and Haubner) Track 
Reley Teams. Dinners, Rafting, Hangin with the Boys. FORGET: Gate 
way, Medway, Austin Prep. Duxbury, Danvers, Newburyport. Borin; 


Michelle DiPlatzi 


People:Mom+Dad thanks for everything!My best friends Jill+Jen thanks 
for always being there! Mike. Imissya! Justin, Joe, Kim, Ricki, Rob, 
Marisa, Lil Snob,You are the best and I love you all! RemembenGood 
times at MACS with KA, AL, CB, JH, JB, KW+KH!Four amigos, blonde 
trio, Billerica, Fourth of July, Hampton, Applebees, JR Prom, 98 Home- 
coming, M W+ the hairy spider, New Years Eve, 1 -2-98, "Whatever", RR 
with SB, Mike and white fudge, Secrets, Saying Goodbye, Jill+Tommy, 
Kim+Twinkie, Where's Waldo, Coco, Summer of 97, being a God- 
mother, and all the good times 
with everyone! Forget: Soph 
Semi, BD, RL 

ditching"Someone"for "the 
skank"JS, Laughing in Olsons 
class. Lock up in PM house, 
with JB+JL, Playing cards ay 
Dannys with JC, JB+JL, lies, 
peek-a-boo!JB+JH, fights, 
Slpiters, ISS, Skipping school 
and class and any bad times! 



Kristen R. Donovan 

lemember always: Mom. Dad, Katie, Joey. KB, KC, GK, RM, JS, RP, JB, 
}L JR. BB, NV, MM, TD. S A, C A, pizza mia crew, LB, SD, AL, SB. And 
:veryone else too. "See that dog, pass it to me." Parties at my house, 
Cathleen and Reginas house. Summer of 98. Weekend in hampton Randy 
n my sister's trunk, "I am the radio that wants to be turned up?" Naked 
Nation. All of my new friends at woodbriar. Franve twice. New years 97. 
ames talking to my turtle. Walking down Main st with BB. Hiding in the 
hower with Katie and KB. Forgets: My two Accidents. Cops. Kenny's 
lead. Don ' t forget to keep hav- 
ng fun and keep partying. 

Amy Marie Downs 

Remember: Mom, Dad, C.J. and Angela. Thanks for everyhting. I love 
you guys. Richelle, Jesabell I'm glad we've all become friends. Billy, Jay, 
NS, LH, AD, KW, MD, MS, AM, ST, KC, DS, JB, MB, MH, PH, AL, RT, 
JJ, JE, LS, Mr. Meldog, and the Class of 99! FLorida 97(Thanks Mom and 
Dad for the trip.) Lowell, partying, "We're going im circles". New Years 
Eve 98(SOrry Kristen), Westfield, Freshman year, proms, snowmobiling 
99, 98 Thanksgiving game, P.J. Hefferman you'll always have a special 
place in my heart but GROW UP! Rest of Senior year Fotget: Hampton 
97, Gymnastics 96, fights w/ friends, Sophomore year, vacation from 
hell(had 2 Mom) DL, Gershon's Comp App, English 1 1, Thank god it's 



Angela Lyn Downs 


REMEMBER: Amy. Char, Foss, Mando, Mel, Kel, Steph, Dan, Pai, Meg, 
M, Nic, Lisa, Jeanne, Dianne, Matt, John, Mel S, Mike, Dave, Jim, Toto, 
ilenee, Tran, Tim, Den, Eric, Jon, Matty K, Rob, Andy, K Cav, Jum, Lau 
hi, Col, Em, Jen, Kris, Mark, Mut, Ken, Laura, Dave S ,Shea, Leah, & rest 
}f class of '99, Rory, Mr. Mel, Mr.Dilmore, parties, homecoming, fling, 
Drom, SAB, New Years, cherring, Powder Puff ,Lou Crew, all my 
Doyfriends (?), The Beast "Disco, Disco", Tp, England, Italy, Pat-NJ, 
Dopey, Thanksgiving 98, Cosmo, B-days, Deeks fire&tent, out, 90210, 
Dawson's, Christmas Eve 98- 
>cary man, roses & all The 
ather great things that hap- 
pened during senior year. 
FORGETS: Superstars, semi, 
deeks lost. The Bird, driving 
around, breakups, Cheaters, 
gym , airport. Sunrise, HS park- 
ing lot fights, rumors, C-ya 
lata ,AZ, facing death-Dechan 
stop! & all the boring nights in 

Jaclyn L. Eldridge 


Remember: Mom, Dad, Rob, Pup & Family, LS, JJ, RT, KW, LF, RS, EK, 
SJ, CT, ML, AL, 3 AD'S, KK, Pica2, MD, KC, EH, DT, JH, MK, JA, JO. 

Sumo, MM Bball party, mailbox @ NR, CM Bond Pass, Fling dinner. 
Murphy's class, no breaks on Glen rd., MTC, Masco & NA win, song w/ 
AM, SAB in photo, TP Beth's Apt, banned from library, riding the eagle, 
capt. w/KC, Lenscrafters, Hi my name's Renee, 15 Dorothy-2nd home, 
MMML & Honey-2 black eyes, stolen bike, co-coaching the 

Royals, ?Highway Driving?, 
snowmobile trips, JEEP, 8th 
B. Forget: 97 sports, 8 months 
of PT, 12/31/97, beet the 
minute, the twenty, SAT w/ 
ML, Butters Row, Lexington 
VB, Amesbury funny girls, on 
the list w/VD. THANKS: 
Mom, Dad, Rob, my 
embarassing family, MMML 
& Zuccaro's. 

Jamie A. Elliott 

REMEMBER: Rob, pumpkin, Dave, muffin, Gina, Jen, Chica, Nicole, 
doley, PT, pale scrawny guy, SS, abercrombie, hog, MD, SD, DP, SG, CF, 
SB, GR, ZP, Bick's, New Years Tantrum, Sept 19, Rockingham, Beach, 
guitar, Dunkins, Boston, Zeppelin, Coffee, Bertuccis, Pizza Hut, J&N 
taxi, movies, sleepovers, vicky's, Deftones, peanut m&m, phone, gym- 
nastics, Gap, "That boy is MINE", Cape Cod, Singing Hills, "mike", 
candy neckless, rocky horror. Prom, couch, jumping beans. River Rave, 
"It's not a pick up line". Baldinis, Richardson, Youth Group, parties. 
Splat, Kay, gum/Hot Topic, Limo, Orange Soda, Peer Leadership, Mitsu, 
Queen of Hearts. Double Decker Train, Bio, Geo, Otto, Dance, Buzz, 
safety pins, kool-aid, Willhe 
Kitty, KC, Winnipasaukee, 
Janets house, Fridays, Cancun, 
Clark, Candle Box. FOR- 
GETS: gym, gettin lost, sur- 
gery, Friendlys, tests, English, 
college applications, school 
lunch, essays, fights, rules, fake 
people, speeches, the bird. "For 
a moment this good time would 
never end". 

Andrew E. Falanga I 

Remember: gennetti senesi od shirley clancy branley hurst aprile perkins 
skinny skip thresh barrata campbell and all my football chums fellow 
northies winter soph year ods 1st dip shirleys parties and stepbrother 
sausage steakbomb byot satellite africa rs adx53 ct If ml ek and other chics 
activities football 1 -4 etal truffle shuffle 11/27/98 14-7 sideswiping vans 
bombed over daves oh brothers newyearseve97 no bs whatever roofegging 
xtracrdt skoal sailingw/capt and buds backyardsessions ddt2gennetti 
harpton canistas 4thofjuly98 cutting school 2forl over renees 
marthasvineyard98 caughtatthelake therock lockandload friends family 
goodtimes anythingelseworthremembering forgets: candie juniorprom 

excessofdeath liars wasted 
time fake pregnancy always 
getting caught treachery quotes 
to live by carpe diem this too 
shall pass "never underesti- 
mate the darkside..." 

Vincent A. Ferraro 

Vinny, Vince 

I want to thank to my parents, they deserve a lot of credit, especially after 
the last couple of years. I'd be lost without them. Remember: TB, KF, JG, 
JJ, SC, CC, JMc, SN, MM, KS. JA, GR, SC. the craziest kid I ever met; 
for better or worse. KH (or DB), and everybody else I for- got.; Krey's 
class and his manifesto; Layin' the smack down at Glenn Rd. 56-8; Mardi 
Gras 98, 99; Metallica, 7/98; Mary Jane; the Myrthmobile; Junior Prom, 
after prom party; shooting an 85 at NRCC, "HHLook", "Where's Lahwy?" 
Forget: Math; Junior Yr; AP Hist.; School at 7:20; bells; getting cut from 
the golf team 3 yrs in a row; 
BK; Porchside, "And things of 
that nature." Quotes: "Ob- 
stacles are the things you see 
when you take your eyes off 
yourgoals. "-Henry Ford/'Tve 
made up my mind, I ain't 
wastin' no more time,"- 
Whitesnake. I'll miss some, 
some I can't wait to forget, but 
it's been fun. 

Chester A. Ferriera 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Geoff, Lyns, Di, Partick, Pat, MM, JS, JM, LF, 
EK, CT, DS, AD, Kuka, RH, TJ, SH, MO, MD, RP< Brother Flynn,. 
Hockey, Charlestown, SR Prom, Mrs Newell's 6th Period English class, 


Kevin Finnerty 


\ctivities: football 1-4 Capt., Hockey 1, Wrestling 3 Remember: Jeri, 
jian. Ant, Ian, Dave, Bird, Hiltz, Tewksbury 98 14-7, Ozzfest, hormigas, 

on, Joe, Go48 rocks! , Art class, starting a band, Suburbia, nintendo, RBF, 
Dropkick Murphys, Green Day. LTC, boston, concerts, L. Maggio, Coach 
Stauffer, Domino's, snowdays, superman, haarumph, cartoons cereal, 
TWIX sweepstakes FORGET: losing F-ball games, practice, chemistry, 

iology, anatomy 

Kristin Finnerty 

Krishtian, Krishtian Finnegan, Krisht, Finny 

QUOTES: 1 don't think so buddy. What's with that?, Chicken food, 
CheeseCurls, Hello!?! FRIENDS: MH, KH, RH, LK, KT, CC, DD, CL, 
AK, LP, NG, RW, My family and of course Sammy and Patches. 
REMEMBER: Burger World, Canobie with Satan, Water Country, All 
the incidents including the ongiong saga of "The Moth", movie nights, 
parties, bubble jackets, The Guy, "No Fries", Mixfest, "The Pants!" 
FORGET: The accident, the scary guy, the morning regulars, leather 
jackets, "Do you have any gum?" 

Timothy J. Flynn, Jr. 

TJ Cronanan 

FRIENDS TO REMEMBER: Classes of 97 98 00 Rondo, MO OD 
Vlohaubs, GrilloDiege, Dennisman, DC Dexter, Spank DanT.Ray, Dirt, 
vlick, MikeG, Sweet All my dogs:Vallas, Hiltz, Murphroof, Fab5: 
Deeks#l, Renee31, Leah, Sully, Kuca.. Steph, Mel, Fogg, Sharpy, Laren, 
^au, Mando, Meliss, Meg, Dousmei I what thery dogs cookin Shea, 
Kitty's W.Kev, Matt, Josh and the rest. Under the bridge Lilj, Cricket, 
Sneeze, Apesw/BZ and Puches. Chet bites Rocks, Muter, Russe!Depa. 
Lunchtime. Protirat. Things to rmbr: 4th period study AP History, 
Spoons in the caf. Soccer, 
lockey champs, sprint! Track 
Team, Fling Semi98 Promw/ 
5tatesaft Super Bowl 
movthrincident , 85 Camaro, 2 
montes, 80's Music, NewYear 
, RMA creatine, WWF, 
Badmedaj 's , Movan, Getsome, 
my hous, exxonsilly, Kevin, 
WildCatPride, CV's party. 
P.S. Downuts, olemcdougal, 
DickFardy, Krey, Cripps, Fes 
Lynch, Dinners Cronanan 
Whitesnack, Niggiyda FOR- 
GET: Masco, Medway, Gate- 
way, injury, getting screwed 
over, big mistakes. VP car 
crashes.. I drive fast cars and 
thats all I have to say about 

Lianne Fogg 

Fogg, Foss 

Thanx: Mom. Dad, Col, Dan, Joe. REMEMBER: Char, Steph, Mel, Kel, 
Dan, Meg, Mando. Wolfey, La, Lis, Ne, Rob, Jon, John, Matt, Den, LOU 
CREW: Lou, Greg, Matt, Fiba, Rich. Art,& Bon. JO. RC. AF. MG, KB, 
MK, TJ, CC, TF, CA, Northboys, anylI4got, DT, VIHP-deeks, Ca-jj. 
MB, PM, LW, KC, Jt, Lg, Wgsa, dcg, B/F/F I luv u guys- "If u know what 
I'm sayin"sab super*s, Barnstead- SPIDR. Wolfboro- Grandma do you 
have any toothpaste? Waterboro, Mazda626, Joan Jett, 2Pac in the diesel, 
Cruzin the strip. Tires, Cadi, Homecoming 95-98, JrProm, PARTIES: RS. 

DT, JC-New Years Eve, DS, 
Bon, RP, RT- 11/25/96, PM. 
ML, banaster-jj. Sals boy- Kel, 
Sophyr, Florida w/Fam-Honks 
Id?. Hampton, the beast, Date- 
SPR, so called "Lazer shows 
and Red Sox games", XMas 
Eve, Feta cheese? 10/31/98, 
MW, loving Ted, adea, Wu 
bust it- dan. Wind Of CHange- 
Char, slips &falls. the peak. 
Old Airport, good times. 
4GET: Fr. yr. Semi, beast, 
badnights, 50. 1 2 1 6/97- acci- 
dent- "In life what appears 2 
£ ' \ nor I be the end is really a new be- 
ginning"- THANX everyl 


Michael B. Gennetti 


Remember:Family, Michelle, Leo, ChuckandJustin, Dave, Matt, Rat, 

Clanz, O'D, Kenny, Johnx2, Rob, Booga, RH, EB, Timdog, Thrash, 

Jamie, TB, JS, JayT, Tank, Hiltzx2, RC, JC, Shirl, Coaches, Jerry, Chuck, 

Almeida, Nihan, Barry, Stauffer. JJ. RS, AD, OToolsx3, EK, Dick'sclass, 

Flopping. RatsBasementTruffleshuffle, Bacon, Staekbomb,4thofjuly"97", 

T-day"98"12-7, 98daypartyw/MB Srprom98suit. RedRoof. Skoal, 

RSparties, RPpartiesx3, Weylusw/boys, Camaro CaptMorganw/TG, 

Harold Parker, Clanz'sparties, Trickett'sparties, June, ISthbday 

Eggsonroof, gameday, Capt, 

Geno, Noblocking, T-P. Noni, 

KingCobra, beatenup-RS 

chessv.s. ursula, JHK/MS, 

BYOT, B-dog'spuke, 

wholemacaroni, WHSfootball 


speeches, BigJay'schase. 

accidentnight, Forget:mistakes 

lies, getting caught, deaths, 

2adays, NA96, channel-5, 

triplesessions, Earbiting 

baddecisions, NewptClippers, 

Plans.Take it one day at a time 

and enjoy life 

Scott D. Gould I 

CC, EB, DL, MC, TS, GC, JG, DF, SS, AS, DN, JD, GR, JM, AH, AS, RS, 
KI, DS, SM, DC, CM, CF, AM, MR, JE, JS, SS, BA, JM, KF, AL, DL, RD, 

BM, JR, KC Joey— Venice? issue 2, Spooky World, traffic island, VB17, 
Aerosmith (2), Tuesday study, Summer of 98, TMH, Outback, getting lost 
a lot, Rush, Semi, MASH, Lottery, Summer People, AS IS, Star Wars 
premeire, Johnny Rocket's, layout till 10:30, Misfits, Clerks, Chris 108 
Top Five, fireworks, Bickford's, Shea — gym class, Earth Science labs, 
town hall, library study, Dick's class, Dave — you'll always be a gun- 
toting hick, Chris — is she still at the tennis court? 

Nikki M. Gounaris 


Remember: Family, Becki. Danielle. Marissa, Beth, Dan, Chris. Michele, 
Kathleen, Kristin, Alicia, Jay, Erik, Suki, Steve, CL, CM, BD, KM, AS, 
JM, The Adventurers, Gang of 99. Montreal 97, Ice skating, French 
Exchange 98, Quebec 99, Spain 99, Boston, Estelle (ma soeur fracnaisc ). 
Tea in Cafe's, Lost in Reims, Belgium, Bowling?, Miss Saigon in 
London, AOL, icing, Tigger, TGI Fridays, Hockey games, Grease, 
Ganouza cubes, Robotics, US FIRST 96 and 99, Art Mural, World 
Language Club (PR Officer), French tutor. Bread and roses. Thanks to the 
World Language Department 
(Ms. Bavuso, Ms. Beckwith, 
Ms. Netten, Ms. Nowak). Spe- 
cial thanks to Ms. Aruri for 
everything, and Mrs. Aruri for 
French Exchange Trip w/ us. 
Forget: Mr. Wood's chemistry 
class, Le Biftec, Health class. 
Math. Future: French and 
Spanish teacher. UMD and 
Middlebury. Quote: Etre soi- 

Peter A Grasso 


Remember; Mo, Mo Shawn, Rydog, Spank, Biff, Denise, Dougie, Old 
Bud. DG, Hiltz Dog, Tran Flynn. Westies, Mo's House, Tranfest, Sbano's, 
Hiltz's, North, Rydog's Trail, Celebrity, POS Shratza, Skull, 40's, Var- 
sity Bball, North Sec Champs AC, Golf, 4x4 relay, Wasted Talent Raftin' 
at the Rouge, Guitar. Hampton, Upper Falls, Bermuda, Lil' Sebago, 
NiteCrawlers Get the hell outta there. No BS, JP, Dirk, SnowDays, Day 
of License, BL, TD, Mac2, Party Hopin' Woburn Cinema, Not Getting 
Caught, Get Some, Turning 18, Benching<135, Dances, Hello Jamin' 

With the Band, Maxima, First 
Home Run, It'sGonna Be Phat, 
Girls, High School. This For- 
get: Osteoid, Monday's, AP 
History, Braces, Market Bas- 
ket, Bishop, Stang, JN, KJ East 
Hampton, Singing Bad Songs, 
C-ya Later, My B, Junior Prom 
Limo, Crashing into Mo 
Quote: "Go Heavy or Don't 
Go At All" Activities: Bread + 
Roses (1-4) PeerLeadership (4) 
Varsity Baseball ( 1 -4) Varsity 
Golf( 1 -4) Track (4) guitar ( 1 - 


Brian R. Grilo 

Flynn, Spanky, Mo, Hiltz, Haubner, Mick, Finnerty, Dave, Shea, Ray, 
Tocio, Dexter, Sinarian, Tina. Decaro, Cheney, Flaherty, Ingram, Linda, 
Murphy. Mutter, DudeMAN, Dubby, BillyT, Depas, 
BowlingfordollarswithToto, CupcakesforLeah, Drivetosectionals, Canada, 
Vermont, Cougar, PushcartforKaty, Sandles, JVChamp, Iroc, Scronge, 
SpeakershoppingwithFlynn, Paintballing, 0"DONELL, FOGGAAA, 
Jenn, Wolf, Kristen, NiceAzz, Steph, Citgo, Old Airport, Tempo, Max2, 
DiGiovannisspeggeti, Charlene, BKandMCDonalds Jasmin, Wrestling, 
Lunchevents, 4thPeriodStudySharppassionatepurple, orderingpizza, 
breakfasts, youwantheatillgiveyouheat, warmup, theSchwinn, Betts, 
Searswiththeredhead, Krey, 
Andeveryoneelsethatldidn ' tname 

Lauren M. Groves 

Activities: Basketball, Track, National Honors Society (V. P.), 
DECA(V.P.) Remember: GOD, family, Dad, Mom, Ryan, 2 Nana's, 
Papa, Mick, Kaybay, Kimba, Pai, Winnie, Julie, Meg, Bai, Dayna, Hick, 
Barb, Jamie, and friends, Freshman B-ball, Powderpuff98, Thanksgiv- 
ing98, Pai's House, OldAirport, Jr. Prom, Shempy, BBC, Springtrack, 
5.0dashes, HP Watercountry, CapeCod, Florida, Flamu, Cabatos, Kim's 
basement, VIP seating, the Cherokee, Herbfest, NH, Quebec action 
movies, mmmuffins, krey-z, Murphy 's class, X-caliber,javelin, Athlete's 
Corner, Monkey, Beach, Inca Sun, First Nights, Shawsheen, tumbleweed 
Ken, sleepovers. Shack's class, sox game, pool, free concerts, Psycho 

jokes, Aquarius, WGSA, 
Simards, snowdays. Forget: 
Homecoming gold, fights, 
HORDE, WT, "balls on the 
rack", WD, pervs Thanks to 
everybody, good luck, see ya 

Shawn P. Haubner 

"Mo, Haubs" 

Remember: Family, Mom, Dad, Rayan, Mark, Friends: Diege, Vallas, 
Flynn, Torp, Mo, Pete, Venus, Doug, Den, Matt, Spank, Dochet, Hiltz, 
Shea, Hurst, Senesi, Genneti, Crick. OD, WHS Hockey, Steve, Chip, Den, 
Jay, Dinners, Daves parties, Doogley, Monte, Van, Cyclone, Black 
Tuesday, Chelmsford, Dots Powerplay, WNEC Parties, Acident, KH, 
LD, MM, Burg, Red, Activities: Hockey, Golf, 1234, Cal Open, States, 
Rotary, School Committee, ACADECA Forget: Lahey Clinic, Ambu- 
lance ride 62, McDonalds, 1200, Luccis, Concusions, Masco 

Kathleen A. Haynes 

Remember: MH, DJD, CC, KF, NG, CL, AK, SN, DM, CM, KM, EB, AS, 
MP, RS, BC, & Dan's brother. Band Camp, ski trips(homeland), the 
Fling, Sophomore Semi, Proms, Canobie(Mattl), wild parties at my 
house, food fights, vegetable baseball, ladybugs, pillow woman. Macho 
Man, Mickey&Minnie, the vice, the "puff. Quotes: Sssmile, bzzz!, 
sorry-sorry doesn't cut it anymore. Activities: Winter track, x-country, 
NHS, Band&Jazz Band, Bread&Roses, Robotics Club, Flute Choir. 
Forget: Textron, James Bond movies(sorry DJ!), breaking-up, Novem- 
ber, mean limo driver, names: Kathy Lee, Kath, Gemela, Twin#2. Special 
thanks to Mom & Dad and all of my teachers. Future Ambition: to become 

a successful electrical engi- 
>^_ I ncer. 


Michele L. Haynes 

Meesh, Sparkles, Shel 

REMEMBER- Mom, Dad, Chris, Kristin, Kathleen, Danno, Matt, Dave, 
Alicia, Katie, Nikki, Steve. Anthony, Eric. Dan's Brother, Christina, 
April 25,1997, Junior Prom, Dan's look alike, Pillowpeople, Haunted 
House, Ice cream on the 4th, Goemetry. NH with Kristin, Prince Restau- 
rant, Ski Trip97, West Parking Lot, Lunch Sophomore year, Alien party, 
Liar Liar, Titanic, Valentine's Day98, Miniature golfing. Penguins, Balck 
Pen, Wakefield Lake, York beach, July 9,97, Maggio's class, USFIRST, 
Horn on my car, Chicken food. Marshmellow Jacket, Photo, Foreign 
Language Club, Dan's Imita- 
tions, Skittles in the Dip, Foot- 
ball Games, Fireworks, Fla- 
mingos, Bathroom Door, Os- 
triches, Can't Hardly Wait, 
Dance class(Museum of Sci- 
ence Music ). What About Bob- 
Forgets- Chemistry, Piano with 
Tom, Demoulas -Quotes- 
Pest!, Cut it out Dan!, Thanks 
a mil, What's Up With That?. 
One More Time, 


Kimberlee Ann Hembree 

Bree, Kim, Hembree, Hemdog 

Remember: all my family, Pai, Kimba, Jules, Jamie, Lora, Grover, Lis, 
Maine, Hickey, Barbie Grace, Bailot, Skelly, Mellemel, Jenn, Michelle, 
Jill, Strawberry, Murphy, Shelly, Rockyx2, Snugs, Walsh, Jim, Emily, 
Kristen and anyone else I forgot. SoCo, Doza's, Kimba's, wrong way on 
High St., toe wraps in Hampton98, MAC's dairy Crew beach days, Girls 
Soccer 95-98-Applebees w/Keith, KW, JI, LH. Nobody goes down 
Skilton Lane!-Hickey, it's not a shortcut! ELMOw/KW-Nyrs98- High 
life, Latin, 2nd Per. Gym-Bailot throw a shoe!, Cassidy, Devils, Kickball, 

old Air, PC, BC, town Tours, 
Watertown, Noy, Kevin, tenor, 
YOD, FHS, FFM, 2nd in 
Gordons, Bh days, Pai's house 
120 degrees. Hockey games, 
Thanksgiving football98, 
Meg& Mando- Capt. kanga- 
roo, oh my god, shes OR- 
ANGE!-Vicky- Zues*Dixie 
rule, Grovers toe ring, Taylor, 
too much tweeking outx2, 
track star goes commando, 
pach class, Penguins tirteen, 
limes, "A true friend stabe you 
in the front"-Oscar Wilde. 

Eric R. Hiltz 

Activities: Football 3-4, Basketball 1-2, Track 4 Remember: Parties at 
Moen's, Tran's gas at the dog house, fires (a Birds, Shirley's house, Red 
Sox game with Nic, who I want to know that she made an impact in my 
life. Thanksgiving 98 14-7 Football, under the porch at 2:07, fishing in 
Bird Mobile, Baking, Family, friends, AM, DT, MK, LH, DD, DS, MG, 
BS, AD, LF, MS, LW, JT, GM, CD, KR, NS, KG, BT, KH, Rafting in 
Montreal, "The Sausage", 5:30 hell a.m. lifting, 11/28/98 L of V. G- 
Complex, Dude, LAU, Mouse, Guy, Moen, MuH, Bird, Dexter, PIS, 
Spank, Skip. Rat, Schmoff, Thrash, the 2 Mad dogs: Jamie + Chuckie, 
Skinny, Booger, Booger 2, Donny Poo, The Big "P" sycho, "It's all 
yearbook material" 

Lauren M. Holloway I 

Lau, Holls, Smalls 

Mom.Dad+Brent-you mean the world to me+have made me what I am 
today, thank you:Dan-Iloveyou;Cola, Amy, Lisa, Jen, Berry, Dogg, Just, 
Josh, Diege-You're the best. AC, JS, TC-SK8; Chris, Jul, Mel, Kim, Tom, 
Mike, Gay, Kev, Chuckie, Don, Tuss, Jeff, Flynn, Neen, John, Gato; 
Steve, Dave. , Darren, Eric, Derek, Malay, Noodle, Griff, T.J. 
RemembenFr.yr., DonFires, Jeffs, Mikes, Herbies(esp. 6/25/97), 10/31/ 
97, Sueskeys(I'm sorry), KFAWHSFH, CAL#1X2, Noone, Mecca, 
Nic + Li-There's a bug!. TyLau, PoohCrew, takintheCrownVic, 


SJPHockey97-98, Summer97, 
Paintball98, MyBaby(1490, 
Private), Berry-InCahouts, 
Thunderworks, PowderPuff, 
Capt.Pai + Totes 
Forget:MucSci, Fling, Semi, 
HmCmg98, Donstramp 


Amy E. Horan 

"Aaaaahmie", "Horan", "Aim" 

3ETH, EV, MC, JC, JJ, VF, TB, PB, JM, MD, NS, KG, JM, SC, KI, LG, 
TS, Band SRS, CG. GIRLS, Dancing, TH, CB, CD, BV, CR, EO, Joe, 
-rosh, Lady, Di, AB, MH, CC, JJ, JA CB, PF, MAFU, LesValots, AP. 
ENG, Gymbuds, AuntieMinda, Auntiels, FLORIDA (2X) FRANCE, 


NT). AplBs, MBCREW, 
: riendlys. Open trunk, train 
■ide, 1st nite, Swiss 501 
KissConc, .Mis simp, hairdi, 

ive a peanut, snuggle 
vormprnstr, nevimallwet 

vlB, SAT'S QUOTE: I've 
cnown all of you for as long as 
've known myself and I love 


John A. Hurst 

flEMEMBER: My family, Teachers, Friends: Perk, OD Senise, Aprile, 
VlikeG, Andy, Ryan, Branley, Dave, Shirley, TJ, Murph, Torp, Haubs, 
Vallas, Renee, Kuc, Lea, Sul, Deeks, Fogg, Char, Steph, Em, Kel, Wolf, 
A.mamda, Meg, Sharp, Ang, Toto MEMORIES: Ski/Brian, Sneez. hangin, 
W/Lout, AD House( Fight), Branley-messesCampim/at/NorthstarPerks- 
3 Parties. Sbano parties(Flip Sul off bed) Mike/Beatup Bone w/B-Dog, 
Senes, Perk, Rd. Trip to Arnstd Bridge, Citgo, (0 nigt, Perk/Buckout 
Messy Senesi, Nub, Nowaks, Chess vs Ursula Indaadarkuknow Dad/ 
Chase High School Nights SenesKick, Daveubird JrProm, PicWHS 
Football RH Bacon T-Day win, Before Practice w/RP, MS, OD BYOT B- 
Pol Lucci's w/OdAPES Al 
Northies MGDS JensHouse 
ACTIVITIES: Hockeyl-3, 
Football3-4 FORGETS: noth- 
ing, "You Want War I'll Take 
You To War" by Scarface 

Adrienne I. Huynh 

Thanks to my parents who have always supported me. I'll 4eva remember 
my BFF's; MISSY (Pifia Colada! Will ya quit H*Baggin round?),GINA 
(Strawberries 'n' Cream! PASTA BAR!), SUKI, JOANNE, LINDA (Vill 
du knulla?),and Froshies; SARAH, LAURIE, MARY KATE, DENISE, 
ASHLEY, Hey JACK, cutie, don't break some poor girl's heart. JUSTIN 
H, u remember me? POWDA PUFF 98 WAS THE BOMB! Thanx coach! 
Get OFF the ball Missy! Ah Gina.He loves me, He loves me not? Great 
minds think alike! Long live tha H*Bag queen AL! SOPHOMORE year; 
Homecoming & Semi & JUNIOR Prom! My FF's;Chorus, Keith (wearin 
the # proud! ),WASM (Traffic lights?), AT (gifted! ), GB (peas'n'carrots), 

AS, Paul (rent you?),The 5 
A's in APJess (Ditz!),Sue 
(Huddle!!). Bob (Aloha!). 
Mark (still USELESS!),Rob, 
Dave, Mike C and Mike R. 
I'll neva forget ya! What I 
want to forget has been for- 
gotten. We'lll find our roads 
to success and hopefully we 
will meet again along the w aj 


Dennis C. Ingram 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Mom, Dad, Jacks, Melissa, (Mtrain) 12/7/97 
REMEMBER: Sneakn Into Movies , Running Ball At The High School, 
Chillin At The Beach, Tentouts, Sbano's, Paintball, W/CB, GM, Biff, RC, 
DIGI, Moen's , HC, University Of Maine? Maine W/ The Jetskis, 
Barnstead, On The Tube, UNC + Dunkin At Duke + UNC -Greensboro, 
Mouse Shawn (Mo), Moen, Rondo, Hiltz, Sheabird, Sbano, Fogg, Sul, 
West Crew, Piss, TD, Guy, From Soccer To Bball Teams, Ran Gear, He 
Left A Man Behind, It Was W/ The Old Man, Forgets: JD, Herbstock 97 
(Jtt), Psycho, Every Single Dance There Ever Was, Every Single Class I 
Ever Had, Shell (Stalker) Psycho + Her Friend (Fab5) Support The Team, 
The Little Guy, Redsox Games, 
AAV Tournies, Summer Leag, 
Gym Class 10th, Hooters, 
Cape, RMA U Here To Work 
Out? "Picture Me Rollin", 
Jimmy, Superbowl ES, Do You 
Think Ur Funny? Moped's, 
"I'll Always Be #23" Sinned, 
Twin Mountains, Upperfalls, 
Skull, Montreal (Rafting), 
Little Sbago, POS , BI, Monte 

Lauren A. Iorio 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mike, Steve, &Family for all of your support these 
years. B/F/F: Sue Mary Jess Gina Kara Janet Delia Jen A&Jen D/ 
KC VF CB DS NV ST CM DC KB/The Wildwood Crew: KI EH DT JT 
LW KH CM AM KO KS JM; Frosh Fling/Semi/Disney 96/BandCamp/ 
Montreal/My Surprise 16th party /Aerosmith/Reims, Paris, London/Jr 
Prom/Post Prom Party @ Sues/Dave Concert/Kiss Concerts/Summer 98 
( Pool Party )/Band Camp 98/Football Games (Best One: Thanksgiving 98 
(We finally beat em')/Hangin' Out @ Sues Fri & Sat/All of the surprise 
parties for: Janet (FOOD FIGHT!!!), Mary & Sue, Sabby/French Class 

Senior Yr (Don't forget 
HUGETTE Sab & Jess!!!)/ 
Wrong way Jess:)!!!/Forget: 
SAT's/Quotes: "Save the best 
for last", "The best things in 
life are free. "/Activities: Band/ 
SADD/Bread & Roses/For- 
eign Language Club/Yearbook 

Kara L. Irving 

If I could grasp a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the 
whole sky in the palm of my hand* Remember forever: Homecomings, 
Soph. semi Jr.Prom, Sue's post prom party, Sr. Prom, Kiss concert, Drama 
Club, long live A.S.I. S! Vday'98,*Welephant* Soccer- Hoochie!Powder 
Puff '98, Slave labor @ Wildwood and crew, Carole Classic, Ch.5 visit, 
PINK FLAMINGOS! 16th birthday party & pictures to prove it! Late 
night chats, Pool parties (going in fully clothed), trampoline chats & 
shooting stars. Friends: you know who you are. I love you all. If you still 

feel the need to have your name included in my write up write it here . 

You guys are the ones that kept me sane through it all. Thanks. M.T.S. 

what can I say? you've been 

there since the beginning; You 

rock! Forget: mistakes, 

C.C'98', April25,97,Vday'95\ 

ignorant people. Keep in touch 


Jennifer L. Jackson 

People I wil Remember;Mom, Amy, Amanda, Jesse, Grammy, Papa, Mrs 
B, Sue Fugere, Mrs Jones, CB, LJ, AH, CN, SW, JS, CC, SN, CM, MS, 
LG, PP, JK, DR, BM, KC, BC, SD, PF, MC, SS, RD, MC, BC, JL, MS, 
CB, KW, LI, LQ. Memories; Sli Trips, Honesty Week-end, Hull, Sart, 
Bum, Loon MT, Riverside, FPC, Red Parrot, Camping, Boston, "Shake 
your boobies". Parties, JR Prom, DMB Concert, KISS Concert, Hampton, 
Simards', New Years EVe, Camp Nokomis, Homecoming, ISS, Break- 
fast, Bickfords. Activities; Band, Medical Careers Club, Chorus, Bread 
and Roses. Forget; Being Sick, My Father. Quote; You don't make 
mistakes, you learn lessons. 


Jennifer I. Johnson 

Jenny, Jen 

Thankyou Mom, Dad, Mel, Steve, and fam.Jill, Rebecca, Kim, Leah, Cau 
Lowells, Totos, DS, JH, AL, JY, JE, SJ, KW, AD3, DT, GM, EH, MS, RS, 
KK, AL, ML, KC, JC, MC, DS, V-Ball Team(BEEF) 
Remember: Halloween, Prom, Homecoming, Senerian parties, PowderPuff, 
Julie's Parties, BillericcaBoys, Jull's perty, RiverRave, SL from Foot- 
wear, Cavalere, Nova, Amhurst, Tents in garage. Parties w/Mel, York, 
Kwong, BM Party, Sailing w/Captain. Rebecca's House, Drinks on floor, 
Dunkin Chats, Florida, Hampton's Wings, Schlits, Decorating 
houses(Cops)Bickford, The 
Wicked Good Store, Andover 
High, Melanie's Parties For- 
get: Fights, FreshmenFling, 
SophomoreSemi, St John 
Leah's Party, Cops at KP. Lex- 
ington Volleyball games, 
Big"A", being grounded, get- 
ting sick, going"crazy", Two- 
Faced People, Clicks 

Pasquelina R. Jones 

Lena, Pasquel 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Bobby, Michael, Nana, Papa, 

PapaJonesandtherestlloveyas Amy, Cat, Sara, RP, BM, KB, MC, JJ, JKK, 

JV, OR, LB, LG, KC, the5guys, mafu, Phil, BandCamp, SkiTrip, Florida, 

Washington, Mr.Fess, Mr.P, Mr.Scanlonsmellyclass, Mrs.Vand fam, 

Pony, Bickfords, Fugerehouse, Monkeyatthedrycleaners, coolaid, 

JuniorProm, Homecomings, FreshmanFling, Cokeinnose, sugarinplant, 

LS, MM, dudleyrd, Avilaros, Chris, Shawn, Lisa, Winning, MPJAJL, 

Sscar, Citations, AD, CF, NA, KA, NA, JM, AF, MM, KM, DD, Florida 1 - 

3, 0.8away, DMJ, Hotstaff, AC, 

CM, Summer97, 



MarketBasket: Mr.Sturzo, 

Lisaki, PeterT, BC, KR, GM, 

JF, Hurd, DA, JT, 


BA, EKw/Shawn, profound, 

BigwordswithBen, yellowtea, 


NewYearskiss98, Forgets: 

Hospitals, math, homework, 

reportcards, fu trouble, 

earlymornings, snobs, 

peopleidislike, WR, gymclass, 

themile, passports, whitepants, 

Jdobsession, mt.sstroke, SHS, 


Jamie A. Jordan 

Remember: Kim, Lianne, Katie+Col, Hembree, Pai, Meaghan, Julie, 
Laura, Lauren, Hickey, Lisa, Bailot, Layna, Mel, Jen, Mike, Josh, Jay, 
DG, Peter,Kevin, DT, Kev, Noy, DD, VFJV, JT, EH, RP, MR, JS, JT, AH, 
CN, everyone else. WGSA, C2, DCG'S W/LF, PM, CT, EK, Tenor. 
Quebec, Montreal, Salem. Parties® KC, PM, LG, New Years 9- 1 2, beach 
closed, Maine, NH, FH, F5, summers (a Horns, LF and the swing, ban. 
tree. 1 -way, 6-8, ddcx, KC "compared to all the other guys", accu red. Hey 
Cool Kids. JR prom w/ JG, Super8, "ignorance is bliss". Shopping with 
KC, OG+ABP. 5 Langs, kitty, murph, bird. ForgeLthe deathtrap, 12/27/ 
96, math, babysitting. DD. Missed chances, the bucket, fights. 

Future:American Univ. inter- 
national lawyer, for. amb. Je 
veut (tie contente. Thanks for 
the memories. 


Matthew P. Kacamburas 


REMEMBER: Mon, Dad, Charlie, Kevin, Kristen, Yia Yia, Den, Kevin 
Josh, John, Dan, Chill, Randy, Pete, Ken, Greg, Grasso, Covino, Murph, 
Mo, Moen, Tran, Hiltz, Diege, TJ, Vallas, Renee, Nicole, Melissa, 
Angela, Laura, "Tets", Guy Lavy, Shoota, Gas Chambers, Soccer Team, 
Dick, States "97+98",2 Mile, 4x800, Lucky Mittens, #3,WRBL,DYBL 
GYM, Homecoming "98", Thanksgiving "98". Prom, Breaking 10 in the 
2Mile, TP'ing, Bball at the courts. My Quotes (I like it, it's good.aaah 
yes,awwww,laveeey ) White Water Rafting, the lake, RUNNING, hOOters, 
Montreal, Kentucky, UMASS 
"3 1 1 ", New Years Eve in Bos- 
ton"98-99", Superbowl Parties, 
Track Meets, BK runs. FOR- 
GET: Gateway, Medway!!! 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer (1-4), 
Spring Track (1-4), Winter 
Track(3-4), Basketballf 1-2), 
Peer Leadership( 3-4), Bread & 
Roses(4), SADD(4). 

Alicia L. Kendall 

LeeshDog, Soup Baby #2 

People: Family, Stacey and Bouncy Boy, JT & RR, MH & CC, KH, NG, 
DD, KF, CL, CM, MP, EB, RS, KN, CT, AS, DM & AG, DM#2, KT, KM, 
ST, SN Activities: Robotics, Color Guard, Yearbook (EIC), NHS, News- 
paper. Remember: Hartford 99 (Don't mess with the human player!), Per. 
6 study w/ Baz, Per. 1 Calc, Maggio's class, 9/19 Maine Buck and Pete, 
Slushies, Bushes by the mall, MWL- Mystery Dinner and Puppet Show, 
Band Camp 95-98, Disney 96, shopping w/ Michele, my party ( 1 2/5/98), 
Montreal 97 (Ice skating), Torque!, Gimme a hug bear, Mookie Lookie 

and Grandma Yoda, Tigger, 
Icing, Art Mural, Quebec 99, 
DC 99, PB Phil (RIP), Bill, 
Friendly's after Janet's game, 
93S to Medford, Sorry is a 
sorry excuse, fire at the mall, 
having my nose bitten, "Are 
we running the mile?"- KM, 
bat face, Wil. Advertiser, Sat 
Games, Mette's house, 
Thanksgiving 98, AOL. Quote: 
"Sanity is in the eye of the 
beholder"- Ray Cardillo 

Janet M. Keough 

Remember: Mom/ Dad/ Angie/ Nonie/ Del/ Lisa/ Chris/ Kevin/ CB/ BS/ 
SS/ SS/ MS/ RD/ MS/ LJ/ S W/ CN/ KB/ J J/ JC/ SN2/ CM/ LI/ BP/ TS/ CM/ 
BC/ BC/ MS/ JA/ Jr. Prom/ Boston/ band camp/ games/ homecoming98/ 
WashDC/ Disney/ skitrip/ blooddrive/ Radiohead/ U2/ squishy/ squish/ 
the brick/ 7&5 period study/ mmmbop/ sleepovers/ food fights/ Thanks- 
giving98/ Amesbury game/ horn power. Things to forget: typing with Sue/ 
chemistry/ math/ E.J./ farmer Ted/ License/ driving the bus/ making the 
cookies/ "without love we are birds with broken wings". 

Gaelle Kermarrec 

Friends: SB, KD, GS, KC, LG, AL, AC, NF, TE, JC, KB, CA, and more 
thanks for everything! ! Flavores of the past: SJ, SK, TR, TA, AB- What's 
my boyfriends name again? Elbin! Metallica, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, 
Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, WBCN RIVER RAGE 96, 7, 8 France 97 + 
98- Parasailing, World Cup 98, Mall Rats- Go Home!!! Lake W NH- 
Meow!! Too Much Booze and Hangovers Freedom Rally and paranoia, 
Monks in Boston- eww Homie G's playing buckets, singing in Harvard 
Sq, Mrs. K's study, Smiley face car Mosh Cakes and Snapple- Mr. 
Holland's Opus- 1 don't know how to read! Boo Hoo Drunk man on train, 
superbowl 98/91 1, Playing pool and rm girl darts, semi, Jr. Prom grr 

Horserides by the lake, tatoos 
and piercings, getting my car, 
smokin butts, ML? Hampton 
beach, Pac sun crew rocks, too 
much coffee, Halloween 97- 
It. Ducky ( J. C.) KD- Used to 
be a toaster? Crack baby 
project, MM still owe you $5. 
Flavored Condom Thanks to 
my mom and dad and even my 
big brother, Love ya. WHS- 
I'm outta here! 


Emily J. King 


Remember: Mom, Dad, Mike, Just, Andy, Matt, Gram, Papa, Fam, Paul, 
RS. RT. SJ, AD, LS, KK, MS, KH, JE, KC, DS, AL, ML, EH, DT, PT, 
MG.JT, MS, JH, RP, JA, DD, JO, TM, KC & Anyone else that I missed, 
Gym Gang: MW, AM, CG, LM, MH, CR, B-ball99North Andover, 
Masco, States, JV N Andover McD's, "Leah get off my back", Softball, 
Cape Cod "Now hush you don't want none of that", $30 Lucci's Parking 
Lot, Mermaids, Triangle sisters, rut, rut, rut, chuckle, chuckle. Bus Rides 
w/DD Hey Mickey, Jimmy Buffet Concert w/RT Dirty Sandles. 8th Grade 
NY bus, Dick's class, Mr. 
Maggio's class, DCG's, 7th 
Grade Saved By The Bell crew, 
Donna Budd, P V736, Art Class 
Soph yr. Health vv/ Steph Notes 
Te-rets Typing w/SJ 
ConcertWindow, Bentley B- 
ball camp W/Renee Kicking 
Walls Lucci's Crew "I stepped 
on a mamal" DD talks til 2 AM, 
Girtey, Papa Geno Miss 
AMerican Pie "I just want to 
hug you guys", BRMailBox, 
Leaving school, "Sister Chris- 
tian" Ski Club, 90210, How 
Do!, FORGET: Jr year, 3/13/ 
96, 7/5/97, Fights, Lies 

Dianne M. LaRocque 


Remember: Anthony, Mike, Scott, Dan, Glenn, Angela, Patrice, Mr.D, 
Tim, Stacey, Italy, Niagra Falls, "Way Cool Tatoos", Trips to Florida, 
sliding glass doors, 1 1th grade gym class, Aerosmith concerts, Tackle 
Bochi, driving over the island in Boston w/Scott, Tim backing into my 
rock wall, Sorry matches w/Dan, Disney Trivia w/Glenn, Anthony getting 
me a puppy. Story time in Mrs. Kings class, singing on the bus in Italy, 
"Evening Prayer", Simone and Marcel, My obsession w/Papa Ginos, 
"Manatee in the Water!", 412, "No Dummy Dummy Dummy", Senior 

year, going out to breakfast, 
Harrows, the baby being born. 
To My Family: Thank you for 
being there for the baby and 
me, we love you. Forget: 
Break-ups, fights, N V, Sopho- 
more year, anyone who ever 
doubted me. 

Yik Sai Lau 


The good times: field trip to Washington D.C., concert choir, hanging out 
with friends. 1:45 I Will Miss: all the friends I've made in high school 
Suki, Adrienne, Linda, Sarah, Sheila, Cathy, Rebecca, Gina and 
Pumpkinhead, and the teachers who have taught me. Want To Fprget: 
English class, especially when we have double. Most "FUN" things, 
chasing the school bus and getting up at 6 o'clock every day. 

Christina W. Lee 


Friends: Michele and Kathleen Haynes, Chris Cino, Nikki Gounaris, Dan 
Devine, Kristin Finnerty. Keith Parker, Beth Capotosto, Ben DeGennaro, 
Mary Sarich. Sabrina Shattuck, Colleen Batten, Jen Anderson, Eric 
Brassil, Jess Martin, Dan's brother, Gina Ciaramella, MP. CM, AK, KS, 
JP, RD, JJ, JR, AS, KN, Mrs. Boudreau, Mrs. Bavuso, LB, AS, KC, MC. 
JD, JS, BW, JM, DS, KR, TS. CC, and many more. Activities: Varsity 
Tennis, Newspaper (95-99), Robotics(97-99), Medical Careers (97-99). 
Bread and Roses(95-99), Computer(97-99), Student Council(99), Recy- 

cling(98). Foreign Lan- 
guage(97-99) and Math(98) 
Remember: howling in the li- 
brary, Mrs. BavusoV'No's", 
driving the robot, donating the 
school's first webpage. annoy- 
ing my friends. Ban and I teas- 
ing our friends, surprise party 
in school for Gina, Washing- 
ton and Connecticut trip. Chris 
and Michele's parties, and 
black pen. Forget: Chemistry 
class, the complaining, the in- 
cident, the Wend} Ear. the 
rallies, and the stress. Famour 
quote:"Where's Miiiichele!? 
Oops. I found her!" 

Anthony Limoli 

Hh. Paisano! Como se va! Cia to Kevin, Gian, Dave. Rob, Ian, and Scott! 
I remember freshman year, getting the bear punch from Kevin, sophmore 
year: Grecoes's class, "Thanx a mil", Kev "las hormigas". Junior year: the 
bear swat, going to Italy was awesome! Forza la Sicilia! I'll never call 
myself an Italian again! Working at Campbell's with PK, MC.TF, JB.PT, 
KF, GR, BS, and RS. Don't forget the Goof! Do the Campbell's shuffle! 
Then there was Demoulas, where I put in 52 hours a week at the age of 1 6. 
Also eating Dominoes pizza at subzero temperatures at the Tewksbury 
playground at night. Hey, there are are 2 BMWs, a Volvo, a Saab, a Chevy 
Nova, and a Toyota Camry, but which one is mine, Savcina? Remember 
forever, there are 2 kinds of 
people, those who are Italian 
and those who WANT to be! 
Ha! Ha! Bye! SB! 

Lisa Lippiello 

Remember: Mom, Dad, John, Pai, Jules. Rocky, Layna, Laura, Grover, 
Christie, Noy, Kevin, Hick, Hembree, Kimba, Meg, Barb, Bailot, Jamie, 
Morgan, Dave, Joe, Merry, Garrett, Houle, Megan, Manda, Toto, Fogg, 
Ang, Meliss, YDC, Michelle, Ellen, Donna. I love you all. Doza parties, 
Paipa Dolly, Tenor Giraph, SAB, TAB, WGSA, PHC, Maine, The Cliff, 
Cape Cod, Disney, New York, KC's parties, New years98, New years99, 
Arlington, Old Aiport, Dicks Class, Thanksgiving game 98, Lou Crew, 
"Hit the Earth", Fling, Jr Prom. Homecomings, Super 8, "Good 2 Go", 
bonfires, Paz&Al, the wagon, Summer97, Summer98, David at P. Island, 
Michelle and Matt's house, the wedding, recitals, humarock, mall VIP, 

simards. Kids Place, Lisa's 
closet. Forget: Chips, semi, the 
CJ scandal, Stephany Morris, 
grounded, crazy Lis at the mall. 

Amanda L. Lojek 


ALWAYS REMEMBER: Mom Dad Jill & Chuck My Besties Mel Meg 
La DT Foss Lou Crew MM Coch & everyone. Time (« AIRPORT THE 
PEAK Tentouts @ CT's TRAILBLAZERS Homecoming'97 Harold 
Parker Bikerides Deek's fires Superstars? Paddywagon Duong's Fires 
Silver Lake w/ MM The Cape w/ Softball Team Sasquatches Rocketman 
Transies WV Stank in this. ..Guy in elevator The Castle BARNSTEAD 
Spider STROKE, STROKE New Years '99 S.Hampton w. my BEASTI E 
Did you know Foss has negro hair? SKEWIE Chickie Nuggies LA's DT 
MM LR Salem Lloyd & Harry 
(luv ya dude!) She swallowed 
it Jiggable DD Parking lot af- 
ter J Prom Loving Ted 77 
( hicken Patty SAB DMB Con- 
cert "C-ya lata" Soccer Team 
Bone Soap Powder Puff Shaw- 
1 said wzup-CRASH! Luv ya 
Bob! HCC'98 Summer'98 w/ 
MM- It was all worth it- Forget 
bad times & bad choices, 
wasted time 2 all my real 
friends-Thanks 1434556338 

Megan E. Lojek 

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Mom, John, Erica, Tim, Nic, Manda, Char, 
Fogg, Tina, Dtef, Kel, Mel, Lisa, Col, Steve, Adam, Kerr, Dave, Mo, 
LOUCREW, Ang, Matt, Andy, Kenny, Tricket, Shirl, Lou, Dam, Duong, 
JH, JA, RP, MG, JO, RC, DD, EK, RS, MS, AD, LS, JJ, KW, RT, Pai, LL, 
LW, LG, MattRow& Rut & Anyl I 4got- Sorry Airport98, Patty Wagon, 
LovnTed, Castle, SHOP77, ChiknPatty, Chaz Tentouts, Trailblazers, 
Superstars, WilsonSt. Parties, Robs3DayBash, The Peak, Good Frenz, 
Dank Nugs& MadRips. Hat Shoties, Good trips, Northstar, AlmanBros, 
HCQ98, "Cu Lata", Volleyball, HaroldParker, Good Parties- Thanx DT, 
AD, RP, KB, RS, DS. AD, GoodTimes w/Matt, Rockport, Summa 

Nites@ the Ville, D&D 
mornins w/M&M, BoneSoap, 
Circle(a;Tinas, Roketman, 
PowdaPuf, Couches 4GET: 
Lies, SophSemi, Manstealer, 
Wasteed Time, Always Being 
Grounded, Dad, KB, AS, MM, 
TT, Fights, Bad Choices, Hurt- 
ing People I luv- U Know Who 
U R & Tons of Thanx 2My 
"Real" Frenz, I luv u Guys! Its 
calm under the waves 
1434556338 SKEWI- SAB, 


Amanda L. Longo 

REMEBER: Mom, Dad, Cassandra, Travis. Theanks for everything. 
LB. GC. AH, JE, VD, MR, SB, IB, NC, JM, AC, AL. RC Where the three 
headed monster. Garbage men. Freshman and senior English class Siamies 
twins. Mr. Holland's Opus, Bickfords, Gershon's class. Out to breakfast 
Tweeka, D&D's4-ever, DA, March 18th, April 1 lth, I'm the queen, MR 
is the princess, TO ALL MY FRIENDS: I wish you the best of luck next 
year and the many years to come no matter what happens. I hope you all 
follow your dreams. FORGETS: RB, RS, and everyone else who pre- 
tended to be my friend that never were. Junior Prom, Steve from the mall. 

Melissa N. Manent 

Remember: Mom&Dad, Gramp, Jay, , Lyns, Jessica, Elaine, Gram, 
Nonno, Nonnie, Uncle Ray, Jenn & Janet, your the best of friends; Luv u, 
Chet Ferriera, MR, MM, NV, JS, JB, AM, ML, MO, TF, ND, LB, KD, KC, 
SD, DS, LF, AK, JP, AL, KW, AB, JB, Den, SM, JB, RP, RP, KV, JM. 
AW, MRL. MO, AB, MRW, Activities: Volleyball, 9, 10, 11, 12, 
Softball-Freshman yr. Skipping school, breakfast, ISS, Camping 4th of 
July"98", with N V, MR, JH, MO, PK, PH, BK, JH, Camping with Family, 
Florida, Dancing, Bowling, Video Bingo. Movies, TBB, Woburn Mall, 
JR Pron, Senior Prom, Hess, DD, Deli, Plaza, Woodbriar, CM, KK, ODM. 
JG, NailBusters, Miami, Hampton Beach, wzup, yea, fat — , Sweet 16, 

MR K Class, Amoking Butts. 
Partying, Ols Airport, KP 
House, Puffing, JP Party, 
Freshman Yr, Mrs F's Class, 
Favorite Sayings, 111 see, or 
well see, I'm calling my dad 
I'm going home. It not the ill 
its the well, Forget: Hitting 
High School, LC, KB, FIGHT 

Jessica Martin 


Keep your friends close — your enemies even closer you know who you 
are I'll remember Gooba Land EMP Mary Trips to Salem Midnight talks 
on trampolines AOL til 2am 3am search party for Sue on prom night 97 
Battle of the cookie Sue Vin Newspaper meetings til 5 The controversial 
issue Drama Mash Fall downstage in Scream Tennis There are socks in 
this barrel! France Champagne Balconies Sabs fall Sheas clouds Sun 
poisoning at Kiss concert 97 Driving with Sue One way roads Getting lost 
Pool playing Worm snuggle Pstar Gym class with Amy Battle of the bulge 
Deep conversations with Mary 
What up G? Evan Matt friend 
with benefits Karas party La- 
ser tag Hugette Sues Xmas 
party Karaoke Quebec 99 
Opracina VittlesI try not to let 
my schooling get in the way of 
my education-Twain See you 
all in 5 Remember we are what 
we pretend to be so we must be 
careful what we pretend- 

Robert A. Mauriello 


Remember: Kevin, Randy, Cat, Shaun, Lena, Sara, Amy, BUTCH, Jon, 
Lisa, Janet, Delia, The Gentlemen, S&P F, Kara, Ding, Sara, Hula Girl, 
KB, BC, JJ, GC, RD, SS, KC, CC, JG, AM, CM, KR, JM, MS, SC, GB, 
JS, JT, EV, JP, SC, JK, CB, BC, JJ, Mrs. Ross, Spanish 2H, Geometry, 
English 10&1 1, Chinese, Astronomy, Algebra 2, BC@CN, THE DISNEY 
TRIP, Ski Trips, Woburn, Lincoln, Winchester, Lexington, Concord, 
Carlise, Arlington, Medford, Billerica, Burlington, Westfield, Chester, 
Russell, Huntington, S&E. Hampton. Return to Innocence, Silver Lake 

Beach, 4th Period Study, •The 
Sorting Table", Midway 
March, Halloween Games, 
Gloucester, Campings HP. 
Riverdance, Washington DC. 
Winning Thanksgiving Da) 
Game, Dance to the Music. 
Bud Forget: Com p. A pp. The 
Bathroom Rule, All Other Stu- 
pid Rules @WHS, My Stalker. 
Physics. People that stop in 
the middle of the hall. Thank 
you MS! 



Michelle A. Mclnerney 

Thanks: Mom, Dad and Fam. Never forget: Nicole, Skipper, Biggunz, 
Pete, Kenny "Bud". Jenny. MR, KD, GK, MM, LB, JK, AS, KV, AB, LR, 
KP, JT, MIKE. Jeep in the lake! "Pick it up!" Namey, send me to Brazil! 
Maggie, 2+2, TOMATO! "You're going home!" He's comin, "Kinney" 
"Cash" Low rider, Chuck!"red, blue!" "Um hum!" We love Roger, 
"Super!" Elfie and Farmer Ted, Nov. 14 '97, Rollercoaster Rd, StapleJ, 
"Ma!" 3hrs, "Stevie, are you ok?" "All I need is....", 36. New Years '97. 
Mom Vitale, Andy and Kev, Wild Ave, Town Hall meetings with Merg 
and Mj. Homey G in Boston, "Hey who dat!" I take bus! CN, "Who's 
crazy?" Hess injuries, Nerd Herd, Calculator! FORGET: Every fight 

junior year, Staple Nov. 14, 
Elfie and FT, New Years '98, 
Princess, Hata 


Patrice Mendoza 


MA, PA, NOY, ROCKY, KEVIN, LISA- 143 Jules, Grover, Lau, Hick, 
Lay, Christie, Barb, Bailot, Jamie, Kimba, Bree, La, Bean, Dave, Jamie, 
Rob. Merry, Garrett, Dana, Joe, Morgan, Walsh, Kell, Manda, Meg, Foss, 
Dan- I Love You All, LouCrew, WtownCrew, DunkinsCrew, Field 
Hockey, KFA, The Prayer, whitney, Farts, CaptPai, Toto, Holls, Patty, 
Jen, Sue, Hick, Kara, Lynch, Kris, Kate, Cam, Toole, Allaby, Tina, 
Chizzy, Court, Kim, Poop, Suga, Noonie, Fr.Jiva Basketball, "Pain", 
StringsAttached- Mr dilmore, Jeanne, Erica, Dan, Dianne, Ti, Tim, Italy 
"DiscoDisco", england, Doza 
Parties, Tenor Giraph, KC Par- 
ties, the cliff. Old Airport- 
Paddy Wag-Jail, "the Earth", 
PHC, Arlington, CelticsGame, 
Bills Bar, WT Mullets, Kids 
Place, Cambells, Simards, 
PowderPuff, WGSA, DCGs, 
WillyWonkas, Maine, NH, 
Rick, Hampton, 

Humarock, HP family, The 
Wagon, 3/24/98, window 
Sneak, motel 6, Junior Prom, 
Super 8, New Yrs 98 Forget: 
Paz Attacks, "Caught in the 
act", Tocio Brawl, town tour- 
ing, Welus, 5/1/99 

Joshua M. Michaud 

It has been a great ride largely due to the following: the lavees (Matt and 
Kevin) and Nicole. Don't forget Sean(shh), Dan, and Pete. And remem- 
ber: The 2 best soccer teams WHS ever knew; Track (especially Rookies, 
Laura, Kim, Barb a.k.a. gym psycho, and guy of course): 3 years of 
Maggio; what's the French Jamie?; Rourke and Myers; ADD; chambers; 
Mouse; Chiller; Lauren H; Dick Scanlon; soccer dinners; DMC; Yee- 
bear; Hiltz(all of 'em); Kitty's Crew; candy crane; what freshman year?; 
A. Webber. In addition to the above, I would like to thank my family 
(especially mom, dad, and bamp) for their love, support, strength, and 
tolerance. To my best friends, and you know who you are: go as far as life 

will take you, just make sure 
I'm within reach. Thank you 

Gregory S. Moran 

ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 1-4 Captain REMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Kate & 
Bailey, Rydog, Rondo, Moen, Sheabird, Biff, Dougie, Den, Mo Shawn, 
Digi, Grilo, Cheney, Sheepdog, Dexta, Mouse, Tran, Hiltz, Complex, 
Mutter, Piss, Old Bud, Nolan Depa, Heff, Pimmy, & Patsi. Sneaking into 
movies, Moen's house, Covino's house, Sons of Italy, Iowa 2 weeks, ska, 
paintballing, Red Sox games, the Simpsons, Seinfield, DeMoulas, jetta, 
RMA, yelling out car windows, sophomore year photo, fishing with 
Tommy Casella, do you think your funny?, I'm sorry, It'll be phat. It's for 
the little guy, that's a phat jeep, ahhm all right, ahhm ok. 

Joseph M. Moroney 

"MICK", "Monster" 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, track2-4, basketball 1,2, baseball 1, DECA 
REMEMBER: the alamo!, Pat, Bigger Mick, Ryan, Sean, Brynna, Conor, 
Betty, Flo&Big Mick. LG, the old Swain Rd crew, Thanksgiving Day98 
14-7, Hometown buffet, 5:30 a.m. "great days", here's breakfast gentle- 
men, Oscar, Powerhouse, Grandmaster Flash, Tyson fights, rain dances, 
FLEX, freshman football fights, VIP seats. Dom Musto, Krey's class. 
Madden football, the Count, rain-delayed Sox game, Outback, Caprice 
Classic, Maine, "freezing time" in FLA, Free O.J. FORGET:JV 

basketball(from the 

inside, baby), triple sessions. 
injuries to wrists and knees 
and teeth, high school, fresh- 
man baseball. Riverside, close 
calls, 40-yard gassers, N A 96, 
Jets, previous employments. 
Design PRDs, football skills 
camp. "Hellos'and'Looks" 
QUOTE: "Donuts. Is there 
anything they can't do?" - H. 


Sean R. Murphy 


Christopher Murray 


Remember- Scott. Mike, Robin, Sabrina, Justin, Mike, Kev, Glenn, Del, 
JK,CB, BM, KC, JC, MC, CN, KB, SS, AM, GC, JJ, TS, KI, DL, New 
Hampshire, Colleen B's braces(Amesbury Game)Robin's parties, flour 
and yogurt, stupid car door, beatrice, Health 1, Nina, Natalie, Boston, "I 
Want Money!",X-Day,frmpy,"I.D.D.A.",Skit Trips, the Mace, WSC, 
bird lady, troll, parking lot at Bob's, the brownie incident, Shivick, 
Provocative chicks. Thanksgiving Game 1998, Sunshine, Sweetheart, 
New Year's Eve "98",Big Red, caffeine mints, paprika,"Get into Mavis", 

Mrs. D's Kool Ade Bowling, 
Summer of "99", grimace, 
gimpy, Sue's pool, Bionic 
Harmonic, "This has Been the 
worst day",poison sumac, the 
mill road gang, Washington 
trips, Driving around under- 
classmen, the dead opossum, 
Dancing Ween, 5th grade Tal- 
ent show, strudel, biscuit, 
Reba, Cross-Country, Lake 
O'Winnipesaukee, fires At the 
west, NYC trip, Tina, 
Blodgett's laugh/Senior year 
ruled. Thanks guys 

Andrew J. Mutter 

Remember: Mom Dad family Kelly Cochran family my boys:EH DT BS 
AD JE JJ "2:07" under the porch Parties at Duongs Moens Doggs 
Freshmen year at Shirls Coughlins "yearbook material" "fishing" in 
Sheas car, Dogg in a barrel Wildwood gang, the old Tempo, Tent outs in 
dude's backyard Tatty in NH Dude's final bash 12/18/98, cruising in the 
van 1/8/96 "It's a death machine!" 3 yrs with Kell Dude comes through 
in the clutch Forgets: Mw fights with ignorant fools Rumorsl2/ 18/98 
mistakes Clicks 1 8 weeks in a cast! Two-faces, break ups, time outs, and 
all those excuses MB. 

Shaun C. Neville 

FRIENDS: Peach Cat Paul Amy-Jason Mike Dan-Kev Bob Cheryl Beth 
Vittles Sara Chin "Vince" Chris Tim Eric Sara Lena Jen Ken Terry Jon- 
all the men from Low Brass and everyone else I don't have room for. 
REMEMBER: Sideline Sports 5yrs; WCTV 7yrs; DMB Foxboro '98; 
5yrs of Band Camp- Football games-Jazz-Louie- Joshua-Neville in a Blue 
Dress- 5 Ski Trips-Disney-DC; hanging out at MB; all those parties and 
sleepovers; fun in physics; proms. ATHLETICS: 4yrs Varsity Golf, 4yrs 
Varsity Gym, Watching track & tennis, filming baseball basketball 
soccer; yearning to be an athlete; Football at Glen Rd.- was it 54-8? 
QUOTES: Don't forget your mistakes, learn from them; Don't do 

anything I wouldn't do; Ge- 
nius!!; What IF you cut a hole 
thru the Earth?; Don't do any- 
thing you wouldn't do twice 
(???); Big game tonight 
Cahill?; Pain is for now, good 
memories are for later; All I 
need is "what" Mike? 


Sing Nui Ng 


Hi! Do you still remember me? — Suki or Sing Nui Ng. An exchange 
student from Hong Kong. I guess you do. 1 am so glad that I really 
experienced American culture and made tons of wicked nice and sweet 
friends. To me, this year is just so much fun and I will never forget anybosy 
that I met. I will miss you all when I go back. I really appreciate if you feel 
free to write to me. Please write to Rm. 1943, Choi Wu Hse. Choi Yuen 
Est. Sheung Shui, N/T. Hong Kong Or you can e-mail to 
<sanchan(«> I am really looking forward to it! I plan to work 
for a year and return to USA 
for col lege, maybe around Bos- 
ton area. By that time, I must 
visit some of you and have fun. 
I wish all of you have a bril- 
liant future and a wonderful 
everyday life. Don't forget me 
and we will keep in touch for- 
ever— —Love Suki 1999 

Catherine L. Normoyle 


thank you: mom, aline, dad, 4b/f s: amy, sara, lena, fav boys: nev, randy, 
ken, kev, bob, remember: mikey, jason, hung, daveW, katiegillis ( not the 
* A #&* A %#* one ) jess, deljon, eric, ok, JM, MD, SC, JK, TS, SS, PB, TB, 
LB, JJ, NS, CC, JT, secrets w/ paul ( you're the best ), parties w/ beth (B/ 
F/F) "jumper", malltrips w/ leslie, lunch w/ mike, norwich, summer of 98, 
fiance- "regarde la rue," frenchies, london, florida-swiss501, gersh, 
bandcamp(5), jazz, DC2x, skiing, mb, physics, gym, canadatrips2x, 
buffy, dancing! 14), proms, drama, apps, weird guys, Xmas98, homecom- 
ings, astrxplay, "clueless"/ 
bible, "I remember mel gibson 
acurately ," brkfast in calc, ten- 
nis, hairdye, DMB! 
(Foxboro... where are we'?), 
ApplB's, McD, BK, 
NwbryCmcs, "it's ok," new 
years eve, bob's, pool, boston, 
BBC, "dude!" all-nighters, 
snuggles, and. ...GOOD 
FRIENDS!!! Thanks for the 
memories. Good luck... "girls 
just want to have fun." 

David Norton, III 

Ian, Paul, Sean, Gina, Jamie, Rob, Anthony, Mike, Dan, Adrienne, Girlie, 
Gian, ALLison, SAAD, JOE, KEVIN, Ricky +Steph and Scotty and all 
who were with me through these 4 years-much love and respect-Thank 
you all-Concerts-Ozzfest '97-'98 + Family Values-Silver Cue, Late 
nights at Bickford's, Andover St. -The Truck-The Moped w/ the flowmaster, 
sloppy Thomas's. The Reliant, Tori and Mitsudeathtrap, Chinatown + 
Kittery-Rt 101-90 MPH! Biggest el-The Beach at 3 AM, "The Dogs". 
Raccoons w/clamshovels, Deftones concert, RHCP "It's Time" Sinner, 
PPC Brazilians, My Drums, Boston, Whitefield NH '97-the Mini 14, 
"Landscaping", who Then NOW??? And to all not mentioned, but Not 

James M. O'Donnell 

Activities: Baseball 1-4, Football 1-4. Remember: Mom, Dad, Kellie, 
Rocky, Senesi, Gennetti, Falanga, Tirnmy, Julie, DeAmato, Clancy, 
Hurst, Aprile, Perkins, Branley, Shirley, Norths, RS. AD, AL, ML, CT, 
LF, MWAD Parties( Shirley's, Tran's, Rob's, Renee's) (1st dip thanx 
Mike) Bgie Nights, "IWB" Football Team, Tech, BYOT, B-ball '98, 
Game dayThanksgiving '98, Falanga's basement, "Jimmy O", traintracks, 
Satelltie, Splash Down, "No BS", Taller Dip, Health class, MGDS. 
Scanlon, Summer '98, Dble Sessions, chases, fake stabbings, Deek's 
Deck, Silent Service, Capt. Crunch, Africa, Lock & Load, Levy 4:20, 
drkn@Ali 's w/ Tim & Tom Forget: Bla, Bla, Bla, Summer '98, 8th Grade, 

6/18/98, Esthmptn. Ruinous, 
Dirtbags. Sellouts. Scags and 
Gimps — "You only get one 
chance to succeed in life, never 
say T didn't give 100%'" - 
Gregg Olson Future Plans: 
"I'm gonna be a star a big 
bright shining star"- Dirk 


Leisa M. Park 



1 <^Hk ^% ^| I 

Keith Parker 

People. Places, Things to Remember: AH ( ATA4EVA ) AS ( robotics ) 
AT ( Yoshi ) WASM ( V.P. Mida Box ) MH + CL ( remember soph. Year 
) MC ( MB meat man ) RW ( fumble ) TS ( That Mine! ) KF ( Spanish ) 
KR ( 1 -26-8 1 ) DS ( Blue Jays ) DD ( Nice! ) DS ( Thanks for the rides 
) AM ( absent ) SGC ( Donkey ) AND I HAVE TO MENTION ONE 
JUNIOR J.F. ( Hi !! ) It has been fun. C-YA Thanksgiving Day 1998, 
Soph-Semi, Football 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2, And many others Forgets: I 

Randall T. Peach 


REMEMBER: Family, Varsity Gym, driving around with nothing to do, 
wasting money, Matt. Riley, Chin, Neville, Bettsy, ADD, CN, BC, NS, 
KB, bobo, AH, DS, LG, DB, RC, Chill, contrada, DB AMTSCWDTYJITH, 
mallrats, newbury, basketball, 37, tennis, wasting good jokes, finally 
shaving my head, montreal, concerts, quebec, discounts at STAR, who put 
the chair in the elevator?, prank calls, 17 cd's, I got these cheeseburgers 
man, disney, Washington, ski trips, phatty boombatty, not having a car, 
wasting more money, crab soccer, spitballs, SHOOTA, smelanie, staying 

up all night to write this, bad 
work experiences, putting the 
right blinker on while making 
a left turn, K.R.'s beefs, cats, 
Jay and silent Bob, knock it 
off, Hathaway crew, thanx to 
everyone who drove me 
around everywhere, golfing in 
the backyard, thanx to every- 
one I forgot; it was late. "Thank 
you very little." 


Robert Peffers 

Robert Perkins 

Activities: Basketball, Football, Baseball Remember: Fam, JA, JH, MS, 
OD, KB, RC, MG,TF, DT, SQ, AF, JS, DI, BS, DD, DA, everyoneelse 
Girls: RS, KK, AD, MS, LS, MA, TC, RT, AL, MW, LF, CT, DS, ML 
Memories: RS parties, AD party, JS NewYears, skoal, prom, RMA, BK, 
Day at Bamstead, Road Trips, PD Concert, Earbiting @ ML, Soccer 
Game @ BU, Coaches, Party (w John's, Basketball @ HS nights, 
KucNewYears, JentAnts, The Bridge, Trains, HeyMister, Weston, Thanks- 
giving 98, The Video, fball practice, dances Forget: Psychos, Losses, 
Mistakes, Letters, 4th of July 

Laura Quaceci 

Remember: Ma, Dad, (4/sis) Nonna, "Peppie, "Being in Somerville" I luv 
U Tara, Jessie, samanthat we learned alot, never forget "growing up:" 
"partying" in Montreal, 99/W SHS, 111 never forget you Eliot, Nancy, 
Jasper, me, 12/31/96-97, getting caught going home. Math Class 96-97, 
"7/3/98". 420-200 The best thing: meeting Nancy D. 143-1 don't know 
what I'd do without you. Best Times: Puffy 98, Jam'n 97+98, Miami-98, 
and partying all night on the beach. THANKS to Louise, Joe, lucia 143, 
"Forgets": Saram, Kenny. V. Special thanx to Deborah Stoezel June 
Trickett + ma. Future plans- to succeed in what I do, to be happy + have 
a family 

Delia Rebelo 

REMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Liz, Sue. Rob, Jeff, Dan, Scott, Jan, Colleen, 
Lisa, KB, KC, BM, SC, MP, CN, SW, LJ, AH, JC, MR, LR, RO, SS, JJ, 
CC, Boo, LI, MS, CM, SN2, MC, CC, JG, KT, JS. SC, LH, JC, TS, JV, 
SD,Chiquita, NV, JM, BS, JJ, RP, BC, JS, GR, Soph. Semi, Jr. Prom, Sr. 
Prom, Sr. Prom 98, 1 1-27-98, Band, Games, B Camp, Washington D.C., 
98 Home- coming/uck, ski trips/ Lauren got a cow, Chris 108, Squishy, 
Amesbury Game, BOSTON, RadioHead. Blood Drive, BRICK, 7th 
period study, Mette's Lawn(MmmBooA), Yogurt and Flour, x-mas, 
sleepovers. All my friends, boot camp, on heck no! FORGET: clicks, 
Health, 97 Jr. Prom, JM. DM. Quotes: Shoot for the moon; Even if you 

miss you will still land among 
stars, Janet don't get stuck in 
any cracks!, Kenny drop and 
Give me diamonds!, A three 
hour wait!, Mike is going to 
get touched!. Thanks class of 
99 for the 

memories! Thanksgiving)! 


Kevin Riley 

Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Track and DECA. Remember: 
soccer dinners, state finals, Tom Petty busrides, shaggin wagon. New 
Year's Eve, Kitty's Squad, GC's, Hooters, Indp Liv, Jv Legend. Insom- 
niacs, Brak- Don't touch me, Montreal. Rhino. Shhh. WBC. Veee, Tping 
Jensen's house. Hammer f Nail. Badaydas. Zerod. Dilbert, Gillette, 
A.D.D., E, Beefs+ Laughs w/ Dave. skinEmax, PapaGinos, 1 0:00 2-mile, 
Breakage, Phartz, and Twilight Bball, J-man, Lavy, JB. Ranman. Bean- 
bag-NS, Deedle, Chili, Petey, D, Manus. Smelanie. JJ, Santos, The Artist 
formerly known as TJ, Rourkus Ballourkus, Yee, and Shoota. Soccer 
Seniors-Marc, Justin, Den, TJ, Johnny, Petey. Josh, Sean, Matt, Ryan and 
Dan/ Trackees- Matt, Josh, 
Laura, Barb, Dan, Ken. J. Hiltz, 
Lynn, Paul, Greg, Rob, Myers, 
Kim. Rouke, Sarah, Chris and 
Cory "Gunga Galoonga" 

Giancarlo Romagnoli 


A big hello to: JA, RS, KF. AL, DN, SB, NV, JC, JB, JE, RS, SM, JM, 
JH, KC, IT, BS Will Remember: THE RAT, Lucci's crew, GO-48. JR 
PROM, taco bell, Campell's, snowstorm, finger drawing, SINNER, the 
attic. Ice cream fight, silver cue, trips to boston, Hervard Sq, seeing Beck, 
Janes Addiction. WARPED TOUR, and all of the other cool and not so 
cool things over the past 4 years 

Maura Ryle 

Thanks: Mom and Dad. Meg, Heather, and Ron Never Forget: Biggunz, 
Skipper, Nikibola, Jennfer, Annie, Pete, Kenny, JP, MO, JS, RM, PT. IT, 
AS, GB, MC. MM. AL, SB, Chuck the Horse, Maggie, Jeep in the lake, 
2+2 Kuku, Crazy NS, Rollercoaster Rd, Namey. Send me to Brazil, 
Pennies in my shirt. All I need. New Years 97, Silver Lake Pharmacy, 
Bannes from Filene's, Nov. 14, 97, Princess, yes?. Gersh, Wrestling 
Team, ISS, Mom Vitale, Oct. 1 2, Andy and Kev, Worrdd, SAT problem, 
Hatta, Town Hall Meeting, July 4th party. I love you all. Thanks Mrs. 
Durso and Russell. 

Mary Sarich 

Remember: All my goobas. I Love you so much. Thank you for the 
friendships and the memories. The ups and downs. They make me who 
I am. France-Terrace-Fluffiness. Disney-Zippeededoda! Montreal-Lack 
of jacket. Ski trips-Best Crash. Prom-Sleepova's-Can Coma. Band Camps- 
Bonfires. Canobies. CampCarol. B4 license w/ SC. Woburn doods w/ J A,- 
Getting Lost- Bicks Uv 2- The Claw- The Dog. Deep thoughts w/ JM- 
Deeper w/ SC, So deep they sink. Squirrels. Physics. Verbal journals. 
Socks in snow. Trikor Treat (« LI. Stalkers. Obsessions. Ice Tea, Blue 
M&Ms. Tennis by twilight. Magicland w/ JK. Salem-Halloween. Bos- 
ton- Nyr's. Dave. Kiss. Alanis. Metallica. Aerosmith concerts. SU w/ 

TB&JM. Skiclub 97. AOL 
Snow-INs. Surprise Parties. 
Ifs. Trampoline chats. Way 2 
many to pick just one with KI. 
Every single moment w/ Dave. 
Hallway Hugs. Forget: At 
times I regret & want to forget 
the days I wasted on bad deci- 
sions: Other times I regret & 
want to forget the days I wasted 
thinking that. 


Renee Sbano 

lemember: Mom. Dad, Nctta, Jen, Dar, Luv Ya, Ant, Fib, Fab 5(Kucs, 
JL. Decks, Leah) John, Jonathon, Rob. TJ, Dirt, Melis.Manda, Den, 
tdurph, Covino, Doug, Em, Kel, Char, Fogg, Matty K, Spank, Sheaty, 
Jueery. Mo, Jacki, ML. JJ, Dave, Matt, Mike, OD, Ryan, Andy, Mem- 
pay Party, 5 hr cleanups, Bowl @ TJ, FR New Years w/ MG, as snug as 
bug. Tires. Ma Dad 25th. Spider, New Yrs., Jeffs, Nova, skiing, Antico, 
ibaU 99, Cheer 98, TPPRTYAT, Lynnfld Rally-NSKBNDC-Team 98, 
Cuci 1st prty. Spirit wk, Ians, Psycho #1,3 Hempfest, BBC, Jay 3 am, 
Jickfords,Apple Jelly, Goodtimes w/ SJ, KC, DS, MS in Monte, 
unsetter.Summa 97, WIJBN, Yrs. @ KKDDS w/ Brazils, Spice Girls.Tday 
)8. Dance Pr w/ J A GinaD Fling 
Nl MG DT @ North Deeks 
rty Tool Jet ski Wagon Sleeps 
Nhoa Truck Bamstead Lov- 
ng Ted Tubin 5 More Mins 
ulArty LuauKHCaswel Ber- 
nuda Bar Dirts Get Away Car 
v/ Murph Funnel @ Fibs JH- 
jL Funnels Otoole-Yaso 
moke (a 420 Skip Dys w/ CC 
-Icoming/psats Stroke Stroke 
"rip 2 Lawrence w/ CC suls 
"alk w/ MRR SG times w/JC 
JK MD Pwdr Puff Mermaid 
HOOT Beating MG Luccis 
.ot Daves house Robs Prty 
7 orget: semi Hcoming97 Liars 
Theaters Movies w/JB 11-7- 
7 Drunk Talks Stupid Mis- 

Nicole Schell 

Cola, Coley, Nice a, el, Buffy 

Mom, Dad, Rob, Bri(l love you all) Josh-ooh-ahh(thanks for the long 
talks, always being there, and being and awesome friend, Luv ya), 
Beaudin(driving behind RW, Dl*. you're the best, luv ya), Bill("Do you 
want to see my computer?") Lau (There's a bug!, Vegas/Arizona: watch 
out for Mexicans! ) Kel, Kev, Dan, Sean, Pete, Matty, Puop, Boo, Joe, Jen, 
Jess, Nicolae, EH( Sorry, thanks for making this year great ) Nancy, all the 
frosh, Depa/8-1 1-98: Red Sox Game, Labor day weekend, Homecom- 
ing'98, FB Cheering (T.P.: Look at the goats!. On the first day of 

Christmas, 2nd Competition) 
Sebago, Soph Semi, Gymnas- 
tics, France(Charlie, bowl- 
ing, & London) Bonfire at 
Shea's, "Beanbag", Proms, 
parties, New Year's Eve, 
Thanksgiving FB 

game&dance, " How's yah 
bellaayy?"( JM )/ 1 - 1 -99/ "J-U- 
M-P"(bball) Loon, WHS 
courts(226). falling down 
bleachers in the dark/To my 
friends: I love you all, thanks 
for everything 

David Senarian 

Muen and Mue 

IEMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Jeff, Mike, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, 
Tousins, Stacie, Jay, Katie, y, Michele, Leah, Bachel, FRIENDS: Greg, 
lun, Ryan, Doug, Bitt, Den, Muuie, Shauny, Dy, Piss, Tocio, Bird, Dog, 
Tran, Davey, Mike, Dipa2, Andy, Grillo,Paul,Turp2, Pimmy, Mitchel,Al, 
Vlrs. Beaudet, Mr.. Melhaudo, Miss Peter, Leah, Jeny, Tute, West kids, 
lennee, Kucka, Sully, Allison, Fog, ML, Mellisa, Mundo, TJ, Colleen., 
Did bud, IM, Sorry Bill, Tech kids Mue, Dibu, Tul, Mack Joe, B-doug. 
Tolin and Shannon, Jamie Canada, Whit water rafting, wrestling. Gulf, 
•Iking with LM, Partiesat my 
louse, dogs trans, spanks, 
Rons, Rennes, Shirls, Chuckies 
BK after meets. Yelling at 
seople. Camping twin Mt., 
Fishing, dips packie stores, 
trip joints, movies, car acci- 
dents, celebrity, Hampton, 
Cape Cod, Senior prom 98, 
Junior prom 98, Asking for a 
ittle skull not alot just enough. 
FORGET: Basketball, car 
taken away by cops, dying hair 
blond for one day. 

Matthew Senesi 

Football 1-4 Remember: Dad Never be forgotten. Mom Kathy Lauren 
Lacey- OD Hurst Falanga Gennetti Clancy Branley Dave Perks Apes 
Shirl Football boys Norths Hltz Tewksbury98, Rats basement, BYOT, 
Gameday, kick in head Hrst, train tracks Crowly95, Northstar, KC KT AL 
MW DS ML LF RS AD LS TF Renes prties and cottage Jr.Prom, 
NewYear97, MGD, Alison Porch, Airport got away, Trickets Robs 3 
prties, Sideflip, Ski w/Hrst Bran, bikenites, H.Parker, Dugout, Nob Nowak 
Butt Row Bridge, Skunkhunt, Winchester hang w/Lou, my sleepover 
W. Field P. D. We kicked Sulloffbed, Summer boos over Giodanosw/Tim 
Tom, KB Puke, Smells like Bread 2 4 whatever, Your 1 7 do it, FORGET: 

Deaths N.Andover Clippers 
"Just kickin at? andtaking 
names - Bud Fox 



die Sharp 

.xr / *1 

Sabrina Shattuck 

"Sab, Sabio, Brina" 

I r icnds: Robin Shea ChrisM Tim MikeR MikeP ScottN(Troll) Glenn 
MicheleL Tobin Stef Terry(TBone) BryanM Lauren Janet Del Sue Mary 
Colleen Jess ( j ( hnsCassidy MikeC Jason Dan Will Larry Suzanne Beth 
Remember: SkiTrips, AmcsburyFootballGamc. WinterTrack, Tennis, 
Summer')* KissCon 1 8. Robin's surprise 1 6th, mysurprise I 8th, band/jazz 
band, footballfa Robin's, Lasertagging, BandCamp. TrumpctPower!, 
WLC'vp, LaPiece, thebeach, 3cbMB20concerts, ThankgivingDayGame, 
IstperiodBiology. lastperiodgym/study TheFatClan, Montreal, Disney 

World 97, France 98! (calling 
"home" 6 times, EFS), Jvs 
occer w/Schena Hem Tobin 
Berghaus + Lemos, "Some- 
where That's Green", Wash- 
ington DC. 99, Jr. Proms. Sr. 
Prom Sleepover 98, Totem 
Pole Park 

Brian Shea 

Activities: Football 1-4, Wrestling 2-4 Captain, Bread and Roses Re- 
member: Family, Mom, Dad, Melissa, friends, FH, DD, AD, DT, AM, DS. 
GM, PC, KF. KB. RG, TF, PG, DI, MD, DB, BG, RC, KB, JS, CD, MG, 
JA, OD, JH, MS, RP, MM, RS, GR, JD, SH, JM, AF, girls, parties, 
Moen's. Hiltz's, Coughlin's, Tran's, Pi/.zano's, Dcpa's, bonfires, Sox 
games, Taco Bell, BK after meets, Nudy Bar with BG. MM, GM, DS, AD, 
DD, DT, success in wrestling, senior football season, finally beating 
Tcwksburyd 1-26-98), breaking up knife fights with Hubby, Hiltz, 
DeAmato, Gcnetti, football coaches, wrestling coaches, HomeComing 
Court, Strip Poker, Mr Flaherty's class, sneakin into movies, Bird Mobile, 
New Year's Eve 98, dances. 
working at Campbell's with 
"( ya lata", "Check this dog 
out", "Dog your thinkin is way 
off, surviving summer of 98 
with Hiltz, piss changing BK 
signs, working at Lucci's with 
GR, RG, MS, AS, CB, CF, 
OD, CG, HI. I.I, IK. RL, LS, 
AD, RP. lex 

]anet Shine 


Mom & Dad, Thanks for everything. Richs, thanks for just being a big 
brother. Rich P. I will alwyas love you. Melissa and Jenn, You guys arc 
my best friends yes! Wezup! Chet Fcrriera #18 A.L., M.R., S.M., P.T., 
R. M. , F.F. , L.L., J. S.,K.L.,K.M., Liberty Pole Havgirls.M.M., W.MMEN, 
C.N., Andm.N. Caroline Lawson, Mike Sweet. Ricky LcClair, and the 
rest of the Lucci's Crew, Love you guys! All the good times last year w/ 
S.D. and L.A., Bickfords mornings and silly string afternoons. Junior 
Prom 97 w/R.P., L.A., andM.S. Senior Prom w/R.P., L.A., andL.H. 

Summer of 98 $100.00 bet 
from RP. Mrs. Gershon's Pe- 
riod 2 class. Treasure Troll. 
Mr.KIeponis'pcr.4 class. 
FORGET: M.W., S.D., 
ChrisC'Eric"), and all the other 
losers I can think of. Red 
Tempo. Working w/ Jenn, 
Fights w/ Rich. Fights w/ Jenn 
"I'm calling my father", "I'm 
going home". Fav Quotes: 
We'll no I'll see". "It's not the 
we'll it's the I'll". It's not the 
wuz it's the wez. "C-YA" 


Melanie Silva 


Remember: Steph-Nate, Kel, Fogg, Char Danielle, BFF-thanx4 every- 
thing-luv-u-all! Lisa, Meg, Meliss, Manda, Amy Angela, JJ, MB, KH, 
VD. KI. CU, CS, KP;LR(Bicford). Alison, Michelle, Angela-good old 
days, Justin(10/18/96)Love u always(so much),Thankx2 Mom, Dad, 
Mamily.GOODTIMES&LAUGHS:DMB-6/98&12/98, Joan Jeff, TST's, 
Mazda 626. Wolfboro-Grandma... toothpaste?, 2Pac in the diesel-me&my 
girlfriend-CT, Ghostbusters, Danielles 1 6th, other nites at D's-Move it w/ 
the table. Karma Cham., Hampton, Bottles at tanning, S. Grooves, StarM, 
SPR-the date, Keiths-Just a 
touch 1 didn't think it was you. 
UM. Christine. LasVegas, 
Marshfield w/JP&SJ. tripsw/ 
Z. We're animals. Hello 
McFly. Tonite its party time, 
Choo-Choos, Sandlot, 

Superjam, GrndRnd-Dips, BFF 
I say BFF. proms, dances. Ba- 
nana Balls, Wild Horses, 
Mornin2ya Last day of school 
96 w/AD, MD, HW96, Prom- 
ises in the gym w/Nator-Never 
Forget! FORGET:6/26/98- 
Dugout, breakups, scandals, 
math 1-4. MOS( 12/14/96)- 
Nothing else! 



Hr s ^^ 


«r^ 1 




-* r ^M^, 

fe hm» 



Titi Siriphan 

1st I'd like to thank the people who helped me make it through the 
year:Curley(flakes&fruitcakesO, Bishop"leave me alone", Rushton,AnnE., 
Woodsie whatz up!, my otha short partner-Pimental(I'll neva 4get tha 
chats&jokes, PS I'm taller), and friends. REMB: Sitings, Italy, Disco- 
Disco, TimS( hotel chats), Pai M&Ann C (Asian Persuasion), AngD, 
DianneL+Baby, Jean, Cornflake, KarenS(BRAT), Dilmore, Guidance, 
breakfast, SIMARDS crew, Spooner, McCarthy, Spofford. 
FORGET:MazdaMX6, LOwellAppletonMills, tears, court, cops, crimes, 
CarolW, BORING P. E. movies, after school make-ups, the train, "pick- 
ups", playa haters, tardies&detentions. Can't 4get LAWTON THUGS- 

keep'em BLAZED4me, I miss 
ya' 11. To all my friends- 
"MissMe&Neva 4get Me"! 
Come and visit me at 
SIMARDS. Istillwrkthere,but 
not 4eva though. I'll B 
around, PS Don't ask me 2 
"hook it up" if you visit. 
MISS U-to anyone I didn't 
mention in this write up! 

Timothy Smith 

Activities: Strings Attached, Band, Jband, Student Council, SADD, 
Newspaper, Academic Decathalon, MYF(NY&MV), piano. REMEM- 
BER: Mom, Dad, Heather, Steve, Lisa, Rocky, Chris, Scott, Eric, Janet, 
Liv Del(SIUYte)Sabrina Robin PJ Mary JessG JenA JenJ Colleen Ken 
Andy Lauren Kara Angela! backrub) Patrice Adrian JessM Terry Mike 
Jay Titi Dip Anthony Jeanne Karen Megan Mr. D England Italy-gelato! 
Disney VB17 Amesbury Game Jr. Prom Boston trips SLEEPOVERS 
flour&yogurt Summer '98-bowlingfgt Thanksgiving '98 Tuesday study 
7pf study Aerosmith (2) Getting lost TMH TMHS Outback AOL Ken- 
tucky-ZOAR! PA! E-mag Issue2 BandCampEve TdayEve first period 
Calculus WinterHike 

MooseGame Sauna DK! Hey 
Baby! Physics The Simpsons 
Keith-Haha that's mine. "Ev- 
ery new beginning comes from 
some other beginning's end" 

Anthony F. Soroka, III 

Cirrhosis, OKA, Stroka 

DL, DS, MC, SG, CC. TS, SM, SN, JM, NV. GB, CB, JA, MR, MC. KW, 
PK, DN, IT, KP, AT, RS, DI, MD, PH X-Counrty 1 /Wrestling 1,2/Soccer 
2,3,4/Track3,4/SoccerChanps,OSPB, Pumpkins Remember: Kreymistry. 
Betty Ballsworth, Mice n Space, OJ, milk. Balcony, Gym class, FL' glass 
doors, grey stang, yellow caddy, Wal-Mart, Hampton at midnight. Fling, 
P Dropping towel, 12-23-97(OSS), Stelio's, Bickfords, BNL. 
AEROSMITH, POlar Bears, O Robotics, Semi, New York. Telephone 
pole, Deftones(ticket), "Oh no Rice Again", K No sleep. Junior Prom. 

Taylor Jordan. Frank Sinatra, 
Halloween 95/98. 

ChinatownE 3 cars/3weeks. 
Quazi, Stubby. Blake. Big 
Blue Beast. Football/women, 
laser tag, Y Forget: Detention. 
Breakups/fights, INJURIES 
Failing. Dicey. Medway. 
Many others The past 4 tears 
have been a true test for my- 
self and others. The friends 
we've had and good times 
we've shared shall never bo 
forgotten C-YA PEACE! 


Raymond Spinazola 

Chris Decaro's hair being lit on fire, nail fights in wood shop, Babcock's 
Algebra elass. Gershon's class, Brian Grilo harassing underclassmen, 
Gian Carlo, Brian Shea's laugh, Webber, Huber puking, Moran, Norton, 
DEPA, Cheney, Sweet, Barry's Health class, Dick. Ian Thomas, Limoli, 
S. Murphy. Delaney, Senarian, Vallas, Stokes, Haubner, McKenna, 
Soroka, Flynn, Finnerty. 

Leah Staffier 

REMEMBER: Family, Toto, Jen, FabFive(Sully, Cuck, Renee, Deeks) 
KW, AW. DS, JH. RP, JA. RS. DT, MS, DI, SM. MK, MD, GM. RC, EH, 
AL, JC. JE, EK. TJ, MR, V-ball team, B-Ball (9-1 1 ), Sleeping in wagon. 
Bush Concert, Rt 129, New Yrs 9899, Aftershock. Homecoming, Jr. 
Prom. Deeks Parties (Randy) Renees Parties. Bamstead, Jens apart, BF 
Party, Gina Donovan, Daves parties. Powder Puff, IOMOREMIN, Leonard, 
Nova, Ready SetG o, Jobby bones, SAT.NT.Luccis, Hampton, Bickfords 
(AppleJelly) Drive to lil' peach w/Olisence, First highway drive, BL 
Bowling, SL from footwear, Halloween, Tents at Jens, Arties house, 
Jeffc. party. Laugh at inside out, Bermuda bar, Dunkins 2 AM, Drinking 

on Toto's floor (in dark ) Talk 
Around Fire, Decorating 
houses( Cops), Going to break- 
fast, Dismisal notes. Dirty bird, 
Flaherty class, D Scanlon class, 
Dave Matthews Concert, 
Forget:SF, Freshman Fling, 
Sophomore Semis. MVP, Sick 
at Senarians andJens Apart, 
Lexington V-Ballgames. SRB- 
Ball. Bethkapnis (Livermore) 
Citron. Semishoes, RET 

Jennifer Stairs 

Things to Remember: Benton, Meggy, Maury J., Biggunz, Stafford. JB, 
JS, PK, SW, LJ, AZ, MM, Anderino's house, summer, MM and LC fight. 
New Year's, AB, PM, Old Airport, MR Putting Jeep into pond, N>H> 
Cabin. 1 /41b. spilling 1/5 on 1/4, homecoming, "all my boys are Spanish", 
2+2, Cu, Cu, hey guys, Hess, the Block. JR Prom, AW. 3A. AG, 
Kickboxing, NV. my trips, hitting a tree, poundcaake, Kenny's Driving, 
Mr. Kleoponis's class, Brian from Ireland, Benton's driving, BS getting 
arrested, PM, Chuck, Nessie, "15". CN. All 1 need..., no i's, JT Things to 
Forget: Getting lost in Boston, ISS, morning detention. Jan. 19, uh oh, 
alter prom, KB, LC, Ds. Love you all! 

Kenneth Stokes 

Activities: Winter Track, Spring Track. SADD, Brcad+Roses Remem- 
ber: Mom, Dad, Jeff, Julie, TS, VF, KF. CC, SM. SG. EB. KC. DS. JC, 
MC, AS, GR. TB. SN, KC. AT, SN, JM, ZP, LB, PD, DR. Kentucky, 
llcrshey, ZOAR, New York, T56, Glenn Road Football, HBL 97- 
Cardinals, Wabanaki, State Meet, Laser Tag, Chris 108 FM, Halloween 
98, 1 NX Concert, Calumet, Guitar with Kev 


Joseph W. Sullivan 

Band- 1.2. 3.4.- Camp Nokemis- Florida-Pat's Peak- Washington- 
Manson- TWIGGY!!- Pogo!!- Helter Skelter- Love ya 

Daniel Sweet 

FRIENDS: Kevdog, nevdog, mouse, nicole, j-man, dip, anthony, hiltzdog, 
chilla, pete b, digi, mike c, jason, spanky, deamato, kara, gina, robin, 
glenn, sabrina, chinny, peach fuz, kevin b, tim s,dirk,o'd, flynn, pheel. 
torn smith, hungsta,vittles, todd, andy t, murray, terry b, sheabird, wasm, 
stokes, mutter, duong, j. hiltz, my 4x400 team, myers, rourke, monty, 
family, trish, and everyone else REMEMBER: Senior Year, Parties, 
dances, hampton girls, gc's, shoota, boston, proms, live call-ins, indp. liv, 
kev's antics, montreal, hooters, track, soccer, state finals, t. petty FOR- 
GET: Spiked hair, glasses, shyness, immaturity. Puking incident, special 
sauce, map, bk, rumors, lies, beanies, fights, wasted talent, gateway/ 

medway, 31 seconds ACTIVI- 
TIES: Varsity Spring 
Track(3,4), DECA. bread & 
roses, student council, NHS, 

Suboohi Tahir 

Charlene Tamilio 


RemembenMom, Dad, Jo-Ann, Fogg, Steph, Mel, Kelly, Danielle, Megan, 
Angela, Renee, Deeks, Lisa, Colleen, Jackie, Mando, Tins, Greg. Rebecca, 
Bon, Lou, Fiba, Moose, Matt, John, Brian, Ray, Dave, Ryan, Ken, Mike, 
O.D, Andy, Jon, Rob, Trampoline, Dogouts, Junior Prom w/GL, GLs 
Senior Prom, DCG:PM, JJ, EK. LF, Airport, 2Pac. Tent Outs, Wind of 
CHange-Fogg, Lazer Show(Mom be home late), Bons parties. Tracks to 
Trans, Renee's House JR. YR, The Peak, I Love Madonna, Mr.Funnel. 
Gresg Cottage, Alanis Morrissette in N.H, Camping 97-She burnt my ear, 

NewYears-98&99, 4thJuly-97 
Fibas Parties, Ski Trips w7 
Greg&Crew96-98, Hallow- 
een97-98. Reliant(copbound) 
Superstars. DeeksFires. Foggs 
Slip(macs), Barnstead. Spider. 
Tires, DuongsParty98 Me and 
My Girlfriend, RTH 11-25- 
96, Powder Puff Champs. 
RedSox-OldMen. EarlyCrew 
Dun kins. Beast. 

FreshmanSoftball. 4th period 
w.Sis. Hanging at Lous, 
Forget:Sophomorc \r. 
MegsParty-97. M.W. A.Z. 
Fights w/A.L&A.D. LV U 


]ulie Tentindo 


Remember: Mom, Dad, Mike, Paul, Grandma, Papa, Rob, Katie, Bailot. 
Pai, Christie, Laura, Barb, Grover, Lis, Layna. Jamie, Andy, Noy, Kevin, 
Hem, Kim, Jamie, Berry, Dana, Dave, Merry, Garrett, Joe, Jen, Denise, 
Ang, Lavitas, Haepers, Picax2, LF. AL. ML, KC, AD, CT MW, LS, RT, 
KW, JD, MK, MS, EH, DT, JM. JII. JT, JI. JB, MG, F+N Crew:KT, LM, 
CM, KB, Frosh Basketball. White Water Rafting, Celtics Game, Old 
Airport, soph semi, proms, Nov. 1 . July2, Bevento's, Kid's Place, KC's, 
Doza's, Lisa's closet, WGSA. HP Family, RRix2, Susse Chalet, Arling- 
ton, PHC, Willy Wonkas. 
Harold Parker, Canobie Traf- 
fic, Car CHase, The Wildhood, 
The Earth, TAB, SAB, DAB, 
The Beater, The Beast, 
TownTouring, Fun Bump, 
British vocab, sr. gym, 5/6/98, 
9/6/98, Barb's blasts. Dopey, 
The Cliff, mullet. What's up 
now bus! Michael's, "Crazy", 
New Year's, Forget:The Test, 
Soap Operas 

Ian M. Thomas 


Jenny lynn 9-28-97 "sure"Flagpole 1 will always love you! DMB 
Rammstein old Hood mini bike eric chris Ray The Goalpost, trailer, and 
streethockey Broken nose Jumping off mountains/Dave Gian Paul Kevin 
Jon Rob Saad Anthony Huber Joe Mel Jamie Kristen & Vic Sears 
Photoclass Hallmark 70+ torimitsu-oil truck mini 1 4 cops kittery Biggest 
le slopy thomas' one headlight "The dogs" Who am I again'.' Whitefield 
NH Metallica 4497 Band Room Cruisn' in the Surf cruiser Silver Cue the 
white truck lateda kid packing the buick 4Stroke farts five year plan thank 

you to everyone who has been 
there 4 me you don't know 
how much it means to me! 
Remember common sense can 
lead you through any problem 
life may throw at you. 

Andrew Tohmc 

Friends: Thanks to Larry, for everything. Gina. for putting up with me, 
Robin, for the constant reminders that I'm a lazy POS, Chris, for always 
being there, Adrienne, for being so "creative," Keith, for all the rides 
home, Tim, for even more rides home. Delia, for all the abuse (just 
kidding), Eric, Dan, Ruth, Janet, who only talked to me online, and 
Larry's dog, Sasha. Thanks to all the people who let me eat their food. 
Thanks to all the people who ate my food. Thanks to everyone who 
pointed it out to me when I was walking the wrong way to class, but I 
already knew that. Remember: Senior Year. Parties at Robin's house. 
Kid's Place '99, proms, movies, shooting pool, and more stuff like that... 
Activities: eating , yawning 

Rebecca Toto 

Totes, Toto 

Thanks-Mom&Dad Steve Dave&Fam-You guys R great, Mark you're the 
best I loveyou5/16/97,TheCaples Fam thanks foreverything-Jen, Leah, 
Kris, Stacy, TC, A&A, DS, GM, EH, AD, MS, MK, K&K, LH, ML, CC, 
KO, DT, AL, JH, RC, AC, MW, EK, CG, KT, JB, JE, SH, JA, MB, BG, 
JT FH-Team-Capt, All-Star-PM, KL-Sues Keys KFA, Debi's, Junior 
Prom, RT. 1 29th Leah's house, Bowling for $, Dave's parties, Shopping 
w/ Dave, Mecca, Halloween 97, Homecomings, Proms, Powder Puff, 
Andover High, Bruins game-sweating buddy! Trip to Bob's w/ Leah, 

Tardiness, the horse, V-Day 
97( roses) 16th B-day, Dances, 
The Burp(CW), Grease, 
Bridgewater, Ride to the 
Haunted House, Canade, 
Cruise, Simards, Bush Con- 
cert, Jimmy Buffet Concert w/ 
EM, NoonieSCush-Great 
Coaches, Erik( W)s House, Say 
it, Bickfords, TWG STaor, 
Hair COlor, The Icecube, 
Tents in garage-Jen Hampton 
Beach-Life Guard-Party, Es- 
sence, Lucci's, MVP, 8th 
Grade, Kris's Party 
Forget:Semi, Fights w/ 
Friends, Pria, Gym, Fights w/ 
Mark, Stupid Situations 


Duong Tran 

REMEMBER: mom, dad, family, my boyz: EH AM BS DS MW AD MM 
KKKWLA AL JC CG KC AC JI JH NM Tokin under the porch & kibbing 
out Tent outs My last bash dec. 1 8, 98 , Thanksgiving game 98 Wildwood 
crew York Parties at: moen clancy shea hiltz coughlin shirl's freshmen 
year WOW flashes Old airport Montreal 98 Extra credit at the west WHS 
Football "The BIKE GANG" Fires Unreal chiks at Mac's2 Cottoncandy 
Campin at northstar "fishing'in the Birdmobile The Class of 99 All the 
people that 1 partied with The 
Forgets: Tuff kids Snobs Su- 
perstars Two-faces Cliks Get- 
ting into stupid fights WHS 
rumors Forget all the people 
that I hate AXLE ROD and the 
rest of the pigs Wasting 8 
months, 5:30 am. of hell at the 
high school. ...OH YA DUDE 

Justin W. Vallas 


REMEMBER: HOCKEY;Linemates(Digiovanni and Haubner)SOCCER; 
Back to back North Sectional Championships; bus rides; gas chambers; 
Dick and Chip. Mom, Dad. Ray, Chuck, Andy, and Cam. Noni, Auntie. 
9/4/97, Lindsay, Jelly, Foolierains, Four and the tickle. Springfield, 
Adopt a Highway. 1/23/98. Ditching a certain someone with Fogg. 
Summers with Fogg and Kevin. Riverside, trip to the beach with Rec and 
Lindsay. Junior year was the best. Soccer and hockey dinners. Hey see that guy over there, I'd do him. LAUREN, the DR., 

Paquin, Jen, Janet and Lisa. 
These things are not long 
enough to write everybody's 
name, but I will miss every- 
body. Good luck to everyone. 
Hockey; 4 years-Captain. Var- 
sity Soccer; 4 years;tri-cap- 
tain. FORGET: Sophomore 
year. That was the worst year 
of my life; injuries, slumps, 
and regrets. Last day of Sopho- 
more year. Medway, Gate- 
way, Danvers. Duxbury, Aus- 
tin Prep, Newburyport. People 
who hop in my car. 

Nicole Wit ale 

Thanks: Mom, Dad, Mike, and Ash. loveya. Remember: Shell, Ann, Pete 
Kenny, "Bub", Biggunz, Maura, Kaite, Vicky, JM, Kristen, SC, JT, AS 
Gian C. Never forget: Super! , New Year's Eve "98". Saturday nights, Old 
Airport. JR. PROM. 3 1/2 hours. Halloween "97", "You're going home!' 
Umm Humm, Uh huh, the Shovel, "Blue? Red? Where?" "Low rider" 
Blue Pants, Hess toys, Duh, Rollercoaster road, "pick it up!", "36" 
Dunkin Donuts, ride the horse, 4th of July, Florida storied from Sue, The 
Nerd Herd, Shadow, "We have a problem", Hata, Jubilee, "He's comin! ! 
"Kinney" "Cash", "Don't step on the staple!", "Ma", 2+2, CN, "Who's 
crazy?" Forgets: Fights with She 
Freshman year. 

shell, Pat ans Sophomore year. Typing 



jhfc J^ . 

'mr 'jj^~ 

JfW *^» 

^k k 


ft /» ' JrflB 

Kristen Walsh 

Mom, Dad, Ralph- 1 love you. KL, RT, LS, AD, AG, KC, PM, JJ, KH. AL. 
MW- you guys are great friends. Thanks for all the great memories! 
REMEMBER: 5/29/98- Lincoln P.D. w/ RP, worms w/ KL. RT. 129 w/ 
LS, SPUR BANDITS Bush concert 97, "I'm a truck w/ KH, Butterflies on 
7/28/97 w/ JJ, 7/29/97- w/RP, Conchetta- " move the truck". Cape Cod 
Cottage w/ LW- Brazilians, 97 France Trip w/ fam + LW- Pan de 
chocolate + squished in the Volvo Wagon, Las Vegas w/ Totos- "Free 
Refills", Hampton Beach Trips w/ friends, FR. B.Ba;; Team. JV B.Ba;; 
Tea,- SP w/ "the Earth", smokin' Grooves 98' Powder Puff 98, Trips to 
the West, SP w/ Elmo + Gonzo, "Next stop Wedgemere". Pierre- "No, not 

at 9 at 7", "How much are 
your comdogs?" FORGET: 8/ 
10/98-VM. "the accident" w 
KL + BT. FR. Fling. So. Semi, 
onion soup w/ KL, fights w7 


Kenneth E. Ward 

Remember Mom, Dad, Rich, RP Deana. Jodi. K.V, SR, JR. AB, MR, NV, 
PK, SB, PH, RM, CB, MU. MM. AM. Parties at Jodis. Airport. Kusa's 
Bronco. Fight at mall with RP.Big worm. Jen +Steve Summer 98. WildDogs 
Maggio's eagle. BigGunz. Bud Ice New Years 98. Forget: MM carshing 
my truck into the High School. DUI on WIsserSt. Waldo Summer school 

Ruth M. Webb 

Missy, Blondie 

Remember: Mom & Dad, J&A. "A"-My best buds-Gina-Pina Colada, 
Strawberries and cream. Whipped Cream, Soph. year-Gina's party, Lisa 
Bellz-2nd pd. comp. class-*Nsync & always remember 8th grade Cootie 
and Chez, KF-Can I borrow the tape of Dawson's again!?! Froshes-LB & 
HR-12/18 & 12/28 BENZ rides-"Can I get A..." & "Give it to me baby, 
uh huh uh huh", KGH-you know I love ya, DA, JM, MF, Hockey buds- 
GF. DL, BH, AT, MC, Katie-H*Bags, Mall Ratting, Wanna fish? HoTT 
kid "D", 50 cents? Abercrombie what? Rat Poison, Allison-Photo class 2 

yrs. in a row, Kristen-hows 
Vic? LL-best 4th pd. guidance 
aides! AoL chats-BF, MK, KH, 
treasure "Pirate Potato Head" 
forever! CC-love ya always! 
DT-MassComm here we 
come! Bball Cheering 9-12, 
Powder Puff '98-my awesome 
recovery! Thanksgiving Game 
'98-if s about time! Jr. Prom 
'98 with JH, summer '98-Ber- 
muda, *Nsync Concert '99. 
Forgets: Soph.yr. French with 
Aruri, Jr. yr. English with 
Murphy, Doll Boy Domenic, 
MaNuS fight-what did I do?, 
the Heff fight, the 7 rumors, 
Mickey D's entrance, thank 
God it's over! 

Alexander Webber 

When I came to Wilmington High School, I thought nobody changed. 
Well I didn't change in my heart. Through the E.IC years, my band DOSE, 
my job, and my goals, I actually changed. All the people told me that 
"friendship has no boundaries" Life has no limits. Now I would like to 
thank the people of Wildcat Country who changed me. Thanks to all who 
helped me and sheltered me. Now I'm ready to move on! 

Sara A. Welch 

Sara Anne, Melch 

Remember: Lena, Cat. Amy, Randy, Kevin, Bob, Jon, 7thperiodScanlon, 
BandCamp, BillNugget. Cougar, granda, therez, Bickfords. Chris, Ben, 
Bobby. Nicole, Florida, Washington, SkiTrips, Monkey, Ms. Mette, 
Flutechoir. Fragglerock, poolhall. Ahmiee, Kerin, Daddy and Mama 
Jones, thesundaybeforethemonday, NewYears99, MarketBasket, Tony, 
Mr.Sturzo, Nan, Linda, Carl, Andrew, Behtany, March27, Clawmachiene, 
Forget: gym, themile, thedixiehorn, snobs, the smell in Scanlon's class, 
homework, report cards, BBC, Lena's hospitals, Dudley Road. NF, Joe 

M., FF, Jen from Bickfords, 



Laura Winn 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Steph, Groves, Megan, Pai, Jules, Beaghan, 
Bailot ( Happy JL), Kate, Lis, Jamie, Barb, Hemb, Foss, Amanda, Melissa, 
"Clan". WGSA, Wildwood Crew-DT, EH, JT, KH, KO, AM, JT, RH,JS, 
Old Airport Paddi Wagon. Doza Parties, KC parties, Willy Wonkas. 
Chinese firedrill on highway. White Water Rafting, Powder Puff 98, Barb 
Farts, New Years 99. 8/20/97, Kids Place, Herold Parker Good Friday, 
Beach Crew- BT, DB, LD, Maine, Cambell's parking lot, Jules pit stop in 
NH. Simards, Jim/Justin as girls, playgrounds, x-country mullets, 3 Tets, 
Rookies, JH, JM, KR, ADD, Toilet papering, Track camp 98, Flashed on 
highway, Citgo snowbank in Rob's car Forget: Winter track 96, Cripps, 
WPD, Paz attacks, Hiding in 
woods, Beniventos. Activities: 
winter track 1-4, spring track 
1-4, x-country 4, soccer-2, 
medical careers 2-4, Bread and 
Roses 2-4, Activites Commit- 
tee 1-4, SADD 3-4, Peer 
Leader-4, Newspaper-Art Edi- 
tor, Yearbook- Art Editor 

Melissa Wolfe 


EK, RP, LF, DB, RC, GM, MD, KK, BS, EH, KW, LW, KC, DG, AM, 
LM, JS, MS, LS, SL. Softball '95-'99 "Give it a ride Clyde!", Whatta 
Snatch, Cape Cod '98, Oh my Lord! , "You got your W now HUSH" Junior 
Prom, Tran's tent-outs, Shirl w/ cya lata ( the original ), Barnstead- the 
spider. Jay, Lovin' Ted, Harold Parker '97-5 in 2-person tent. Summer 
'98- riding bikes to H.S. ( Mando in dug-out ), Sweatshop- AL, AD, KC, 
DMB 12/7/98 w/ SJ,AL, MS, WV w/ AL- Wow chips, reunions, Danny 

boy and Andy talkin tilo 5:00 
AM, Stankin this and stankin 
that, guy in elevator, taste 
tastin @ Hershey Park, 
Perkin's 3 day party, Renee's, 
Dave's, "Gimme that nut", 
Yeah the whole school does! 
Me and Sully @ Titanic, HC + 
HT w/ Den - 1/16/98, support 
the team, fives all around 
Transvestite weekend. Thanks 
to Mom, Dad, Cath, Les, and 
Krista. Love ya FORGET: 
Deechan's house on the last 
day of school '97 and "super- 

Angela Zammuto 

Phillip S. Hudson 

Remember: The Happy Pumpkin, D.N., A.S., A.L., J.M.. 
Cougar, The Baptist Church Lawn, P.T.'s deathmobile, 
MnM's on my car, D.S., because, well, it happens, A.T., 
D.D., Quebec, T.S., CM., and everyone I forgot (sorry, 
well, it happens). Forget: Ms. Russell (a.k.a. pretty bird), 35 
hrs/week at B.K., bathroom sign-in, Joel's body, Marriot, 
Junior Prom, D in Latin. Thank you- Mom, Mr. Lucia, and 

everyone else. 


W. A. Shea Marden 

In no particular order... chris c, Terry, sab, 
robin, gina, will, jess m., Jess g., Stef, adrienne, 
dan, joel, sue, ken, adam, mike, kevin, chris 
m., Bryan, zach, keith, anthony, joe g.... And 
now for something completely 
different... dec a '98, acad. Decathalon, Deca 
'99, denver, france, london, montreal, quebec, 
hartford? Water, summer of '98, canobie 
lake, ladybug, leary, 3eb, mb20, bnl concerts, 
mcbdog's, Hot sauce, rockies!, Ap physics, 
shea's class, coffee mornings, kreymistry, 
Football injuries, x-mas trees, yipee skippy, 
traffic lights,... In short: whs=bad magumbo 

Robert Setnmler, III 

REMEMBER: Jamie, Gina, Paul, Zach (the 
hair) Dave N, Rob B, Ian, Gian, Anthony, 
Adrienne, Kristen, Kerin, Nicole (Edgar), 
Scotty, Michelle, Kenny, Ralph, and the 
Brews; Pete, Jay , Saad, Joe, Dave W, Ponte, 
Tim and anyone else I forgot. Also the Tory, 
Reliant, LTD(pink hole patrol), Chevelle, 
Mitsu, Mopeds, little black truck of doom, 
death mobile (Monte), Maggie, and all of 
Pete's cars. Can't forget fishing (ha!), Bos- 
ton, concerts on the common, Maine, Crusin' 
with the captain, (oi,oi,oi), too many movies, 
Late nights at Bickfords, the Rat, ice cream 
fights, CAMPBELLS, spraypainting in 
Zach's room, parties at the airport, and a big 
THANK YOU to: mommy, friends, and any- 
one or anything I forgot. 

Peter M. Bamberg 

Remember: Mom+Dad, Bros + Sisters, Cahill- BF 
since 2nd grade, Berry- one of the few things I will 
miss at WHS (Doggett Ruiz), Dan- many times to 
come, Chrystie- my psychologist and BR buddy, 
Shoota, ADD, Guy Lavy, Sweetman- New Year's 
Eve, Kev's House, GC's, and more, Jamie- Relax! 
Diege- best kid at WHS, Joe G- missed you, NS, 
LD, JM, LH, Soccer Team- best team & guys, 
dinners, Cape Girls- emaciated *@!?$, the farm in 
NH, J V and I using JD for his house and McDonalds 
after, Army crawls in the back of Dinosaur world 
w/ DD, Josh's lonely chair, Scanlon, Chip, Cham- 
pionship Runs, Illinois, Jr. Prom, Quigley's 2X, 
Hiltz'- ooh no!, Soph B-ball Tourney, Mr & Mrs 
Cahill- my surrogate parents, Mrs Poirier and Rich- 
same thing, Forget: Band, my left leg, March soph 
yr. "You find things when you least expect to" 

Timothy Lee 

Friends: Fred F, Matt N, Chris N To remember- 
Cooking To forget- homework Suppressed De- 
sire- To become a Millionaire Future Plans- go to 
college and own my own business Favorite Say- 
ing- Can I sleep? 

Daniel Tocio 

Activities: Golf 2-4, Hockey 1-3, Remember: Mom, 
Dad, Stan, Sam, Michelle, Jasmine. Family friends 
D.S (Mo) PG, SH, CD, Connor (Bros), Clancy 
(Bros), Warford (Bros), Mc(sniper), JB(Blue 
shoes), Chester B, BG (Bernie), DS, SJ, KK(swilry 
burns), MV(quare), TC(beaver), EH, DT, DM, 
AY, EO, Quality times with golf team(rock) Spe- 
cial thanks to teachers and students who got me 
through highschool. MO's parties, Back seat of 
Celebrity (sorry Mo), Woo Hoo, 6/6/98 with Bets 
and Warford Thanks Chip! Hiltz hitin the barrel 
(give me another one doggar) Ol bud (I know your 
doin better now then when you were here) CD, 
Forget: certain girls, tough kids and teachers. 




May 21, 1999 

SENIOR PROM COURT: (back row 1 to r) Josh Michaud, Ken Chin, Eric Hiltz, King Mike Carr, 
Mark DiGiovanni, Matt Kacumburas, Dan Sweet, (front row 1 to r) Leah Staffier, Kelly Cochran, 
Allison Deechan, Queen Adrienne Huynh, Patrice Mendoza, Nicole Schell, and Danielle Sharp 



Matt Senesi and Nicole Schell 


Ryan Clancy and Laura Winn 



Brian Shea and Amanda Lojek 

Greg Moran and Allison Deechan 



Doung Tran and Amanda Lojek 


Josh Michaud and 
Amanda Lojek 


Peter Bamberg and Nicole Schell 


Matt Senesi and Jenn Bruce 



Sean Murphy and Patrice Mendoza 


Dave DeAmato and 
Rebecca Toto 


Mick Moroney and Lauren Groves 


Dave DeAmato and 
Patrice Mendoza 

I -r 


Duong Tran and 
Laura Winn 


Justin Vallas and Jackie Eldrige 


Tim Smith and Robin Diorio 


Mark DiGiovanni 
and Jamie Jordan 



Amanda Lojek and Melissa Wolfe 

Terry Boland and Vinny Ferraro 


Mark DiGiovanni 
and Melissa Wolfe 



Alex Webber and 
Patrice Mendoza 







■ j w iB^^^^i &** 

L ■ ■* T ' ' I **l 

r^^^^^l m 




: -- 


CLASS OF 2000 

i^ ■■§ 



m m 

Rebecca Allen 

r- ~i 

Jennifer Anderson 

V 4] 

Ik 9 


1 Lunelle Bailot 

jSft\ «^5 

trie Banda 

Katie Beaudin 


Laura Bradbury 

t -Ji 

Christine Brown 

\ "Mm 

Lindsay Bruno 

Erica Bukowski 

4 7<r 

Dawn Burke 

Melody Cabral-Pini 

Meghan Cahtt] 

Adam Campbell 

Colleen Cambpell 

Lisa Carroll 


Kelly Gayanaugh 

(. hnstopher Censullo 

Kathryn Chalmers 

Kathryn Chisholm 

Meredith Cipriani 

Adam Clancy 

Andrea Cochran 

lennifer C oilier 

Eric Collins 

Jamie Colton 

Jonathan Contrada 

Justin Corrigan 

Jeffrey Coughlin 

Aimee Coutu 

S. Cunningham 

Valerie Cwiekowski 

l.ayna Dakin 

Martin DeAngelo 

Nicole DeBlois 

Nancy DeCnstotoro 

Paul DjsCannaro 

Adam Dil'asquale 

Christina Downs 

Lauren Duffy 

Jonathan Elia 

Christina Falanga 

Mark Farrell 

Jennifer Fay . 

Michael Firicano 

Jason Frongillo 

Daniel Furbush 

Jessica Garbati 

Blake Qeijefti 

Courtney C .lilligan 

John Gillis 

Victoria Glazomitskv 

1 inila Guy 

Jacklyn Hanafm 
Melissa 1 [anrahar 

Michael I leffernan 

Patrick I leffernan 
Kathryn Hickev 
Katie I lolloway 

Russell I lubbv 


CLASS OF 2000 

"*■'■"•■ ..-. \ <•..■ :■■'■>,: ■ •$ ■■<•.. 

Lynn Hurley 
Jaclyn Ingram 
Kelly James 
Matthew Jones 
Samantha Jordan 
Kristen Kacamburas 
Joseph Kane 

Daniel Keating 
Alicia Kilgore 
Jennifer Koczen 
William Konaxis 
Kristen Konieczka 
Stephanie Lane 
Jason Langone 

Kara Langone 
Kristie Langone 
Nicholas LeClair 
David Leccese 
Kristin Lee 
Frank Leon 

Alicia Longo 
Sarah Lund 
Maura Lynch 
Allison MacDonald 
Nicole Maclver 
Jarrod MacKenzie 
Robin Mainini 

Leila Mangiante 
Kathy Mao 
Nicholas Maselli 
Bryan Mather 
Lauren McCarthy 
Justin McManus 
Karen Mederios 

Danielle Meegan 
Erin Michael 
Matthew Minghella 
Andrew Mitzan 
Gregory Monteiro 
Ryan Moroney 
Lindsey Morse 

Arlene Moscufo 
Colleen Murphy 
Adam Mutchler 
Andrew Myers 
Christopher Nalen 
Scott Neville 
Catherine Nichols 

James O'Brien 
Michael O'Connor 
Evan O'Neil 
John O'Neil 
Marlene O'Rourke 
Kristin O'Toole 
[ason Orsburn 

Jonathan Oskar 
Alicia Paquin 
Darlene Parker 
fonathon Parker 
Sarah Parshlov 
Maya Persaud 
ki'llv Pizzano 


CLASS OF 2000 

Michelle Ponte 

Sean Quigley 

KimN-rly Redmond 

Robert R 


James Rourke 

Erin Rowe 

Paul Ruggiero 

Michelle Russo 

John Saad 

Karen Sakey 

Nicholas Saponto 

James Sawyer 

Linda Selestad 

Richard Selig 

Danielle Shirley 

Kimberly Smith 

Stefanie Sordillo 

Jetferv Sou-a 

\le\a Stone 

Megan Sullivan 

Patrick Sulln .111 

Anthony B?abo 

fames Tabor 

Paul Tabron 

Barbara Tate 

Jason Thresher 

Martin Tildslev 

lohn Timulty 

Daniel Torpey 

Cassandra Tower 

Dat Tran 

Melissa Ulm 

Mark Van Cordon 

Eric Veator 

Pietra Walsh 

Lynn Ann Webster 
David Williams 


CLASS OF 2001 

AluSCO, Daniel 

Ayellino, Tayna 

Bad ol a to. \ 

Bamberg, Jonathan 

Barrett, Jason 

Biggins, Stephen 

Binkoski, Brendan 

Bonnell, Michael 

Bransfield, Caitlyn 

Wassil, Patrick 

Brown, Erica 

Brown, Heidi 

Buck, Scott 

Burns, Joseph 

Cahill, Colleen 

Calvvav, Christopher 

Camacho, Anthony 

Cammarata, Justin 

Campbell, Andrew 

Cannon. I elf rev 

Cannon, Sean 

Carlson, Micheal 

Carlson, Tyler 

Carrozza, Christine 

Carrozza, Dean 

Carter, Hilary 

Carvalho, Cliff 

Catanzano, {Catherine 

Cavanaugh, William 

Choi, Ann 

Clement, Jennifer 

Coates, Thomas 

Comer, Micheal 

Connell, Jennifer 

Connolly, Germaine 

Connolly, Michelle 

Connors, Nicole 

Cotto, Joseph 

Coyne, Andrew 

Craig, Kelly 

Crawford, Alison 

Da It on. Donald 

DeSimone, Cristina 

Devine, James 

DiPasquale, John 

Dineen, Lisa 

DuLong, Kathryn 

EUsivorth, Micheal 

Farrell, Eric 

Fennellv, James 
Fetfatsidis, Penny 

Figueiras, Sonia 
Fisher, Tristan 
Forgett, Kevin 

Foss, Constance 

Fowle, Jonathan 

French, Robert 

(■able, Micheal 

C.ambardella, Paul 

Garrett, Robert 

Gaudreu, Eric 

Gillespie, Kimberly 

, Katie 


iVMlk n 


mi flNGTft- 

ts'^dacv .<•... 

\ ■-■. r a- 

CLASS OF 2001 

Giordano, Nicole 
Gounaris, Rebecca 
Graves, David 
Gustin, Amanda 
Hackett, Andrew 
Hafner, William 
Halas, Michael 

Hassey, Jason 
Haubner, Mark 
Hauray, Charlotte 
Hiltz, Joshua 
Hodge, Christie 
Hewlett, Joshua 
Hudson, Kristen 

Ientile, Dean 
Inglese, Mary Grace 
Jamerson, John 
Jepson, Mark 
Johnson, David 
Jordon, Matthew 
Kanter, Robin 

Kelly, Cheryl 
Kennison, Laurie 
Khan, Khalib Adam 
Koslowski, Matthew 
Lemos, Michelle 
Lessard, Matthew 
Loring, Jason 

MacNeil, Micheal 
Mahoney, Micheal 
Maloney, Micheal 
Marazi, Rayn 
Martin, Jamie 
Martin, Kerry 
Maxwell, Brian 

Maynard, Melissa 
McCarthy, Sean 
McGovvan, Jennifer 
McGrath, Erin 
Mclnnis, Bruce 
McLaughlin, Kelly 
Medeiros, Catherine 

Menezes, Daniel 
Merry, David 
Mondi, Melissa 
Montalto, Michael 
Moran, Bryan 
Murphv, Michael 
Mutchler, Bethany 

Nadeau, Kimberly 
Neuhouse. Felicia 
Nguyen, Tuyet 
O'Brien. Jennifer 
O'Dea, Kendal 
Ollila, Daniel 
Orso, Shawn 

( >Sgood, Charles 
Oskar, Colin 
Paglia. Regirie 
Palizzolo. Richard 
Paris, Melissa 
Parisi, Michael 
Pcllelier. Knstcn 


CLASS OF 2001 

Phillips, Maryanna 
Pidgeon, Molly 

Ranno, |i 
Rear li i 'avid 
!i Michael 
Reitchel, Peter 

Rilcv. Timothy 

Roache, Erin 

Roberts. Brian 

Rubino, Melissa 

Rufo, Rebecca 

Runco, Daniel 

Scamman, Kaleena 

Si ola, Tara 

Smith, Matthew 

Snow, Kristv 

Solftzzo, Marc 

Souza, Shannon 

Spurr, Mark'na 

Stanli-\ . Diana 

CLASS OF 2002 

Alexander, David 
Allen, Nicholas 

Augello, Alyssa 

Avma, Cesar 

SO, Amanda 

Beamud, Alexis 

Beyers, Melissa 

Bolognese, Lauren 

Borseti, Lyndsey 

Boyle, Kerry 

Brcslin, Lauren 

Brewer, Laurie 

Burns, Kyle 

Butler, Daniel 

C allman, Danie! 

Carter, Elizabeth 

Casey, Sean 

Cavanaugh, Jillian 

C mlla, Stephen 

C'leary, Danielle 

Collings, Sara 

Collins, Mathevv 

Cormier, Warren 

Costantino, lared 

Courtois, Brandon 
Cronin, Julie 

Cunningham, Chris 

Dacko, Lyndsey 

DeBlois, Jillian 

DeMango. Chris 

Dellascio, Diane 

Derian. Chris 

DiSarra, Carol 

Dorothy, I leather 

Elliot, Timothy 

Ferguson, Meghan 

Elynn, Christopher 

Forester, Alicia 

Cargano, Laura 

Cauthicr, Jeslyn 

Gennetti, Nicholas 

Gillis, Jen 

Cogucn, Brad 

Graham, Patrick 

.'•^traham, Rvan 

Gritfin, Mary-Kate 

Haepers, Steven 

Harris, Richard 

Harrison, Justin 

Hayes, Sarah 

Hendrics, Kyle 

Flerra, Michael 

Herv, Margo 

tliggins. Crystal 

I (odder, [el 

Hogg, Timothy 

I lolloway-, Brent 

Hubbard, Sarah 

Hurley, Lisa 

lackson, Jessica 

lensen, Adam 

■■■■■ *J\ 

CLASS OF 2002 

Jordan, James 
Karapatsas, Peter 
Keating, Amanda 
Kilgore, Mark 
Krasnyansky, Mark 
Liberty, Daniel 
Luciano, Joseph 

Lyons, Katelynn 
MacSweeny, Joseph 
Maleszyk, Michael 
Marden, Ann Marie 
Marden, Cynthia 
Marshall, Kathleen 
Martiniello, Brian 

Mazaka, Katelyn 
McCann, Corey 
McCarthy, Daniel 
McGrath", Kelly 
McHale, Chris 
McKenna, Lindsey 
McMahan, John 

McMahon, Colleen 
Meehan, Tiffany 
Meixler, Eric 
Merola, Jennifer 
Merry, Denise 
Mills, Ariana 
Minghella, Chris 

Moroney, Sean 
Moynihan, Kerri 
Muise, Robert 
Murphy, Catherine 
Murphy, William 
Murray, Jill 
Nalen, Matthew 

Natoli, Stephen 
Neville, Kathleen 
Newhouse, Carissa 
O'Connell, Joseph 
O'Dea, Stephen 
Olson, Lauren 
Oskar, Sean 

Pane, Jenny 
Patel, Vishal 
Petrillo, Andrew 
Pickett, Megan 
Pilcher, Ryan 
Pizzano, Jennifer 
Pizzotti, Kirsten 

Porter, Matthew 
Quinton, Stephanie 
Rappa Sarah 
Riley, Jason 
Roberts, Heather 
Roberts, Krista 
Robillard, Timothy 

Roman, Jonathan 
Roussopoulo-. I 

Roux, Anthony 
Rubino, [acqueline 
Rugglero, Jenna 
Sampson, Marie 
Santos. C hnstopher 

CLASS OF 2002 

Sarich, Carolyn 
ScheU, Robert 
Shukis, i 

Nicole Suva 

Soroka, Stacy 

itairs, Chris 

Starke, Christine 

Strom, Justin 

Stygles, Christopher 

Sulli\ an, Katherine 

Surianello, Maricsa 

Thibault, Kimberly 

Thomas, Katelvn 

Thomas, kimberlv 
Thresher. shen 

Tohmc, Sheila 

Tomasi, Anthony 
Torpey, Kelly 

Tremblay, Jonathan 
Tuttle, Andrei 

I . Derek 

Uwgvarsky, Aaron 

Urban, Tristan 

VonHerrmann, A. 

Wagner, Shana 

Walsh, Kathleen 

Warlord, Ann 

















Peter Murphy Sharlene Olson 

Kathleen Bell 

James Babcock Virginia Blodgett JoAnne Jacobson 

Carol King 

Gayle Masse 

Linda Peters 

James Megyesy Karen Cozzoli Richard Fardy 

W l^Jl 

Scott Ferguson Francis Fiorilla 

Dawn Martell 

Mark Riley 

John Wood 

Robert Cripps 

Leslie Basmajian 

Brian Carr 

Alan Fessenden Nancy Goldman Larry Maggio 

Ki. ■! U S$-i 

Richard Scanlon 


Janet Cassidy Wood Judy Beaudet Josephine Newell Diane Trueblood 

Mike Barry 

Beth Gates 

June Trickett Florence Athanasia Anette Curley 

Barbara Bishop Stodd Melhado 

Michael Nee 

Paula Byrne 

Ellen Bordieri 

Norma Rushton Sally Cosman 

Peter D. Lucia Debbie Fitzpatrick 


'' 9 -^-'J / 



Junior Prom 

May 29, 1998 

Junior Prom Court: (front row 1 to r) M. Berry, A. Huynh, L. Groves, K. Irving, S. Shattuck, J. Martin, 
R. Toto, (back row 1 to r), P. Bamberg, D. Senarian, M. DiGiovanni, G. Moran, S. Neville, P. Grasso, E. Hiltz 








October 23, 1998 


Homecoming Court: 

(front row, 1. to r.) L. 
Winn, M. Wolfe, M. 
Lojek, M. DiGiovanni, A. 
Downs, K. Cochran, 
(back row, 1. to r.) N. 
Schell, M. Gennetti, R. 
Clancy, B. Shea, E. Hiltz, 
D. DeAmato, D. Senarian, 
A. Lojek 









































i t | 




fr4 Qf. UUfl 



; ^Sb» lrtTiw^(| p 

















The Wildcat Football Team 
finished with another winning 
season at 8-3. The cats were lead 
by tri-captins Kevin Finnerty, 
Dave DeAmato, and Mike 
Gennetti. Although the cats 
came up one game short of 
becoming CAL Champions it 
was still and exciting season. 
The boys showed improvement 
every week and represented the 
school and community well. The 
senior football players were 
grateful that their last game as 
Wildcats was their best. For the 
first time in seven years 
Wilmington defeated 
Tewksbury on Turkey Day with 
a 14-7 victory. 



The football cheerleading team had 
a great season this year. Our new 
coach, Nancy Sullivan, helped 
improve the team and led us 
to a thrid place finish in competition. 
The spirit and enthusiasm was not 
only carried out on the football field 
but also throughout the school. 
We had a lot of fun this year and 
appreciated the support we recieved 
from the football team and other 
students. We are very excited about 
the 14-7 win against Tewksbury on 
Thanksgiving Day. Go Cats!!!!!! 

The team included: Angela Downs 
(captain), Alison Deechan (captain), 
Nicole Schell (captain), Renee Sbano, 
Kelly Cavanaugh, Stefanie Sordillo, 
Kelly Beaudin, Tyler Carlson, 
Nicole DeBlois, Marianne Vultagio, 
and Jackie Hanafin. 


i '^r 



Success. That sums up how the Wildcats faired in 
1998. Experiencing a breakthrough season, the 
team boasted a 7-4 record. This year's squad had 
enough depth to out duel some tough opponents 
including the enormous team from Masco. 
Running with dedication and heart, the team 
earned the respect of the league. Many milestones 
were reached by Coach Tom Bradley's team. A 
new course record was set by Jay Gillis with a time 
16:33. Wilmington placed a deserving 11th out of 
35 in the state meet in Boston. And the team 
reached a record of three wins above .500 — a feat 
that hadn't been accomplished in some time. 
There were many memories made with this season. 
The team enjoyed 1998 and the weather remained 
sunny for this hard-working crew. They enjoyed 
it because they were good. They enjoyed it 
because of pride. Cross-Country had a good season 
in 1998. 



After some recruting, this year's girls' cross-country team consisted of six highly motivated 
and dedicated runners. The team included three seniors: Robin Diorio (co-captian), Kathleen 
Haynes, and Laura Winn. There were also three juniors on the team: Layna Dakin, Jesssica 
Garbati, and Barbara Tate. We would like to thank all our friends and parents for their sup- 
port and give a special thank you to Coach Bradley for all his guidance and encouragement. 

„ ^ 

If I'll// V 





.< r. 2 


The girls soccer team was led by co-captins Amanda Lojek and Lisa Dellascio along with 
seniors Kim Hembree, Kara Irving, and Suzanne Berghaus. The team finshed the regualar 
season with a record of 7-7-4 and qualified for the state tournament. There, they defeated 
Swampscott 5-1 and beat top-seeded Mt. Alvernia before losing in the third round to North 
Reading, bringing their final record to 9-8-4. It was the team's best state tournament run ever. 
In addition to a great season by everyone, senior Lisa Dellascio was a CAL All-League 
selection and senior Amanda Lojek and junior Lindsay Bruno were named CAL All-Stars. 



The boys' soccer team had another successful season as they returned to the state semi-finals for the second 
straight year. Only an over-time loss to Medway stopped their run for state champs. The team was lead by 
forwards and captians Dennis Ingram and Justin Vallas. Kevin Forgett and Joe Kane also contributed to the 
offense. A strong defense up the middle was very important to the success of the team. Sean Cahill, Dan Sweet, 
and Mark DiGiovanni led a strong defense in front of goalkeeper T.J. Flynn, who had another stong season in net. 
John Betts and Josh Michaud held the opposing forwards in check from their wing fullback positions. Halfbacks 
Matt Kacamburas, Pete Bamberg, Kevin Riley, Ryan Covino, and Darren Arciero controlled the middle of the field. 
Also contributing to the teams' success were Timmy Riley, Mike Hallas, Jeff Cannon, Eric Swyzienski, Jimmy 
Rourke, and Adam Jenson. After struggling through the middle of the season the team came together and went on 
a winning streak that carried them into the tourament. The team played and will be remember as one of the best 
teams the school has had. 


The Wilmington High School Golf Team 
completed another successful season in 
1998, finishing with a record of 10-5. 
Under the tutalege of coach Al 
Fessenden, the team made a trip to the 
state tournament for the fourth 
straight year. Seniors Peter Grasso, 
David Senarian, Dan Tocio, Shawn 
Haubner, and Shaun Neville, played a 
major role in the teams' success 
over the past four years. The teams' 
success should prosper in the future 
with the growing number of 
talented young golfers in Wilmington. 



This year's varsity volleyball team finished up their season with an 8-12 record. The team was 
basically starting from scratch after losing nine seniors last year. There were four returning 
players from varsity, one of which was injured. This year's co-captains were Leah Staffier an 
Jackie Eldridge. The other three seniors on the team were Jen Johnson, Megan Lojek, and 
Melissa Manet. Overall the team did well and had a good season. Falling one game short of 
making the tournament was disappointing, but each girl gave it her all the entire season. 
Jackie Eldridge represented Wilmington as the team MVP as outside hitter. Megan Lojek 
controlled the floor as the setter with Leah Staffier also hitting outside. Jen Johnson was the 
middle blocker and Melissa Manet was a back row digger. The JV team also did well this 
season. It was a very young team and they played their hardest. 



The field hockey team, led by tri-captains Patrice Mendoza, Rebecca Toto, and 
Lauren Holloway, and seniors Jen DeSimone and Sue Carrozza capped off their 
season with a record of 5-8-5. The team lost a tough game against Georgetown 
in the second to last game of the season (1-0), disappointingly disqualifying them 
from the state tournament. The team worked hard and played extremely well 
all season. Congratulations to the team and good luck next year! 



The 1998-1999 wrestling team had a great season finishing with an 10-8 

dual meet record. The team had ten wrestlers place in the sectionals 

and eight wrestlers advance to the states. The team was led by captains 

Paul Cheney (140), Greg Moran (160), Brian Shea (275), Pat Heffernan (125), 

and seniors Ryan Clancy (152), Brian Grillo (135), Joel McKenna (215), 

Dave Senarian (171), and Juan Mayorga (160). 




SENIORS: Peter Bamberg, Sean Cahill, 
Captain Dennis Ingram, and Rob Perkins 



The 1998-1999 girls' varsity basketball team led by senior tri-captains Jackie Eldrige, 
Emily King, and Renee Sbano (and senior Lauren Groves) finished out their 
season with a record of 15-5. For the first time in girls' basketball history at the 
high school, the team placed so high in the standings that it received a 
home game for the states. The team had an excellent season and will be losing four 
seniors next year. 



The 1998-1999 boys' winter track team had one of its greatest seasons to date. The team 
finished with a 5-2 record and took third in the Cape Ann League. The team also took second 
in the Cape Ann League Meet. This was the strongest team the Wildcats have had in many 
years. Some of the big point scorers were Peter Grasso, Matt Kacamburas, Dan Sweet, 
and Bryan Mather. These athletes took many firsts and helped lead the team to victory. Next 
year the team says goodbye to the following seniors: Dan Sweet, Ken Stokes, Captain Jason 
Crescenzo, Captain Mike Carr, Matt Kacamburas, Josh Michaud, Kevin Riley, and Ken "the 
Emperor" Chin. Good Luck next year! 



The season of 1998-1999 was a prosperous one for girls' winter track. The girls' team had 
been rescued by two new coaches, Amie Baker and Dana Sweet. The team finished the 
season with a record of 2-7. At the Cape Ann League Meet, the girls finished second overall. 
Stand-outs were: Barb Tate in the two mile; Lynn Hurley; Laura Winn; and Jessica Garbati 
at 600 yards; Becky Rufo at mile; Michele Lemos at 50 yard dash; and Kim Gillespie at the 
300. Kim also placed first in the high jump. For the first time in WHS history, the girls' track 
team sent a runner to nationals. Senior Laura Winn ran the 800 meters, and placed 26th 
in the country. Overall, the girls track team had a great season and expects to improve 
in the upcoming years. 



Basketball cheering had a 
very successful season. For 
the first time at Wilmington 
High School, the team placed 
in its league compitition 
and then moved on to 
regionals. At regionals, the 
team came in second place. 
They then advanced to 
states where they also had 
a good showing. Overall, 
the team enjoyed a very 
good season. 


Nicole Schell 
and Ruth Webb 





The Wilmington High School varsity ice 
hockey team had a very successful 
season. They finished with an overall 
record of 19-3-2. They won their 
third Cape-Ann League championship 
in four years, and came one game away 
from the state championship match. 
The team had five All Stars this year: 
Justin Vallas (also voted League MVP), 
Mark DiGiovanni, Chet Ferriera, Shawn 
Haubner, and Jay Gillis. Captain 
Justin Vallas also became the WHS's 
all-time leading scorer with 135 points. 
Junior Mike O'Conner played an 
outstanding year as goalie, making big 
saves whenever they were needed. 







- ff- 





' » 14 p 

SENIORS: (1 to r) Amanda Lojek, 
Emily King, Kristen Walsh, and 
Melissa Wolfe 



J 4 


June 1, 1999 



JUNE 6, 1999 

Andy Falanga 

We are so proud of you. 
Reach for the stars in 
whatever you choose to do. 

All our love, 
Mom & Tina 


Congratulations on all of 
your accomplishments. 
We are so proud of you. 
May you find success and 
happiness as you follozv 
your dreams. 


Mom, Dad 
and Greg 

Suzanne Berghaus 


We are very proud of 
you and all your past 
musical achievements. 
Good luck in the future. 


Mom, Dad 
& Brion 

It's wonderful having a 
special daughter like you 
to he proud of in so 
many ways. 

All our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Amy Horan 

A job well done, Amy! 

We are all so proud of 

you and all that you have 


You deserve a Party!! 

Congratulations and love, 

Mom, Dad, 
Jess & Doug 

Dianne LaRocque 


We are so proud of you. 


We wish you the best of luck 

in whatever the future holds 

for you. We love you! 

Mom, Dad 
& Sisters 

Kristen Donovan 


We are so proud of 

you and hope all 

you're dreams come 



We love you! 
Mom & Dad 


Congratulations on all 
you've accomplished. 
Never give up on your 


Jennifer DeSimone 


We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Cristina and Teresa 

Melanie Silva 

Thank you for all the 
joy you have brought to 
my life. I am so proud 

of you! 



We are extremely proud of 
all your accomplishments. 
Keep up the good work in 


Love, Mom, 
Dad, Michael 
and Steven 

Dear Robin, 

We are so very proud 
of the special you've 
lady you are and all 
you've done. Thank 
you for the joy and 
love you give our 

family. You've achieved so much in so little time - -imagine 

what a lifetime will bring! 

All our love Mom, Dad, Brittany & Unkie 


We are so proud of all your hard 
work and accomplishments. Al- 
ways stay as focused and deter- 
mined as you are today. You can 
achieve anything you set your 
mind on. So reach for the stars 
and remember that dreams do 
come true. 
Mom, Dad and Meredith 

Amanda Lojek 

Kid, you'll move 

Love & 

Mom, Dad, 
Jill, Charles 
& Dr. S. 


I ou have accomplished alot. 

1 ake pride in your strength of character. 

You'll never know just how proud I am of you. 

i\lways be strong and think positive. 

(jrood things will come to you!! 



Congratulations on your 

We are very proud of you 

and your achievements. 
Follow your dreams and 

reach for your goals. 
We wish you happiness and 
success in the future. 

All our love, Mom, Dad, Wayne & Lisa 

Kathleen and Michelle 

As you go your separate 
ways, we wish you 
success in all you do! 

We could not be more 


Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Rebecca! 

We are very proud of you. 

May all yore hopes and dreams come true! 

We love you, 

Dad, Mom Stephen and David 

Janet Keough 

Congratulations on your 

You are a joy in our lives 

and we are proud of you. 
All the best. 


Dad & Mom 

Dear Lauren and Lisa, 

Look back and remember all the laughs! 
Love from your families 

Stephanie Johnson 


We have always been 
so proud of you. 

We wish you the best 
in life. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dan 
& Stephen 


Congratulations on all your 


We are so very proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Ryan, Sean 

Brynna & Conor 


Your smile has 

always warmed our 

hearts and our 


May your 

successes and joys 

be many. 

With much pride and love, 
Mom, Dad & kids 


With so much pride and all our love, 

we wish you every happiness and 

success in the future. 

Mom Katy and Lauren 


You have made us very proud. 

Always be happy and follow your heart. 


With all our love, 

Mom, Dad and Christine 


The day you were born we knew you would be special. 

You should be proud of your talents, your skills and your 

successes -We are. 

You are growing up to be a remarkable woman. 

Don't ever underestimate your ability or undervalue your worth. 

Enjoy life's journey and be the best your can be. 

We look forward to see what the future has in store for you. 


Love, Mom, Dad & Ryan 

Lisa Dellascio 
Jen DeSimone 

^ *^ 


to the 
Class of 1999 

Kindergarten through graduation. Stay friends forever. 

We wish you the best of luck, success and happiness. 



Your Parents 



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Wilmington, MA 01887 


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ThE CIass of 1999 



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No Wilmington MA DISH ' 



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Congratulations to the 

Wilmington Higfh School 

Class of 1999 



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Years of 

For twenty-two 

years, we have 

enjoyed being 

neighbors with our many 

friends here in 


As we salute the 1999 graduates of Wilmington iiigh iSchool, 

we are reminded of the priceless value of a warm relationship 

with a fine, supportive community. 

Aleppo Shriners 
Wilmington, Massachusetts 


Good Luck 
Class of 1999 


Reality Trust 


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Best Wishes 
from Your Friends at 

AGFA <£> 

james Jl. J'icociello, D. D. cj. 


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Thousands of new fashions come in 
every week and so should you. 

Over 600 T.J. Maxx stores coast to coast. 

Wilmington: Main Street, Route 38. 

Monday-Saturday: 9:30 am-9:30 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm 

Some people get it. 
Some get it for less™ 


The class of 99 begins to arrive at the Wilmington High gym for 
their twentieth year class reunion. The first to arrive is Ryan Clancy 
we find him in the corner admiring his biceps. He has finally gone 
back to RMA, bought it and renamed it "Dexters House of Pain". 
Chris Cassidy is now the anchor for 6 o'clock news on channel five. 
He still lives in Wilmington and can be found loitering outside 
WCTV. Scott Gould lives in Hollywood and is a famous director. 
He is recently divorced and is now married to his adopted daugh- 
ter Yoon-Si. After graduation Eric Brassil got an internship at the 
Boston Globe. He wrote an article, which his editors thought he 
plagiarized. He ended up suing them for millions of dollars and 
now he plans to run for president. From her experience at Harrows, 
Dianne LaRoque opened her own chain of restaurants called Dips. 
This chain recently passed McDonalds in most people served. 
Finally John Hurst has upgraded his lawnmower powered Mus- 
tang to a pimpin' 5.0 with a saleen spoiler. Because he loved them 
so much, Andy Mutter led a coalition to bring back Beavis and 
Butthead. Bunghole!!!! Shawn Haubner was in a freak accident 
while cleaning his tailpipes. Shawn's fingers were sliced off except 
for his index and pinky finger. Leaving his hand in a permanent 
"Mo" symbol. He thought it looked so cool, he decided not to have 
reconstructive surgery. They all urge you to visit Bernies on 22 
Marjorie Rd. Ryan Covino became the owner of REMAX execu- 
tives and recently coined the term. "That was a phat play". Mike 
Gennetti finally found a barber that he likes and doesn't talk about 
Italian food. After his great experience with DECA, Jim O'Donnell 
decided to pursue a career as a DECA nationalist chief coordinator. 
Now he is back at WHS teaching marketing management. Now he 
and Frannie chat in the teachers cafe. Stephanie Johnson is cur- 
rently married to Dave Matthews. They are now on tour on a 
double decker bus in London with their seven children, two dogs, 
a cat, and one fish. Kristen Walsh and her love Ralph are still 
running from the law after a life full of crime which started at the 
1998 Tewksbury Senior prom. They are the new era Bonnie and 
Clyde. If you want to contact Kristen or Amanda Lojek you can find 
them at Town Park catching pop flies between 1 and 1 1 :30 at night. 
Since Kelly Cochran is allowed to stay out past ten, Andy Mutter 
decided to pop the question. They are tying the knot at a drive- 
through wedding chapel in Las Vegas. All except the WHS class of 
2002 are invited. Kara Irving is a fashion designer in New York. 
She designs outfits for actors Mike Carr, and Beth Capotosto for the 
Academy Awards. After being shunned from Hollywood Mike is 
working in a Miami dinner theater in "Death of a Salesman" after he 
starred in Ace Ventura IV. BONSOIR!!!!!!!!!! Melissa Wolfe is now 
making millions from her new hit movie starring herself as "Bruiser 
the Beam Queen". Creatine spokesman T.J Flynn was a body- 
builder but had to quit competition due to his kidney and liver 
damage from all his muscle supplements in high school. Sean 
Murphy goes to Washington to protest all government acts. Lisa 
Dellascio will be the star of the gold medal US women's Olympic 
soccer team. After finding her true love Todd #10 from the 
Cardigan Hockey team she divorces Kyle and remarries Todd at 
Salvation Army. Delia Rebelo saves all the troops in Kosovo 
making her a national hero. She receives the Congressional Medal 
of Honor. Satisfied after taking so many pictures of hot guys and 
finally getting her diploma, Suki becomes the principle of 
Wilmington High. Jackie Eldridge becomes the star player of the 
WNBA team until she hurt her knee and was once again warming 
the bench. Mark DiGiovanni became the UN peacekeeper and is 
currently running for president against TJ Flynn (who is still bitter 
about his loss to Joe Delaney in high school) These will be the last 
four years of your life!!!!!!!!! Eric Hiltz is in the NFL playing for the 
Patriots and making millions of dollars. Zack Pidgeon retired his 
SINNER trenchcoat and became the next Bill Gates. Jen Stairs has 
been through approximately 1,000 cars now and owns stock in 
Ford. Janet Shine is still in high school. Meaghan Berry currently 
lives in Maine with her husband Matt. Nobody but the WGSA ever 

saw them again after graduation. She invited them up for a Berry 
reunion and a book signing for her new best selling novel "The 
Kitchen Table". Julie Tentindo lives in a yellow house with a porch. 
She works at the Wildwood as a kindergarten teacher where Mrs. 
Houle still thinks she and Rob are together. Five years later when 
Rob comes home she finally informs him she has been seeing 
someone else. Laura Winn leads an artistic revolution called 
Winnieism. She and Matt Kacamburas become household names 
while training for the Olympics. Megan Lojek often calls upon 
Laura so they can collaborate on new innovative art forms. Megan 
now owns her own graphic design company. Patrice Mendoza also 
trains for the Olympics in field hockey she now owns the Dunkin' 
Donuts franchise worldwide. She finally reunited with "The Earth". 
While performing on Broadway, Lisa Lippiello, trips and falls 
offstage landing into the arms of her new husband Ryan Phillipe. 
Ruth Webb and Dan Sweet pooled their money and bought out 
Abercrombie & Fitch. After Kerin Parker beats the school record 
for push-ups she opened her own gym called Kerin's Fitness 
Center. Steph DaSilva now owns the Fashion Bug chain and lives 
the high life with her 18 children, who she ships around the world 
to private schools. Charlene Tamilio couldn't come because Greg 
wouldn't let her and Dave Senarian couldn't leave the PGA tour. He 
is now at Pebble Beach golfing, you can catch him on ESPN. Alison 
Deechan started her own Tanning salon called Tan-o-rama. If you 
need to reach her go to Bed #3. After her hair fell out, Rebecca Toto 
became a wealthy hair stylist. She is Sinead O'Connor's personal 
hair stylist. Lianne Fogg becomes an Escort to all of her boyfriends. 
Gaelle Kermarrec still works at the mall. Amanda Longo, now an 
active member of Wilmington's PTA got married after high school 
and has 3 kids. After spending 8 years in medical school Adrienne 
Huynh became the Taekwondo World Champion. Chet Ferrelra 
becomes an A student and a hockey hero, he and Melissa Manet are 
still together. When Melissa arrived she accidentally crashed 
Kenny Ward's car into the side of the school. Titi Siriphan now 
owns Simards and makes millions of dollars for her 24 hour express 
service. After dropping out of college due to stress Jamie Jordan 
now lives in a green house full of tulips where she feels she is safe 
from anxiety attacks. Rob Perkins and Kenny Branley are the first 
to try out the prosthetic lip designed by Brian Thresher. Peter 
Bamberg spends his days trying to find Matt and Meaghan up in 
Maine. Suzanne Berghaus's album is number one on all the pop 
charts. John Betts and Laura Winn finally found out that they really 
are twins. Josh Michaud and Kevin Riley become CEO's to the 
Gillette Company. Lauren Groves and Mick Moroney got married. 
Lauren is in the Guinness book for the longest toes ever. She travels 
the country preaching her words of wisdom. Kim Carroll couldn't 
come because she is still grounded from the New Years Eve party 
back in 1999. Justin Vallas just divorced Lindsey for the fifteenth 
time. Jen Bruce and Nicole Schell are competing for the title of Miss 
America. Kenny Chin is now a famous drummer. Dennis Ingram, 
Peter Grasso, and Greg Moran didn't show up to the reunion 
because they are home watching the basketball game. Angela 
Downs is a preschool teacher. She and Ms. Lippy eat paste together 
when the kids are out at recess. Kristen Finnerty now holds the title 
for WWF wrestling. Kevin Finnerty drives a tank for the Army. 
The Haynes twins live with Chris Cino and Dan Devine. Lauren 
Holloway dumps Dan and marries Jason Priestly ( the real Brandon 
Walsh) . ReneeSbanoand Emily King are in the WNBA. Reneehas 
opened a dance club, but the only way to get in is with a VIP pass. 
Sean Cahill is a professional mime due to his lack of speech. Kristen 
Cipriani is a famous photographer for TIME magazine. Alex 
Webber was the last one to arrive. He made his grand entrance by 
doing the "worm" and breakdancing in the middle of the dance 
floor. Everyone else was late for the reunion and the hall monitors 
wouldn't let them in due to the new tardy policy. Overall it was a 
great night for the class of '99. 








Then and Now.. .You're the Best! 

Division III North Champions, 1997 & 1998 

Congratulations, we couldn't be prouder! It's been a joy to watch you grow into the fine 
men your are today (and the soccer was pretty good, tool). We know you'll be successful in 

whatever you do . With love, your Parents 

Congratulations Poop 

Mom would have been proud 


Daddy & Auntie Jan 



on all your accomplishments. 

We wish you the best of luck with 

continued success 

and happiness 

Love, Mom, 
Dad and Cassandra 




From Holly Hobby to an aspiring bridge 


I'm so proud of you! 

Love, Mom 




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Notary Public 

Phone: (978) 658-4419 

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Page: (978) 321-0934 


314 Main Street, Suite 107 

Wilmington, MA 01887 

Graduate WHS Class of 1980 

Good Luck to the Class of 1999 

Lightolier Fluorescent 

Industrial Way 

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Class of l 


P.O. Box 185 

260 Main Street 

North Reading, MA 01864 

Tel. (978) 664-3118 
(781) 944-7750 
(978) 658-6766 

Fax (978) 664-6948 

World Be^t 



rts of 


lore than 






, Northern 

Prize for 
3 that 
^ for 

s in 

:ale hits 

: cancer 
him the 




C A total collapse of the Russian ruble sends world markets into chaos. 

Boris Yeltsin asks Viktor Chernomyrdin to head the government to . 

help restore political and economic stability. 

French high school students demand 
more teachers, better equipment and 
buildings and a lighter course load in 
an October protest in Paris. The French 
government designates $40 million 
annually over the next four years, as 
well as 1,000 new teaching posts. 

A discotheque fire in Goteborg, Sweden, kills 
67 teens and injures several more, making it 
the deadliest fire in modern Swedish history. 
Arson is the suspected cause of the October fire 

C After a U.N. drug summit in which 
150 countries endorse an anti-drug 
campaign, the U.S. vows to spend an 
estimated $1 billion over the next 
five years on anti-drug advertising, 
corporate and civic partnerships 
and promotion. 

O In a dangerous escalation of hostile feelings in the area, India begins 
nuclear bomb testing in response to Pakistan's testing of the Ghauri missile. 

A memorial 

commemorating ^j| 
the first anniversary ' J J 
of the death of Princess "^^» 
Diana and Dodi Fayed is "^ 
put on display in London's 
Harrods department store, 
which is owned by Dodi's father. 


September 2, Swissair Flight 111 crashes in the 
^ea in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, killing all 

!9 passengers and crew aboard. A cockpit wiring fire 
is the suspected cause of the disaster. 

O In retaliation for the African 
embassy bombings, the U.S. 
attacks a suspected chemical 
weapons factory in the capital of 
Sudan and a terrorist training 
camp in Afghanistan, and launch 
a worldwide search for suspectei 
mastermind Osama bin Laden 


On August 7, powerful 
bombs explode outside the 
U.S. embassies in Kenya 
and Tanzania killing 248 
people, including 12 
Americans, and injuring 
more than 5,000. 

O NASA and Russia will conduct 45 missions to 
launch and assemble the International Space 
Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004, the 
station will be powered by almost an acre of solar 
panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. 

AP Photo/John McConnico 

C The remains of 
Czar Nicholas II 
and his family, 
killed in 1918 in 
Central Russia 
and buried in a 
mass grave, are 
exhumed and 
laid to rest in 
St. Petersburg. 

C The worst summer 
flooding in China 
since 1954 kills 
3,000 people, 
destroys 17 million 
homes and affects 
one-fifth of the 
country's population. 

C President Clinton becomes the first U.S. 
leader to visit China since the Tiananmen 
Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize 
Clinton for his apparent leniency toward 
China's human rights restrictions. 

(> After months of negotiations, Swiss banks and 
Jewish groups reach a $1.25 billion settlement in 
a lawsuit filed by thousands of Holocaust survivors 
to recover lost savings. 

Hurricane Mitch 
ravages parts of 
Central America 
and kills more than 
10,000 people, 
making it the 
second deadliest 
storm in the 
region's history. 

q On January 1, 1999, the euro debuts as the new 
currency in 1 1 European Common Market countries. 
It will be three more years before euro coins and 
cash are officially put into circulation. 

John Hume and David Trimble, Northern 
Ireland's two main political party 
leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize for 
their efforts to end the violence that 
has plagued the British province for 
three decades. 

After a stop in Mexico City in January 
1999, Pope John Paul II arrives in 
St. Louis, Missouri, and celebrates 
Mass with over 100,000 people 
in attendance. 

In January 1999, an earthquake that 
measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits 
Colombia killing over 1,000 people. 

King Hussein of Jordan, 63, dies on 
February 7, 1999, ot lymphatic cancer 
Hussein's 47-year reign made him the 




Z Sixteen of the 24 glass beads that historians 
believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from 
Native Indians in 1626 are donated to the Indian 
Museum of North America located at the Crazy 
Hnrse Memorial 

4 * 


Ci In June, African-American James Byrd 
Jr., 49, is chained to the back of a truck 
and dragged to his death in Jasper, 
Texas, by three men, two of whom have 
ties to white supremacists. 

Mentally unstable Russell 
Eugene Weston Jr. charges 
into the I'.S. Capitol 
building on July 24 and 
fatally shoots Special Agent 
John Gibson and Officer 
Jacob Chestnut. 

(.) A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 
200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful 
ship's maiden voyage and tragic sinking. 

C Northwest Airlines 
pilots strike for 
17 days in August 
and September 
causing more than 
27,000 canceled 
flights and a loss 
of S338 million. 

! Reform Party 
candidate Jesse 
Ventura shocks 
the nation when 
he wins the race 
for governor 
of Minnesota 
in November. 
Ventura is a 
former Navy Seal, 
pro wrestler and 
action movie actor. 

() In September, Hurricane Georges crashes through the 
Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes 
the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and 
Mississippi victims receive over S131 million in aid. 

Reuteri'Jim Bourg'Archive Photos 

In response to family pressure, DNA 
testing confirms that remains buried in 
the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of 
Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot 
down in Vietnam. 

In summer 1998, North Texas 
temperatures exceed 100 degrees 
for 45 days. The state's heat death 
toll climbs to 132 and fires bum 
over 344.000 acres. 

AP Photo/Ruth Fremson 

^» Matthew Shepard. a 21-year-old gay student at the 
University of Wyoming, dies five days after being 
brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils 
in his memory are held across the country. 

In August, General Motors Corporation 
and United Auto Workers reach an 
agreement thai ends an eight-week strike. 

President Clinton announces the federal 
government ends the 1998 fiscal year 
with a budget surplus of $70 billion, 
the first surplus since 1969. 

More than 280 colleges now admit 
some or all of their applicants without 
regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many 
schools say the system improves the 
academic quality and diversity of their 
student bodies. 

DNA tests determine that Rebecca 
Chittum was unknowingly switched with 
Callie Conley at a Virginia hospital after 
their births three years ago This case 



% * 

C NASA's Lunar Prospector finds scattered pockets of ice beneath the 
lunar surface. The presence of water could enable astronauts to use 
the moon as a kind of space-based filling station. 

S An analysis of Eastern Seaboard 
weather shows it really does rain 
more frequently on weekends than 
during the week, an average of 22 
percent more. Automobile emission 
patterns are the suspected cause of 
the phenomenon. 

O Columbia University graduate student Elizabeth 
Brannon and psychology professor Herbert 
Terrace demonstrate that monkeys can master 
simple arithmetic on at least the level of a 
two-year-old child. 

Apple's translucent aqua-blue iMac personal 
computer, its first consumer offering in years, 
is marketed mainly for Internet usage and, 
therefore, doesn't come with a disk drive. 
Its popularity soars and it soon becomes 
available in several other colors. 

i) The comet Tempel-Tuttle causes a meteor storm when it passes by Earth. The comet 
will be visible again in fall 1999, after which it won't reappear for another 32 years. 

John Glenn, 77, 
becomes the oldest 
astronaut when he 
undertakes a space 
shuttle mission in 
October, 36 years after his 
first space flight. Later, Glenn 
retires from a 24-year career in 
the U.S. Senate. 

C- A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics 
and electrically conducted thread, may soon 
monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the 

O A study demonstrates that the more hours 
people spend on the Internet, the more 

S The USDA announces 
that a 25-millisecond 
blast of 270-degree steam 
applied to meat kills 99.99 
percent of the bacteria. 
This process follows 
the unpopular method 
of irradiation. 

O Paleontologists in Argentina discover thousands of 
shards of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Several shards 
contain the fossilized remains of unhatched 
embryos and their never-before-seen embryo skin. 


\The Electronic Structure 
of Atoms 

The Nature or Light And 
Emission Spectra 

The Bohr Model Of The 

The Wave Model Of The 

Chemistry professor 
Claude Yoder co-authors 
"Interactive Chemistry," 
a CD-ROM that uses 
animation to lead 
students through 
chemistry problems, 
eliminating the need 
for a textbook. 

Photo courtesy of the authors (C. Yoder. 0. Retterer. M. Thorasen and K_ Hess) 

^MHBHHh C The FDA withholds 
medical approval of 
St. John's Wort, the 
popular herbal 
supplement widely 
believed to relieve 
depression. However, 
NATURAliFE American consumer 

demand has led to 
its use in everything 
from lipstick to 
potato chips. 

St. John's wort 

I Extract 

Hi peril ini 

Standardized Extract 
'3*0 rag at ,3s HyperW 

. Helps Promote a 
*/ Posjtive Mood 

AP Photo/American Museum of Natural History. I. Meeker 

Researchers discover a gene that may cause 
the aggressive behavior of "killer bees." 
This knowledge may help tame African 
bees, whose sting has deterred beekeepers 
from tending hives. 


Alan Shepard, 
the first American 
in space, dies on 
July 22 at the 
age of 74. 


' k 

3 Researchers reveal a 
new technique that 
determines the sex 
of a baby before 
conception. This 
technique uses a laser 
detector that measures 
the DNA in sperm cells. 


O On August 12, the $1 billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after 
liftoff. The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense 

Astronomers discover and photograph a 
planet outside our solar system that is 
about 450 light years away from Earth. 

Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory 
discovers that human hair soaks up oil 
from water, which prompts NASA to 
investigate ways to use human hair to 
clean oil spills. 

In August, renowned Houston heart 
surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley performs 
open-heart surgery which is broadcast 
live on the America's Health Network 
Internet web site. 

David Scott, who lost his left hand in a 
fireworks accident, receives the first 
U.S. human hand transplant in January 
1999. Scott has regained limited 

G A USA Today investigation reveals that many of the nation's s, 
drinking water regulations are not being enforced. The report I 
reveals that even the worst violations have just a 1 in 10 chance 
of drawing legal action. 

Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking 
device, is the latest craze with Japanese 
teenagers. When it comes within 15 
feet of another Lovegety, high-pitched 
beepers go off, lights flash, and the 
"love detectors" display whether the 
users' preset interests match. It's now 
available in the U.S. 

Q PlayStation's* "Crash Bandicoot: WARPED" 
supersedes its popular predecessors. Also new 
is Crash's sister Coco who gallops along the 
Great Wall of China and cruises through 
enemy-infested waters. 

Furby, the year's must-have interactive 
toy, has a vocabulary of 200 words in 
both English and its own language, 
"Furbish." Furby knows when it is 
being petted, when the lights go out, 
when music starts, and if there's 
another Furby in the room. 

WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, 
black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and 
non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. 

Appearing in malls 
in 33 states, job kiosks 
dispense employment 
opportunities for interested 
applicants. Job seekers enter 
their skills and ambitions and 
the machine scans its database 
for a match. 

A he recall of Olestra from the market, or at 
'asltii.i ri guidelines as to its use, after thousands of 

,'pople bee , om eatng the popular fat substitute. However, 

studies su* it thai d)i.>s made with Olestra do not cause creater 



O In December, \ 

activates online registration. 
Eighteen-year-olds can now 
register instantly instead of 
filling out forms at the post 
office that take two to three 

Paul A. Souders/© Corbis 

As the need for toll-free 
numbers greatly increases, 
the 887 prefix joins the 800 
and 888 prefixes already in use. 

O A sleek, redesigned version 
of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle 
enters the market. Despite 
a May 1998 recall for wiring 
problems, the New Beetle 
is wildly popular. 

Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot 
motif in the fashion world appearing on 
everything from clothes and bags to 
hair accessories and jewelry. 

vr For $20-30 a day, trained professionals at 
dog and cat day cares will play with, read 
to, feed and pamper pets in their care. 

Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can 
cash a check - even for someone 
without a bank account. The machine 
"memorizes" facial features and 
matches them with a social security 
number to verify the user's identity. 

In hopes of reducing the divorce rate, 
the Florida legislature passes the 
nation's first law requiring that high 
school students be taught marital and 
relationship skills. 

In the wake ot grim automobile 
accident statistics, California Is one 
of several states to pats stricter 
teenage licensing laws. 

rce competition, colleges 
and universities are going online to 
offer students a new way to get an 
education. Florida State and New York 
University are a few jumping on board. 

The av 

O Rollerblade introduces durable, all-terrain 
in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths 

25 hours a year waiting for web pages 

- ^Ti'L 


" V 3 


Heartthrob George Clooney announces 1998-99 
will be his last season on NBC's award-winning 
television drama, "ER." 








O NBC's "Frasier" makes history 
by winning its fifth consecutive 
outstanding comedy series 
award at the 50th annual Emmy 
Awards. Kelsey Grammer, in the 
title role, wins his third Emmy 
as best comedv actor. 


O In November, ABC's "Spin City" star Michael J. 
Fox, 37, reveals he has Parkinson's disease. 
Fox underwent brain surgery in March 1998 in 
an attempt to relieve severe tremors. 




L - 

C Trail Burner, a hand-held mour 
bike racing game, uses motion 
sensors to turn corners and jump 
hills and water pits. Crashes make 
the handlebars vibrate. 


O Tom Hanks stars in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, 
an authentic recreation of World War Il's D-Day. The film 
receives 11 Oscar nominations. 


C Adam Sandler stars 
in the surprise hit 77?e 
Waterboy, which earns a 
record $39.1 million in its 
November opening weekend. 


© Kalpesh Lithigra/FSP/Gamm.i 


S< rabble players commemorate the 
d game's 50th anniversary in October 

• I ;l,*.rlml'c U/pmhlair ^tarttum ncinit 





K U 

Q Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman 
face off in a World Championship 
Wrestling tag-team match. The 
event pits Rodman and Hollywoo 
Hulk Hncan aeainst Malone and 


Walt Disney's A 
Bug's Life is one of 
at least 15 animated 
feature films that 
will flood the 
nation's theaters in 
the next two years. 

t) In May 1998, the much-anticipated movie Godzilla 
opens to disappointing reviews and box office 
numbers. The epic leaves theaters quickly. 



(> Players of Vertical Reality, a combination video game 
and amusement ride, shoot at moving targets on a 
24-foot-tall screen and sit in chairs that rise with 
each successful hit. The winner rides to the top 
for a grand view. 


C The wildly popular stars of The WB network's 
"Dawson's Creek" hit the big screen, filming 
eight feature films during hiatus. Magazine 
covers by TV Guide, Seventeen and Interview 
fuel the craze. 

J The coming-of-age 
drama "Felicity" 
quickly gains 
popularity with 
teens. The WB 
show revolves 
around a young 
woman and her 
new experiences 
at college. 



AP PhotoAVB. James Sorenson 


Dorothy Low/Shooting Star 

iYo Quiero 

Taco Bell's talking Chihuahua 
becomes a favorite teen 
advertising icon and sparks a 
surge of interest in the breed. 

q Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Smits 
on ABC's "NYPD Blue." The fate of Smits' 
character in his last episode - he dies 
when a heart transplant fails — became 
a source of nationwide speculation. 

Megastars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 
announce their separation in June after 
almost 11 years of marriage. 

The American Film Institute rates the 
top 100 movies of the 20th century. The top 
ten include: Citizen Kane, 1941 
Casablanca, 1942 
The Godfather, Wl 
Gone With the Wind. 1939 
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 
The Wizard of Oz, 1939 
The Graduate, 1967 
On the Waterfront. 1954 
Schindler's List, 1993 
Singin' in the Rain, 1952 

Fans flock to theaters to see the two-minute 
trailer for Star Wars: Episode I - The 
Phantom Menace and many leave without 

' ■ 



ui the ' 

imed Billboard Music Awards' Artist 
SlQ Artkt of the Yrar. Touring with Janet Jackson 

O Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. better 
known as Ginger Spice, announces 
in May 1998 that she is leaving the 


Swing dancing makes 
a big comeback with 
the help of music from 
bands like Cherry Poppin" 
Daddies (shown) and the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

t) Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry, 
A Night Without Armor, makes the New York 
Times best-seller list, and her album, Spirit, is 
released in November. 

"I Don't Want to 
Miss a Thing," 
from the movie 
becomes the 
group's first single 
to hit No. 1 on 
the Billboard Hot 
100 charts. 

3 Monica is the only 
artist in 1998 with two 
No. 1 hits on the 
Billboard Hot 100, 
including "The 
First Night" and "The 
Boy Is Mine," a duet 
she sings with Brandy. 

Psychologists discover a connection 
between musical training and verbal 
memory. Children trained to play a musica 
instrument grow up to have 16 percent 
better word memory than other adults. 

Movie soundtracks account for nearly 
half of the Gold and Platinum certification. 
Some of the top soundtracks include 
Titanic and Return to Titanic, City of 
Angels, Armageddon, Hope Floats, 
Dr. Doolittle and 77>e Wedding Singer. 

Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love 
is her first studio album in eight years. 
The album includes the hit duet with 
Mariah Carey entitled "When You Believe.' 

Actor/rapper Will Smith wins three 


C Sang Lan, China's 17-year-old gymnastics champion, breaks 
two vertebrae during a vault at the Goodwill Games in July, 
leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. 

O Jeff Gordon wins the NASCAR Winston Cup 
for a second year in a row. Gordon, 27, is 
the youngest driver to win three Winston 
Cup championships. 

(> On January 4, 1999, Tennessee beats Florida State University 

23-16 at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona to win the national championship. 
It is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, created to ensure 
that the highest ranked college teams nationally meet in a bowl game. 

O ABC's Lesley Visser 
becomes the first 
woman to report from 
the sidelines during 
"Monday Night Football," 
the 1998 Super Bowl, the 
NCAA Final Four and NFL 
playoff games. 

champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley 

beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. 
.i Vladimir Konstantinov, severely injured in a car 

O Flamboyant sprinter Florence 
Griffith Joyner (FloJo), triple 
gold medalist at the 1988 
Olympics, dies at age 38 in her 
sleep, of suffocation during an 

In a 4-0 sweep against 
the San Diego Padres, 
the New York Yankees 
win the 1998 World Series 
to claim their 24th 
championship. The 
Yankees' 125 total 
victories is a modern 
baseball record. 

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi 

(> In July, France beats Brazil 3-0 to win its first 
World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a 
motorist drives through the crowd on the 
Champs-Elysees and injures 60 people. 




On September 13, 
Sammy Sosa of the 
Chicago Cubs also 
breaks Roger Maris' 
record with his single- 
season 62nd home run. 
Sosa ends the season 
with 66 home runs. 


O The defending champion 
Denver Broncos meet the 
upstart Atlanta Falcons 
at Super Bowl XXXIII in 
Miami. The Broncos 
win 34-19. 

Golfer Casey Martin, who 
suffers from a circulatory 
disorder in his right leg, 
wins a lawsuit allowing him 
to use a cart during PGA 

On September 20, Cal Ripken Jr. 
ends his 16-year streak of 2,632 
consecutive baseball games played 
by withdrawing himself from the 
Baltimore lineup for that night. 

NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 
that causes almost half the '98 -'99 
basketball season to be lost. The 
labor dispute is settled on January 6. 

Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his fifth 
Wimbledon title and remains the 
world's No. 1 player for a record sixth 
straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' 
mark for consecutive seasons on top. 

The NFL season is plagued with 
controversial and incorrect calls. 

I- 1 




C Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson is crowned Miss America 1999 in 
Atlantic City. The 24-year-old diabetic wears an insulin pump on 
her hip and plans to spotlight diabetes awareness during her reign 

Fifty-six-year-old Linda McCartney, 
photographer, animal rights 
activist and wife of famed Beatle 
Paul, dies of breast cancer on 
April 17, 1998. 

O Seventeen-year-old Katie Hnida is 
named Chatfield Senior High School's 
Homecoming Queen as well as starting 
kicker for the varsity football team. The 
No. 1-ranked kicker in the state of 
Colorado, Hnida hopes to play Division I 
college football next year. 

C After dropping out of the 
third grade in 1902 
care for her 1 1 you; 
siblings, retired nanny 
and housekeeper 
Eugenie Garside 
finally receives her 
high school diploma 
at age 98. 

APPhoio/Deb Halter- 1 

(} Hirofumi "The Tokyo Terror" 
Nakajima (right), reigning world 
hot dog eating champion, eats 19 
hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes 
to win the annual Nathan's 
Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog 
Eating Contest. 



NBC's "News Radio" 
star and former 
"Saturday Night Live" 
cast member Phil 
Hartman dies from 
a gunshot wound 
inflicted by his wife 
in May 1998. 

AP Photo/NBC Photo, Dave Bjerke 

Beloved puppeteer Shari Lewis 
dies of cancer on August 2. 
Her creations include her 
trademark Lamb Chop, Hush 
Puppy and Charlie Horse. 


Olympic gold medalist 
figure skater Tara 
Lipinski takes part in 
an anti-tobacco rally 
with area school 
children on Capitol 
Hill in May 1998. The 

Canadian Tobin Belanger escorts a 
mannequin to his high school prom. 
He names her Jen, picks out her 
dress and corsage and arrives in 
a limousine. 

Minnesotan David Weinlick 
"advertises" for a wife and chooses 
pharmacy student Elizabeth Runze 
from 23 hopefuls who travel to the 
Mall of America in Minneapolis lor 
the event. Runze and Weinlick marry 
the same day. 


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